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Henri Texier au New Morning, Paris, Mars 2007....
Henri Texier au New Morning, Paris, Mars 2007. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

From Free Jazz:

Aldo Romano, Louis Sclavis, Henri Texier – 3+3 (Label Bleu, 2012) **
Chicago Underground Duo – Age of Energy (Northern Spy, 2012) ****
Mikołaj Trzaska Ircha Clarinet Quartet – “Watching Edvard” (Kilogram, 2011) ****½
The Nu Band – Relentlessness – Live At The Sunset (Marge, 2011) ****½

Newsbits: Corsano / Cage / Sonic Circuits / Quatuor Diotima

Drummer performing with saxophonist Wally Shou...
Drummer performing with saxophonist Wally Shoup (not shown) at the Sunset Tavern in Ballard, Seattle, Washington, USA. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Chris Corsano plays Pittsburgh Thursday, April 19.

An Australian John Cage festival is reviewed.

Sonic Circuits has announced the dates of its 2012 festival: September 28-30, 2012 at the Atlas Performing Arts Center, Washington DC. Lineup to follow.

The Quatuor Diotima String Quartet’s performance at New York’s Austrian Cultural Forum is reviewed.

Han Bennink: The Jazz Drummer Who Makes Music Out Of Everything

Han Bennink, jazz drummer; Picture taken in Ja...

NPR has an interview piece on Han Bennink.

Han Bennink hears sonic possibilities in many objects beyond the typical drum set. The Dutch drum maestro, one of the leaders in European free jazz and free improvisation, has performed using a drum kit made of cheese, his own body and whatever found objects — or space — he happens to find himself in.

Lampo Spring Schedule Update

From Chicago’s Lampo:

Spring 2012

P.O. Box 4615
Chicago, IL 60680

SAT APR 21 8pm
Graham Foundation
Madlener House
4 West Burton Place
Admission FREE; RSVP here.

Matt Carlson (Golden Retriever, formerly of Parenthetical Girls) premieres new compositions for analog modular and digital synth, voice, and an array of time-lag effects. A bucket of burblings, he says. Fresh weird work, we guarantee. Lampo and the Graham Foundation are thrilled to bring you Carlson, as he makes his Chicago debut and performs his first-ever 4-channel piece.

Matt Carlson (b. 1983, Seattle, Wash.) is a composer and musician, and an active participant in Portland’s underground and experimental music scene. In his recent music, he uses his body and voice to interact with a large analog modular synthesizer. Current collaborations include modal electro-acoustic compositions and improv with bass clarinetist Jonathan Sielaff as Golden Retriever, and sound installations, videos and performances in Oregon Painting Society, a five-person Portland artist collective. He has released a number of solo recordings, including the well-received LP “Particle Language” (Draft) and cassette “Gecko Dream Levels” (Gift Tapes), both of which appeared on several “best of 2011” lists. He has performed at the Tate Modern in London, Barcelona’s Primavera Sound festival, Seattle’s Bumbershoot festival and in Portland’s Time-Based Art festival. Carlson studied composition and electronic music at Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle.

SAT MAY 12 8 pm
Graham Foundation
Madlener House
4 West Burton Place
Admission FREE; RSVP info soon.

We’re wigged out for Wiese. In his Lampo debut, he presents three new works — a quad diffusion of “Magical Crystal Blah,” an all-new iteration of “Battery Instruments,” and a concrète improvisation. Expect an immersive sonic experience, shaped by John’s distinctive and precise use of stereo panning. That’s blurb code for: “Come early and sit in the middle.”

John Wiese (b. 1977, Ft. Leavenworth, Kan.) works primarily in recorded and performed sound with a focus on installation and multi-channel diffusions, as well as scoring for large ensembles. He is a prolific artist and has various ongoing projects, including the concrète grindcore band Sissy Spacek, and collaborations with Evan Parker, C. Spencer Yeh, Aaron Dilloway, Kevin Drumm, Lasse Marhaug and others. In 2011 he released his 100th 7-inch record, celebrated with a retrospective exhibit and monograph. Many of these recordings were published on his Helicopter label, and on more than 50 independent labels from around the world. Wiese has toured extensively and has appeared at several leading international festivals. He lives and works in Los Angeles.

SAT JUNE 16 8 pm
Graham Foundation
Madlener House
4 West Burton Place
Admission FREE; RSVP info soon.

When Joseph Hammer last appeared at Lampo, his performance brought some to tears. The concert was “astounding, touching, and quite possibly one of the best shows I’ve ever seen,” wrote one critic. Now, he returns to premiere “Dynasty III,” the latest installment in his “Dynasty Suites” suite. And for tonight’s concert, the L.A. artist draws his source material from songs that make him cry. Come for the gorgeous plunderphonics; stay for a megadose of the lachrymose.

Wearing a white cotton glove, Hammer uses computerized sources abstracted by hand with tape loops on vintage magnetic audio gear. His instrument is a high fidelity, full track mono analog tape recorder. He uses a series of real-time mechanical interventions to transform and layer the source material. By physically manipulating the degree of exposure the tape has to an erase head, he varies the layers of old and new information on the loop of magnetic tape. He also manipulates the surface region used for the recording to create a discrete multi-track composition. Because he’s accessing the very guts of the machine, various moving parts are also fair game for his record/playback permutations.

In various collaborations, solo, and as a founding member of Points of Friction, Dinosaurs with Horns and the trio Solid Eye, Joseph Hammer (b.1959, Hollywood, Calif.) has performed widely and been an influential contributor to the Los Angeles underground music scene since the early 1980s, including as part of LAFMS (Los Angeles Free Music Society), the fringe collective of the mid 70s-80s. His practice draws on the complexities of the process of listening and playing, using music as it influences our notion of time, memory and intimacy as the basis for improvisation and abstraction. Joseph Hammer performed at Lampo in April 2007, as he premiered “Road Less Traveled.”