Winter Jazzfest 2012 Reviewed

Burning Ambulance has another Winter Jazzfest review, with lots of embedded video.

Attending Winter Jazzfest is akin to stumbling into an alternate universe. It’s a world where masses of enthusiastic youths drop money to see live jazz, as if it were still topping the charts. Five clubs in NYC’s West Village were overflowing with people eager to see the 60+ bands spread out over two nights.


Uri Caine


January 13, 2012
Kris Davis Max Johnson Mike Pride, IBeam
Kris Davis Max Johnson Mike Pride

January 13, 2012
Max Johnson Trio, IBeam
Kirk Knuffke Max Johnson Ziv Ravitz

January 10, 2012
Uri Caine Dichterliebe, The Stone
Shulamith Caine Theo Bleckmann Uri Caine

January 10, 2012
Uri Caine Ensemble, The Stone
Chris Speed Jim Black John Hébert Joyce Hammann Ralph Alessi Uri Caine

December 31, 2011
Daniel Carter Federico Ughi Thollem McDonas, Federico Ughi Rehearsal Room
Daniel Carter Federico Ughi Jay Pluck Thollem McDonas

Musique Machine Reviews

Tara Burke,

From Musique Machine:

Eyvind Kang – The Narrow Garden
Alcest – Les voyages de l’âme
Fursaxa – Mycorrhizae Realm
Jute Gyte – Communicants
Imbogodom – And They Turned Not When They Went
Blood Box – Funeral In An Empty Room
Dead Body Collection – Dead Body Parts
Missing Girls – Untitled
Mirko Uhlig – Tupelo
Francisco López – Fango De Euriptéridos