Prom Night Records at the Super Coda

From The Super Coda:

A Prom Night Records Showcase @ Vaudeville Park, January 26th.

This Thursday will feature 3 Prom Night artists: VaVatican, Fester, and Jason Anastasoff’s Obscure Directions. Also on the bill is Andrew Bernstein of Baltimore fame, performing a solo set for sax and sine waves.

8pm – Fester: featuring the gnarly stylings of David Grollman on snare drum and Sean Ali on upright bass.

8:45 – Andrew Bernstein: Andrew Bernstein is a musician and composer from Baltimore, MD. His compositions and live electronic music often run in place, using repetition to explore subtle changes and the physicality of sound. As a reed player he is influenced by equal parts free improvisation and minimalism, always trying to feel the other pulse. Active in Baltimore’s musical underground, Bernstein is a member of the Red Room/High Zero collective and in addition to performing solo has played and plays with the groups Horse Lords, White Life, Teeth Mountain and The Dan Deacon Ensemble.

9:30 – VaVatican: featuring Weston Minassali on synthesizer, Nathaniel Morgan on sax, Owen Stewart-Robertson on guitar, and Booker Stardrum on drums.

10:15 – Jason Anastasoff’s Obscure Directions – graphic scores for a large ensemble featuring Jason Anastasoff on upright bass, Sean Ali on upright bass, Owen Stewart-Robertson on guitar, and Nathaniel Morgan on sax.

Cyclic Defrost Reviews

From Cyclic Defrost:

Nettle – El Resplandor: The Shining in Dubai (Sub Rosa)
Hum Of Gnats – Purge The Weevil From Yer Midst (Strungaphone)
Guy Birkin – Symmetry-Breaking (Runningonair Music)
Chris Watson – El Tren Fantasma (Touch)
Sussan Deyhim – City of Leaves (Venus Rising Records)
Emmanuel Mieville – Four Wanderings in Tropical Lands (Baskaru)

AMN Picks of the Week

Here is where I post, at a frequency of about once a week, a list of the new music that has caught my attention that week. All of the releases listed below I’ve heard for the first time this week and come recommended.

Frantic Bleep – The Sense Apparatus (2005)
Arch / Matheos – Sympathetic Resonance (2011)
Imbogodom – And They Turned Not When They Went (2012)
Outhouse & Hilmar Jensson – Straw, Sticks + Bricks (2012)
Alexander Hawkins Ensemble – All There, Ever Out (2012)
Mark Hanslip & Javier Carmona – Dosados (2012)
Gannets – Transmissions of Not (2012)

All About Jazz Reviews

Evan Parker, saxophonist, picture taken in Jaz...

From All About Jazz:

Juhani Aaltonen and Heikki Sarmanto
Conversations (TUM Records)

Marvel Machine
Volt / Revolt (Gigafon)

Never Odd or EveN (Diatribe Recordings)

Evan Parker / Wes Neal / Joe Sorbara
At Somewhere There (Barnyard Records)

Keith Rowe
Keith Rowe and John Tilbury: E.E. Tension and Circumstance (Potlatch Records)

Location Location (Open Letter Records)

Evan Parker
Parker / Lee / Evans : The Bleeding Edge

Samuel Blaser Quartet
Boundless (Hatology)

Ozric Tentacles
Paper Monkeys (Madfish Music)

Umbrella Music Through February 12

English: *description: Ken Vandermark photogra...

From Chicago’s Umbrella Music:

Jan 25
SET I: Ken Vandermark
SET II: Daisy/Evans/Vandermark
The Hideout

Jan 26
Vox Arcana

Jan 29
SET I: Stirrup
SET II: Keefe Jackson Group
Hungry Brain

Feb 01
Fred Lonberg-Holm’s Lightbox Orchestra
The Hideout

Feb 02

Feb 05
Hungry Brain

Feb 08
SET I: Klang
SET II: Jeff Albert’s Instigation Quartet
The Hideout

Feb 09