The Squid’s Ear Reviews

Roscoe Mitchell, moers festival 2009
Roscoe Mitchell, moers festival 2009 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

From The Squid’s Ear:

Matt Davis / Mark Wastell – Derby 11.05.2002/Liverpool 10.05.2002 (Confront Collectors Series)
Iskra 1903 – Goldsmiths (Emanem)
Roscoe Mitchell – Numbers (RogueArt)
Alex Mincek – Lift-tilt-filter-split (Carrier)
Jonas Holgersson – Snick Snack (Moserobie Music Production)
Lazro / Pauvros / Turner – Curare (NoBusiness)

Fred Frith Profiled, Plays Montreal

Fred Frith dangles his chainThe Montreal Mirror has an article on Frith in anticipation of his performance in that city next week.

As a founding member of Henry Cow and the Rock in Opposition movement, guitarist Fred Frith has cult credibility careening out of the f-holes of his Gibson ES-345. Between Cow’s first album in the early 1970s and his current band Cosa Brava’s sophomore CD The Letter, Frith has appeared on over 400 discs, rockin’ with the Art Bears, Massacre and Skeleton Crew, and collaborating with the likes of Brian Eno, Robert Wyatt, the Residents, Mike Patton and John Zorn.

Dom Minasi on Anthony Braxton: Anthony and Me

Anthony Braxton
Anthony Braxton (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

From All About Jazz:

It must have been sometime in the ’70s that I first heard the name Anthony Braxton. I had no idea who he was except I heard he was really different and different appealed to me. Being married at the time with two small children, I didn’t have extra money to spend on records or even listen to the radio that much, but the few times I did, I heard “Ornithology” from In The Tradition(Steeplechase, 1974), with Anthony Braxton (contrabass and clarinet), Tete Montoliu (piano), Niels-Henning, Ørsted Pedersen (double bass) and Albert “Tootie” Heath (drums), and it was an awe-inspiring record, as was Five Easy Pieces (Arista, 1975). I immediately understood the direction he was going and it was a place to which I also wanted to go.

Newsbits: Smith / Ruders / Solar Dynasty / Lurie / Grimes

Jessica Lurie, Billy Tipton Memorial Saxophone...

Ches Smith plays solo at Toronto’s Double Double Land on Sunday, April 29th.

A Kickstarter Project for the recording of a new Poul Ruders release has been started.

Free-improv / jam band Solar Dynasty will perform in San Francisco on June 7th at the Luggage Store Gallery.

Jessica Lurie‘s Megaphone Heart is up for free streaming. It is not strictly avant-garde, but may appeal to readers of this site – there’s a lot to like about it.

Andrew Lamb, Newman Taylor Baker, Henry Grimes will perform Wednesday, May 2nd, 2012, 7:30 p.m. promptly, at Zurcher Studio, 33 Bleecker St. betw. Lafayette & Bowery (3rd Ave.) in New York.

Oliveros at 80 at EMPAC

Photo of Pauline at a dinner/concert in Oakland
Photo of Pauline at a dinner/concert in Oakland (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

From Troy, NY’s EMPAC:

Pauline Oliveros: Oliveros at 80
Thursday, May 10, 2012, 7:30 PM
EMPAC Concert Hall
Troy, NY

The Curtis R. Priem Experimental Media and Performing Arts Center (EMPAC) at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute will be celebrating the life and accomplishments of musician, composer, and Rensselaer Arts Department faculty member Pauline Oliveros on the occasion of her 80th birthday with a free concert on Thursday, May 10th. Presented in collaboration with the Rensselaer Arts Department, this event will feature a reception with nine birthday cakes and the opportunity to support Oliveros’ venerable Deep Listening Institute. Every member of the audience will receive a free copy of the hot-of-the-presses DVD with the video of the joint concert by Oliveros and Cecil Taylor at the opening festival of EMPAC in 2008.

One of the highlights of this concert is an acoustic simulation of the Fort Worden Cistern—a two-million-gallon underground water tank made famous by Oliveros’ 1988 Deep Listening album and recreated by Jonas Braasch, professor in Rensselaer’s Architectural Acoustics program. It will empower EMPAC’s concert hall to sound like the cistern with its 45 seconds of reverberation.