Improvisation Summit of Portland, June 8th and 9th

Gino Robair
Gino Robair (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

From Indiegogo:

On June 8th and 9th, the CMG will host their first ever festival, The Improvisation Summit of Portland. It will feature two evenings of film, music, and dance. Local musicians will provide live scores to two films: unseen bear footage by Timothy Treadwell of Herzog’s Grizzly Man from Cinema Project, and a classic film curated by FilmMusik. Visiting artists John Gruntfest and Gino Robair will each lead large group ensembles. A panel discussion will be led by Tim DuRoche, and there will be improvisation and sectional workshops for musicians and dancers. Other artists performing include Grouper, Blue Cranes, Tenses, Megan Bierman (SF), Anton Hatwich (CHI), John Gross, Kevin Shields (Eva Aguila), Tim DuRoche, Thicket, Linda K Johnson, Woolly Mammoth Comes to Dinner, Linda Austin, Danielle Ross, Richard Decker, Cinema Project, FilmMusik, Jonathan, Samuel Coomes, Rebecca Gates, and many more.

Umbrella Music Through May 20

From Chicago’s Umbrella Music:

May 02
Abrams/Taylor Duo
The Hideout

May 03

May 06
Jason Roebke Octet
Hungry Brain

May 09
The Hideout

May 10
SET I: Frank Rosaly
SET II: Jason Adasiewicz’s Sun Rooms

May 16
SET I: Rempis/Abrams Duo
SET II: Rempis/Baker/Abrams/McBride
The Hideout

May 17
European Jazz Meets Chicago : Emil Strandberg

May 20
Mike Reed’s People, Places and Things
Hungry Brain

This Week in Buenos Aires

From Buenos Aires,su Nueva Musica:

Monday 30 April
Robbio / Politzer Duo (folk / jazz )

PIPI PIAZZOLLA TRIO ( contemporary jazz)
Lucio balduini , guitarra
Damian Fogiel , saxo tenor
Pipi Piazzolla , bateria
At thelonius bar , salguero 1884 , 21.30 hs

LAZO – SOLO SET Wenchi Lazo: guitara + Fx

Thursday 3 MAY
Mariano Sivori Sextet (contemporary jazz )
Ramiro Flores : Saxophoness
Gustavo Musso : Saxophoness
Lucio Balduini : Guitar
Cirilo Fernnandez : Piano
Pipi Piazzolla : Drums
Mariano Sivori : Contrabass
At Thelonius , Salguero 1884 21.30 hs

LUIS NACHT QUINTETO (contemporary jazz )
Juan Pablo Arredondo – Patricio Carpossi (guitars )
Jerónimo Carmona (contrabass)
Carto Brandan (drums)
Luis Nacht (saxophones)
At Virasoro Bar – Guatemala 4328 21.30 hs

Friday 4 April
21 Hs Hernán Maldelman Quintet (contemporary jazz )
Andres Hayes (saxophones)
Ezequiel Dutil (contrabass)
Hernán Maldelman (drums)
Paula Shocrón (piano)
Juan Cruz Urquiza , trumpet
22hs Hernán Jacinto (contemporary jazz )
Ezequiel Dutil (contrabass),
Ramiro Flores (sax),
Hernán Jacinto (piano)
Juan Pablo Di Leone(flute).
double concert at Centro Cultural de la Memoria Haroldo Conti / Av. Del Libertador 8151

(contemporary jazz ) Federico
Fernández – trumpeta Paula García – alto sax Nicolás Álvarez –
tenor sax
Ramiro Barrios – guitar Julia Subatin – contrabass Guillermo
Gallelli – drums

TRIO ( free Jazz)
Pablo Díaz (drums) Maximiliano Kirszner
(contrabass) Enrique Norris (cornet & keyboards)
At Virasoro Bar ,Guatemala 4328 21.30 hs

Saturday 5 May
IV cuatro formas de saltar al vacío.
(4 ways to jump to the emptyness) (experimental / free improv)
I Cecilia Quinteros y Luis Toto Alvarez -Horlas ( cello / Prepared guitars & electronics)
II Jose de Diego – Acción
III Viva La Muerte versus La sensibilidad femenina II:
Cecilia Quinteros dialog and incomunication between metal pieces and cello.
IV Heridas, grietas, crueldad y silencio Quinteros/Alvarez/De Diego/Perales
At Meridión Ac Galería , Chile 1331 , 21 Hs

The IBeam in May

From Brooklyn’s IBeam:

1st Tuesday of the Month Series

Thursday, May 3rd 8:30 PM $10 Suggested Donation

8:30 PM
Jesse Stacken
solo piano
60 improvised minutes!

10:30 PM
Jacob Garchik- trombone/tunes
Jacob Sacks- piano/tunes
Dave Ambrosio- bass/tunes
Vinnie Sperrazza- drums/tunes

“dry, controlled radicalism…a smeary version of chamber jazz”- Ben Ratliff on 40twenty, New York Times, August 2010

Jason Mears Quintet

Friday, May 4th 8:30 PM $10 Suggested Donation

Jason Mears Quintet

Jason Mears – saxophone and clarinet
Jonathan Goldberger – electric Guitar
Angelica Sanchez – electric Piano
Kevin Farrell – electric Bass
Harris Eisenstadt – drums

Jason Mears Quintet

Saturday, May 5th 8:30 PM $10 Suggested Donation

Jason Mears Quintet

Jason Mears – saxophone and clarinet
Jonathan Goldberger – electric Guitar
Angelica Sanchez – electric Piano
Kevin Farrell – electric Bass
Harris Eisenstadt – drums

Night of the Living DIY

Friday, May 11th 8:00 PM $10 Suggested Donation

Hosted by Search and Restore….a night celebrating artist run – DIY spaces around the country

8 pm
Denver General
Kirk Knuffke – Cornet
Jonathan Goldberger – Guitar
Jeff Davis – Drums

9 pm
The Goldberg Variations Trio
Miranda Sielaff – Viola
Kristi Helberg – violin
Andrea Lee – cello

10 pm
The Four Bags
Brian Drye – Trombone
Jacob Garchik – Accordion
Mike McGinnis – Clarinets
Sean Moran – Guitars

11 pm
The Drum Major Instinct Tribute to Martin Luther King
John Hollenbeck – Drums / Composition
Brian Drye – Trombone
Curtis Hasselbring – Trombone
Jacob Garchik – Trombone

Josh Deutsch / Nico Soffiato Duo

Saturday, May 12th 8:30 PM $10 Suggested Donation

Josh Deutsch – trumpet
Nico Soffiato – guitar

Michael Coleman’s Arts & Sciences | The Chives

Sunday, May 13th 8:30 PM $10 Suggested Donation

The Chives 8:30PM
Steven Lugerner – alto/soprano saxophones & bass clarinet
Matthew Wohl – acoustic bass
Max Jaffe – drum set

Arts & Sciences 10:00PM
Michael Coleman – keyboards
Jacob Zimmerman – alto sax
Matt Nelson – tenor sax
Jordan Glenn – drums

Gordon Beeferman & Jeff Arnal Duo | Nate Wooley Quintet

Friday, May 18th 8:30 PM $10 Suggested Donation

Gordon Beeferman & Jeff Arnal Duo – 8:30PM
with special guest: Evan Rapport

Evan Rapport – saxophones
Gordon Beeferman – piano
Jeff Arnal – percussion

Nate Wooley Quintet 9:30PM

Nate Wooley – trumpet
Josh Sinton – bass clarinet
Matt Moran – vibraphone
Eivind Opsvik – bass
Harris Eisenstadt – drums

Electric Red | Mark Manzcuk

Saturday, May 19th 8:30 PM $10 Suggested Donation

Mark Manzcuk 8:30PM
Mark Manzcuk – solo percussion

Electric Red 10:00PM
Eran Asias – drums/heartbeat/mossad
Harvey Valdes – guitar/cosmic tones for mental therapy
Mark Koch – sound design/temporal lobe/henbane & poppies
Cryptic 303 – retinal burn/pineal gland optics
David Dovo – bass/executive brain entropy

Kretzmer/Fonda/Carlstadt | TOTEM

Friday, May 25th 8:30 PM $10 Suggested Donation

Kretzmer/Fonda/Carlstadt 8:30PM

Open pieces by all members of the trio

Yoni Kretzmer – tenor sax
Joe Fonda – double bass
Jeremy Carlstadt – drums

Tom Blancarte – bass
Andrew Drury – drum set
Bruce Eisenbeil – guitars