01/25 @ 7:30pm
at 110 Livingston — Gaudeamus Muziekweek NY: Wet Ink Ensemble

The composer-performance collective Wet Ink Ensemble will kick off Gaudeamus Muziekweek New York with the U.S. premiere of 2011 Gaudeamus Prize-winner Yoshi Onishi’s “Départ dans…” Wet Ink will also play works by past Gaudeamus prize-winners Ted Hearne, Chris Trapani, Richard Barrett along with works by Wet Ink members Alex Mincek and Kate Soper.

01/26 @ 7:30pm

at 110 Livingston — Gaudeamus Muziekweek NY: Wouter Snoei + Matthew Ostrowski + R WE WHO R WE

Gaudeamus Muziekweek encompasses a wide range of musical styles and media, and January 26 will feature Dutch electronic musician Wouter Snoei, an authority on 192-channel “wave-field” synthesis techniques. New York-based electronic artist Matthew Ostrowski will also perform, as well as the duo R WE WHO R WE, a collaboration between New York composer-performers Philip White & Ted Hearne.

01/27 @ 7:30pm

at 110 Livingston — Gaudeamus Muziekweek NY: Composer portrait of Yannis Kyriakides by Ensemble MAE + International Contemporary Ensemble

Yannis Kyriakides, winner of the Gaudeamus prize in 2000 for his piece conSPIracy cantata, was born in Cyprus and is currently based in Amsterdam. The Dutch-based Ensemble MAE will join with the International Contemporary Ensemble (ICE) to perform a number of works by Kyriakides, as well as other Dutch composers Peter Adriaansz and Michel Van der Aa.

01/28 @ 7:30pm
at 110 Livingston – Gaudeamus Muziekweek NY: Iktus Percussion + Ensemble MAE

Iktus Percussion performs works for amplified triangle and 100 metronomes, among other instruments, by Ron Ford, Michel Van der Aa, Hugo Morales Murguia, Yannis Kyriakides, and Gyorgy Ligeti. Ensemble MAE will return for a second night to perform work by other composers, including Robert Ashley’s “in memoriam … Esteban Gomez.”

The Squid’s Ear Reviews

Derek Bailey performing at the ICA Company Wee...

From The Squid’s Ear:

Kiyoharu Kuwayama & Masayoshi Urabe – From The Abolition Port
(Intransitive Recordings)
The Element Choir and William Parker – At Christ Church, Deer Park (Barnyard Records)
Frank Paul Schubert / Matthias Muller – Foils (FMR)
Derek Bailey – Concert in Milwaukee (Incus)
Shelley Hirsch & Uchihashi Kazuhisa – Duets – 10 Years After (Innocent)
Tony Malaby – Novela (Clean Feed Records)

This Week in Buenos Aires

From Buenos Aires,su Nueva Musica:

Sunday 22 January
Noel Morroni Trio (contemporary jazz)
roby seitz,contrabass
andres elstein drums
noel morroni , piano
at La Nave Kadmon: Ituzaingo 632 san isidro 19 hs

21:30′ Francisco Slepoy 4tet
Franciso Slepoy – Guitar
Miguel Crozzoli – tenor sax
Fernando Toyos – Contrabass
Francisco Cossavella – drums
Tomás Horovitz- guitar
Nacho Santoro – contrabass
Matias Crouzeilles – drums
Un Lugar En Ortuzar , Alvarez Thomas 1612 ,21.30 hs

saturday 27 january
Sabu Toyozumi + guests (free improvisation)
Sabu Toyozumi , drums
Christof Kurzmann , electronics
Luis Conde , Baritone & tenor saxophones
Adrián Fanello , contrabass
Fernando Perales , prepared guitar + more guests TBA
At El Archibrazo,Mario Bravo 437 1 hs