Monsieur Délire Reviews

From Monsieur Délire:

LAWRENCE BALL / Method Music (Navona Records)
BRIAN ENO / Drums Between the Bells (Warp)
DAN JOSEPH / Tonalization (For the Afterlife) (Mutable Music)
FORTNER ANDERSON / Solitary Pleasures (&records)
HENRIK MUNKEBY NØRSTEBØ / Solo (Creative Sources)
WERNER KITZMÜLLER / Evasion (Valeot)
TU / TU (Pat Mastelotto/Trey Gunn)
CHRISTINA VANTZOU / N° 1 Remixes (The Numbered Series – merci à/thanks to Dense Promotion)
TETRAS / Pareidolia (Flingco Sound System – merci à/thanks to Dense Promotion)
ATOMIC ROOSTER / The Lost Broadcasts (Gonzo Multimedia)
THE BOATS / Ballads of the Research Department (12k – merci à/thanks to Dense Promotion)
PENDULUM NISUM / Pendulum Nisum (Hinterzimmer Records – merci à/thanks to Dense Promotion)
JASON URICK / I Love You (Thrill Jockey – merci à/thanks to)
THE NECKS / Mindset (ReR Megacorp)
TEHO TEARDO / Music, film. Music. (Spècula – merci à/thanks to Dense Promotion)
MIKHAIL / Xenofonia (Sub Rosa – merci à/thanks to Dense Promotion)
BOB DRAKE / Bob’s Drive-In (ReR Megacorp)

This Week at the ISSUE Project Room

From New York’s ISSUE Project Room:

02/03 @ 8:00pm
Jozef Van Wissem & Jim Jarmusch: Concerning the Entrance into Eternity (Record Release Party)

Concerning The Entrance Into Eternity is an extraordinary new collaboration between Dutch lutenist Jozef Van Wissem and American filmmaker & guitarist Jim Jarmusch. Respectful of one another’s space the pair weave layers of melody and waves of feedback while acoustic guitar and lute wrap together with a subtle depth expemplifying an austere understanding and compatibility. Jarmusch’s guitar work is metaphysical, at times sounding like a hurdy gurdy and at other time sounding as if it is responding to the calls of the lute. The final piece,He Is Hanging By His Shiny Arms, His Heart An Open Wound With Love, finds Jarmusch accompanying a solo lute composition with a reading from St. John Of The Cross. With three titles named after Christian mystic Emanuel Swedenborg’s work, this record is extraordinary, new and arcane at the same time, modern but timeless.

This Week in Buenos Aires

From Buenos Aires,su Nueva Musica:

Sunday 29 January
Quasimodo Trío (chamber tango w/classical contemporary & jazz influences)
Daniel Ruggiero: Bandoneón y Compositions
Adrian Mastrocola: Piano
Cristian Basto: Contrabass
at cafe vinilo , gorriti 3780

Wednesday 1 February
Real Book Argentina ensamble (contemporary jazz ensemble)
Daniel “Pipi” Piazzolla (drums), Mariano Sívori (bass), Alan Plachta (guitar), Diego Schissi (piano) , Gustavo Musso (tenor sax & clarinet), Bernardo Monk (saxo alto, flute), Richard Nant (trumpet & flugel), Cirilo Fernández (keyboards), Juan “Pollo” Raffo (melodica), Nicolás Sorín (voice), Esteban Sehinkman (keyboards), Guillermo Klein y Daniel Camelo (arrangements)
at Thelonius . Salguero 1884 1er piso

Thursday 2 February
Pipi Piazzolla Trio (contemporary jazz )
Pipi Piazzolla ,drums
Luico Balduini , guitar
Damian Fogiel , tenor sax
At Thelonius . Salguero 1884 1er piso

FRIDAY 3 February
Guillermo Klein Quartet (contemporary jazz)
Guillermo Klein , piano
Richard Nant , trumpet & flugel
Matias Mendez , Bass
Sergio Verdinelli . drums
At Thelonius . Salguero 1884 1er piso