Taran’s Free Jazz Hour, Podcast 05/2012

Bologna, la notte bianca del jazz, 17 settembr...
Bologna, la notte bianca del jazz, 17 settembre 2011 - Steve Lacy (Photo credit: Il Fatto Quotidiano)

From Taran’s Free Jazz Hour, podcast 05/2012:

cracked refraction: Kyle Bruckmann (oboe, english horn), Tim Daisy (percussion), Anton Hatwich (bass), Jen Clare Paulson (viola), Jason Stein (bass clarinet).

avignon and after – 1: Steve Lacy (soprano saxophone)
the sun: Steve Lacy (soprano saxophone), Irene Aebi (voice), Enrico Rava (trumpet), Karl Berger (vibraphone), Kent Carter (double bass), Aldo Romano (drum set).

Fast Talk: Kay Grant (voice, electronics), Alex Ward (clarinet).

andy haas
ask the oracle: Andy Haas (soprano sax, flute, hojok), Colin Fisher (guitar), Aaron Lumley (bass), Brandon Valdivia (perc), Matthew “Doc” Dunn (perc).

nuntium: Robert Kusiolek (accordion, electronics), Anton Sjarov (violin, voice), Ksawery Wojcinski (double-bass0, Klaus Kugel (drums, percussion, sound-objects).

sun rooms: Jason (vibraphone), Mike Reed (drums) and Nate McBride (bass).

the story this time: Joshua Abrams (bass), Frank Rosaly (drums), Keefe Jackson (tenor sax, contrabass clarinet).

edgetone records
brains – unloaded: Drew Ceccato (tenor sax), Chris Golinski (drums).

turqoise sessions: Joe Lasqo (piano).

roguart records
velvet songs: Ernest Dawkins (soprano, alto & tenor saxes), Harrison Bankhead (double bass, cello), Hamid Drake (drums, frame drum).

new artists
the stone set: Connie Crothers (piano), Bill Payne (clarinet).