Newsbits: Grimes and Carrier / Naylor / Dufallo / Ensemble musikFabrik

Joan Jeanrenaud, with Kihnoua 10/26/2008, at t...
Joan Jeanrenaud, with Kihnoua 10/26/2008, at the De Young Museum, San Francisco (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Henry Grimes and Francois Carrier will play Quebec City on May 22.

Songlines Recordings will release the debut of the Tyson Naylor Trio, featuring Francois Houle, on June 12.

Data Garden has released a recording of a quartet of four plants “playing” electronic music.

Cornelius Dufallo of Ethel has a new release coming out on Innova, featuring works composed by John King, Joan Jeanrenaud, Huang Ruo, Vijay Iyer, John Luther Adams, and Kenji Bunch.

Ensemble musikFabrik will play in Troy, NY on May 13, featuring John Cage’s Concert for Piano and Orchestra; Interference by British composer Richard Barrett, a piece for contrabass clarinet and kick-drum; and the colorful chamber music piece Paramirabo by Canadian composer Claude Vivier.