Matthew Shipp Trio At An die Musik LIVE

From Baltimore’s An die Musik LIVE:

Sat, 03/10/12 (9 days from today)
From: 08:00 PM To: 09:00 PM
Location: An die Musik Live
Contact: 410.385.2638

Matthew Shipp Trio
Thirsty Ear Celebrates
Matthew Shipp’s latest recording “Elastic Aspects”

Tickets: $15

Mike Bisio, bass
Whit Dickey, drums
Matthew Shipp, piano

Matthew Shipp is one of the most daring and most acclaimed musical explorers of his jazz generation. The pianist reached a new plateau of creative expression in 2011 with the double disc live set Art of the Improviser(solo and trio). Now comes Elastic Aspects (Thirsty Ear), a work developed as a suite for the trio of Shipp, bassist Michael Bisio and drummer Whit Dickey. Elastic Aspects is given to vast complexities, spiked with moments of sheer beauty against lightning transitions to polyphonic figures; the group’s collective sonic voice is both metaphysical and arresting.

Coming to the Supercoda

From New York’s Supercoda:

Super Coda at Small Beast.
Monday 3/5 @ The Delancey. 8p-1a.

8:30 – Elisa Flynn – cited as spearheading a genre of literate rock songs, Ms. Flynn writes songs that explore historical themes, allusively. Sometimes she unleashes a swirling dreampop cyclotron, other times a savage roar, often both at once.

9:15 – Le Cowboy – If Meaghan Burke (cello), Bernd Klug (double bass), and David Schweighart (drums), three of Vienna’s most thrillingly high-energy improvisers, were to release their full power in the trio “le cowboy,” they would likely end up with a graveyard of (lovingly) destroyed instruments. Fortunately, they don’t. Le cowboy lets its story unfold slowly – a story of a music on the brink of self-destruction, a music that simmers, stutters, scratches against its own boundaries in the constant drama of expectation of a climax which is never to be indulged. (WOW).

10 – PARTY PACK – Party Pack! is a band dedicated to exploring the combination of late-90′s grunge rock with free improvisation in a trio setting. Dustin Carlson and Adam Hopkins contribute compositions. The trio covers a lot of varied ground and let their influences run rampant, feeling equally at home opening for a band like Sonic Youth as they would opening for Tim Berne.

10:45 – Animal Tropical – four friends from childhood who – despite their varying interests — always wanted to be in a band. Pabona, the guitarist, is an amateur anthropologist and mystic; Norge, the drummer, is a filmmaker and dabbler in fashion photography; Jose Jose, the piano player, writes poetry and paints pictures of rottweilers; Jarrett, bass player, is a full on gourmand and food scholar. But Saturday nights (or any time you care to party), they forget all of that: handi-camera and dagga sprout, pencil and spatula are toweled stowed, amps switched on, and soon enough Cuban heels spiral off of feet, and cymbals crash, and all of Miami is set in muggy motion (and the fun isn’t limited to Miami, of course: this contagion has, over the years, spread up the peninsula to every corner of the south and midatlantic and Midwest; Johnstown! Wichita! Brooklyn! Peroria! Sioux Falls!) Indeed, after their peculiar fashion sense (a sultan’s wardrobe of cuban heels, perfumed hankies,leisure suits and open collared oxfords, all dismissed as “natural elegance”), AT are best known for their under-the-big-top flavored live performances, spectacles of an intensity that belies the craftiness of their music.

11:30 – Clapperclaw – “clapperclaw” ..v. to claw with the nails, heap obscenties upon; n. an argumentative woman.. ……………………………….:.mct.:………Clapperclaw is the heavily conceptual solo project of ..BAD CREDIT NO CREDIT..’s Carrie-Anne Murphy. It is intended to be listened to only when the time finally arrives that all the problems in the world have been resolved and new problems need to be created in order to alleviate boredom…

12:15 – Necklace Sandwich – Jeremy Gustin. Xander Naylor. They are the best. Surgeons of the disgruntled groove. Rest assured you’ll here a disruptively alchemic masterpiece this evening.

Newsbits: Brazieal / Diaz de Leon / Flynt / Young / Gauthier

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Scott Brazieal has released his Songs from the Empire album. Scott is a friend of this site and we originally wrote about Songs a few years ago: “Songs From the Empire builds upon influences as diverse as modern classical, progressive rock, electronic, and New Weird America. The overall feel, as the title might suggest, is a melancholy and brooding anger, with more than a little sadness.” Check it out.

Another Open Ears Music show, featuring Steve Marquette (guitar), Brad Walker (saxes), Jeff Albert (trombone), Jesse Morrow (bass), & Marcello Benetti (drums), is available for free download.

The Chicago Reader features Mario Diaz de Leon.

Also from the Chicago Reader, Henry Flynt will be in town next week.

A biography of LaMonte Young is reviewed.

Jeff Gauthier has been named executing director of the Jazz Bakery.

Thursday, March 8, Elliott Levin, Denis Beuret, Weasel Walter, and Marc Edwards will appear at The Dunes in Washington DC.

The Cygnus Ensemble’s residency at the Library of Congress continues. Cygnus kicks off a two-day tribute to the late D.C. composer and pianist, Dina Koston beginning on Wednesday, March 7th at 8pm. It’s a very special event featuring a hybrid of new music and theater wherein Director Joy Zinoman (founder of the Studio Theatre in D.C.) presents Samuel Beckett’s Ohio Impromptu and immediately after, Cygnus will perform Dina Koston’s Distant Intervals, which she composed in response to the Beckett play. The evening will also feature the world premiere of Mario Davidovsky’s Ladino Songs, which was commissioned for this concert as well as Koston’s A Short Tale, Chester Biscardi’s Resisting Stillness, Ferruccio Busoni’s Berceuse élégiaque, David Claman’s Gone for foreign and Frank Brickle’s Farai un vers featuring soprano Elizabeth Farnum, two guitars and cello, set to a text by Guillaume d’Aquitaine, the first troubadour. The Koston tribute continues on Thursday, March 8th at 8pm when her colleague, pianist and conductor Leon Fleisher presents a program of Johannes Brahms’s Liebeslieder Waltzes for voices and piano, four hands, op. 52; György Ligeti’s Aventures and Nouvelles Aventures, two wordless, humorous operas; and Dina Koston’s Messages, written for Leon Fleisher. The evening features pianist Katherine Jacobson Fleisher and musicians from The Peabody Institute of the Johns Hopkins University. Both concerts are free.

March Evolving Voice / Evolving Music Shows

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From Evolving Voice / Evolving Music:

Evolving Music Series
Monday Evenings @ Clemente Soto Velez
March 2012

Times: The evenings run from 7:30 to 10:30pm

Where: LES Gallery – Clemente Soto Velez Cultural & Educational Center
107 Suffolk Street (between Delancey & Rivington)
Tickets: $11 per set / $16 for 2 sets / $20 all night
Students/Seniors – $8 per set / $12 for 2 / $18 all night

Monday March 5
Remembering Derek Bailey

Special Admission – $20
Students/senors – $15

7.30 Elliott Sharp
8.30 Mary Halvorson
9:30 The Sound Band
Led by Eliott Sharp
Tor Snyder, Asim Barnes – guitar
Nicole Federici – violin
Matt Lavelle, Kirk Knuffke – trp
Pete Dragotta- tuba
Ras Moshe, Zak Sherzad, Yoni Kretzner – sax
David Moss, Max Johnson – bass
Bernard Myers, Tiffany Chang – drums

Monday March 12
UnSpoken/Spoken Mysteries
7.30 Secret Orchestra
Clif Jackson – bass & compositions
Yuko Fujiyama – piano & compositions
David Gould – drums/percussion
8.30: GINO SITSON’S VoCello
Gino Sitson – voice, body percussion & compositions
Jody Redhage – cello & voice
Charenee Wade – voice & percussion
9:30 Speaking Tube
Elie Sorbsel – voice, electronics
Sabir Mateen – reeds, flute
Frantz Loriot – viola
Pascal Niggenkemper – bass

Monday March 19
Creative Sounds of Dissension
7.30 Pet Bottle Ningen
Nonoko Yoshida – saxophonist
Dave Scanlon -guitarist
Dave Miller – drummer
8.30 Grigori Quartet
Thurman Barker – drums/percussion/voice
Alex Hood – trumpet/voice
Michael Foster – tenor/baritone/soprano saxes/perc
Eric Silberberg – bass/violin/percussion/voice
9:30 Bradley Farberman

Monday March 26
Against the Edge
7.30 The Prisoner
Ingrid Laubrock – saxophone
Mat Maneri – viola
Max Johnson – bass
Tomas Fujiwara – drums
8.30 Contraband
Catherine Sikora – saxophones
Roy Campbell – trumpet & flute
Jay Rosen – drums
Anders Nilsson – guitar
Daniel Levin – cello
François Grillot – contrabass & writing
9:30 Desperate Women 4395
Patricia Nicholson – concept, words, movement
Kris Davis – piano
Mazz Swift – violin
Tiffany Chang – drums

Monsieur Délire Reviews

From Monsieur Délire:

ATTILIO NOVELLINO / Through Glass (Valeot Records)
KARL NAEGELEN – EVE RISSER – JORIS RÜHL / Fenêtre ovale (Umlaut Records)
BRAZZAVILLE / 21st Century Girl (South China Sea Records)
PER HENRIK WALLIN & SVEN-ÅKE JOHANSSON / 1974-2004 (Umlaut Records)
RÊVERIE DUO / Stagioni (SLAM Productions)
NAKED CITY / Torture Garden/Leng Tch’e (Tzadik)
ERIK FRIEDLANDER / Bonebridge (Skipstone)
ANTHONY PATERAS / Errors of the Human Body (editions Mego – merci à Dense Promotion)
PAUL RUBENSTEIN / Solo Trios (Spectropol Records)
JOHN ZORN / Dictée/Liber Novus (Tzadik)