Upcoming in Seattle

From Seattle’s Wayward Music:

WED. 2/22, 7:30 PM – Viva Vocalists (student ensemble of the Fisher Ensemble) presents two one-act operas from the Golden Age of television: Kurt Weill‘s Down in the Valley (1945-48) and Douglas Moore‘s Gallantry (1958).

THU. 2/23, 8 PM – Jim Bartz/StringStation, atmospheric music using an amazing new electric guitar/digital hybrid instrument

FRI. 2/24, 8 PM – Beth Fleenor in her Crystal Beth incarnation leads you into altered states

SAT. 2/25, 8 PM – Nonsequitur presents pianist Adam Tendler performing John Cage’s complete Sonatas & Interludes for Prepared Piano

FRI. 3/2, 8 PM – Seattle Composers’ Salon, new music by Jay Hamilton, Clement Reid, John Teske, Terry Wergeland

SAT. 3/3, 8 PM – Nonsequitur presents Electro-Gals, a collective of women making electronic music. This one features Heather Perkins (Portland), Briana Marela (Olympia), and Christi Denton (Portland)

THU. 3/8 – Andy Clausen and the Wishbone Project, CD release concert

FRI. 3/9 – Monktail Creative Music Concern Composers Series, Vol. 8

SAT. 3/10 – electroacoustic music from Los Angeles by Yann Novak + Robert Crouch + Sublamp

FRI. 3/16 – Hollow Earth Radio’s Magma Festival presents four trios of multiples: Angelina Baldoz, Samantha Boshnack, Lesli Dalaba (trumpets); Beth Fleenor, Paul Hoskin, Jenny Ziefel (clarinets); Byron Au Yong, Tari Nelson-Zagar, Paul Rucker (strings); Stuart Dempster, Paul Kikuchi, Susie Kozawa (percussion/objects)

SAT. 3/17 – Seattle Pianist Collective, program TBA

SAT. 3/24 – Hollow Earth Radio’s Magma Festival – Figeater, King Tears Bat Trip, WA, T’th & Hare’

THU. 3/29, 7:30 PM – DoubleSharp presents Russian pianist Anton Batagov performing music of Philip Glass and Debussy

FRI. 3/30, 7:30 PM – DoubleSharp presents Russian pianist Anton Batagov performing music of Anton Batagov