Hamburg Symphony Orchestra at Roulette


Everything about Messiaen’s “Des Canyons aux Étoiles” (“From the Canyons to the Stars”) is vast. This audacious 100-minute work is scored for 44 individual instruments, including all manner of percussion, and features a formidable solo piano part. It was inspired by Messiaen’s 1972 visit to Bryce Canyon and Cedar Breaks in Utah, where he looked in awe at craggy rock formations and reddish-orange geological vistas.

Upcoming in Seattle

Taku Sugimoto

From Seattle’s WAYWARD MUSIC:

THU. 1/26, 8 PM – The Box Is Empty performs Steve Reich‘s Proverb + David Lang’s Little Matchgirl Passion

FRI. 1/27, 8 PM – Marc Barreca (electronics) and Doug Haire (field recordings)

THU. 2/2, 8 PM – Seattle Improvised Music benefit: one-minute solos by lots of people you probably know

FRI. 2/3, 8 PM – Leviathan Worship Service (electronics) + Derek M. Johnson (cello weirdness) + Ffej (analog electronics)

WED. 2/8, 7 PM – Seattle Improvised Music Festival: Jeph Jerman, Jonathan Way, Matthieu Ruhlmann; Paul Hoskin, Lance Olsen, Wilson Shook, John Teske, Mark Collins; Seattle Phonographers Union; Jamie Drouin, Lance Olsen, Matthieu Ruhlmann

THU. 2/9, 7 PM – Seattle Improvised Music Festival: Jamie Drouin, John Teske/Matthieu Ruhlmann, Jonathan Way; Taku Sugimoto; Mara Sedlins, Jamie Drouin, Lance Olsen, Mark Collins, Jack Wright; Paul Hoskin, Jeph Jerman, Doug Theriault

FRI. 2/10, 7 PM – Seattle Improvised Music Festival: Matt Carlson; Jack Wright, Gust Burns, Tim DuRoche; Jonathan Way, Tyler Wilcox, Jeph Jerman, Mara Sedlins; Taku Sugimoto

SAT. 2/9, 7 PM – Seattle Improvised Music Festival: Jason Anderson; Tim DuRoche, Tari Nelson-Zagar, Wilson Shook, Mark Collins, Doug Theriault; Jack Wright; Taku Sugimoto, Jeph Jerman, Tyler Wilcox, Gust Burns.