AMN Reviews: Trio Caveat: Introspective Athletics split w Josh Sinton: Pine Barron

Trio Caveat: Introspective Athletics split w Josh Sinton: Pine Barron (Engine 044)

This release is a well-balanced split of nine tracks by Trio Caveat followed by ten tracks from multireed player Josh Sinton.

Trio Caveat is a free improv ensemble composed of James Ilgenfritz on double bass, Chris Welcome on guitar, and Jonathan Moritz on tenor and soprano saxophones. The group create cerebral chamber improvisations integrating pitch and textures into a web of sound woven over the course of shorter, atmospheric pieces rather than one or two extended pieces. Each piece seems to be weighted toward the elaboration of a given quality of sound, as reflected in the wryly literal titles. Even so, the music’s root in more conventional forms of improvisation is never too far below the surface. The title track, for example, with its languid soprano saxophone and pizzicato bass, is an expansive take on the jazz ballad. Extended techniques are more to the fore in tracks like Fluttering Clicks, Fractured Hisses, while Granulated Nuance and Fluttering Beeps, Mumbling provide excursions into a more reductive sound. Dramatic Flare, featuring pizzicato bass and single note guitar lines in an open counterpoint, even hints at swing.

More overtly jazz-oriented is the split’s second half, Josh Sinton’s Pine Barren. The Brooklyn-based Sinton is best known as a baritone saxophonist, but here is featured on bass clarinet and contrabass clarinet as well as on the baritone. Like Trio Caveat’s collective improvisations, Sinton’s solo pieces are concise and varied, reflecting the diversity of influences he brings to his music. Although there are some harsh passages, particularly on the saxophone pieces, the overall mood is reflective, bordering at times on the nostalgic. Sinton is a lyrical player, often constructing his lines around brief motifs or phrases that accumulate into longer lines of increased melodic complexity. His bass clarinet is especially warm-toned, with a resonant lower register. Interestingly, the austerity of these explorations for solo horn is broken by the last track, a pulse piece for overdubbed reed section.

Coming to the Vortex Jazz Club

Paul Dunmall
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From London’s Vortex:

Sunday 8 | 8.30pm | £8 | Book online

Township Comets

The Comets play the searing, joyous music of saxophonist Dudu Pukwana, a towering figure in township jazz and the European free scene. Featuring Pinise Saul (vocals), Chris Batchelor (trumpet), Jason Yarde (alto sax), Harry Brown (trombone), Adam Glasser (piano), Dudley Phillips (bass) and Frank Tontoh (drums).


Mon 9 | 8.30pm | £8 Book online

Dunmall / Bourne / Davis / Kane

Legendary saxophonist Paul Dunmall teams up with innovative piano trio Bourne Davis Kane for an evening of intense and powerful improvisations.

Since their first meeting in 2008, which resulted in the acclaimed ‘Moment to Moment’ CD on SLAM Records (SLAMCD 279, 2009), they have attracted rave reviews for their rare live performances – so be sure to welcome in the new year with this unmissable concert.


Sun 15 | Doors 7.00pm / 7.30pm
£8/£5 concs.
Book online

Mopomoso – free improvisation night

Mopomoso celebrates the start of their 21st anniversary year with an extended, all-British concert featuring some of the finest musicians playing on the scene today.

Alison Blunt / Dave Leahy / Pete Flood

With a background covering an enormous variety of musics and sharing a love of free improvisation, this trio – Alison Blunt (violin) / Dave Leahy (bass) / Pete Flood (drums, percussion) – plays a multi-faceted and engaging music. Nice to note that drummer Flood first encountered improvised music at a Mopomoso concert 16 years ago!

Caroline Kraabel / Veryan Weston

The fiery and imaginative saxophonist Caroline Kraabel joins forces with renowned pianist Veryan Weston for a lively and energetic set full of surprising twists and turns. Great to have them play in our inaugural anniversary concert!

Kay Grant / Hannah Marshall

Two wonderful musicians who have been working on this duo partnership for some time now. Marked by close interplay, developed from a shared understanding, their music mature, considered and full of much charm and warmth.

Upcoming Portland Shows

English: Trevor Dunn live at Saalfelden 2009 I...

From Portland Eye and Ear Control:

1/29/11: CMG Presents Trevor Dunn, Travis LaPlante, U Sco, Thicket
January 29th, 2011:
Trevor Dunn
Travis Laplante
Laughing Horse Books & Video Collective. 12 N.E. 10th Ave, 97232 Portland, OR
U Sco
Sliding Scale $5-$15

1/18/11: Outset Series #3 w/ Jewelry Rash & Ben Kates
8pm (over by 10)
Revival Drum Shop (1465 NE Prescott)
Jewelry Rash (Brian Mumford)
Ben Kates

1/14/11: Rich Halley Quartet
The Rich Halley Quartet, with Rich on tenor sax, Los Angeles trombonist Michael Vlatkovich, Canadian bassist Clyde Reed and drummer Carson Halley will perform on Saturday, January 14 at 9:00 PM at The Camellia Lounge, 510 NW 11th Ave. Admission is $5.


Anthony Braxton - Sopranino saxophone

Matthew Shipp enumerates his favorite moments of 2011.

Anthony Braxton‘s first offering of the year now available: Sextet (Molde) 2005 and Sextet (Piacenza) 2007. Both albums are with Anthony Braxton: Alto Saxophone, Soprano Saxophone, Sopranino Saxophone, Taylor Ho Bynum: Cornet, Flugelhorn, Trombone, Jessica Pavone: Viola, Violin, Jay Rozen: Tuba, toys, Chris Dahlgren: Bass, Electronics, and Aaron Siegel: Percussion, Vibraphone.

Taylor Deupree and Marcus Fischer have a new experimental recording out on 12k.

A show from the Mary Halvorson Trio will stream on January 6th on an Australian radio station.

Taran’s Free Jazz Hour, Podcast 01/2012

British saxophonist Evan Parker

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From Taran’s Free Jazz Hour, podcast 01/2012:

new artists
pitch, rythm & consciousness: Tony Jones (tenor sax), Charles Burnham (violin), Kenny Wollesen (drums).

barnyard records
at somewhere there: Evan Parker (tenor saxophone), Joe Sorbara (drums, percussion), Wes Neal (bass).

year of the boar: AIMToronto Orchestra, line up here

halcyon science: Nicole Rampersaud (trumpet), Evan Shaw (alto, baritone sax), Jean Martin (drums, laptop and trumaphone), Tomasz Krakowiak (percussion), Wes Neal (bass).

baloni: Frantz Loriot (viola), Joachim Badenhorst (clarinet), Pascal Niggenkemper (bass).

frog leg logic: Hank Roberts (cello), James Zollar (trumpet), Marty Ehrlich (alto sax), Michael Sarin (drums).

oneiros: Gonçalo Almeida (bass), Greg Smith (drums), Susana Santos Silva (trumpet).

evil rabbit
modern primitive: Jan Klare (alto sax, clarinet, flute), Jeff Platz (guitar), Meinrad Kneer (double bass), Bill Elgart (drums).

peaux d’ames: Geraldine Laurent (sax), Olivier Benoit (guitar), Nicolas Mahieux (double bass), Jacques Mahieux (drums), Jeremie Ternoy (Fender Rhodes).

jakob bro
time: Lee Konitz (alto sax), Bill Frisell (guitar) Jakob Bro (guitar), Thomas Morgan (bass).

red dispersion
live at the freebop: Aaron Standon (sax, guitar), Pete Brandt (double bass), Steve Harris (drums).

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    San Francisco Bay Area Scene

    From Bay Improviser:

    Thursday, January 5, 8pm
    OutSound presents Luggage Store New Music Series, featuring Elise Baldwin (electronics) at 8pm, and John Krausbauer (electronics) at 9pm. Luggage Store Gallery, 1007 Market St. (@ 6th Street), San Francisco | $6-10

    Friday, January 6, 7pm
    Explorist International presents Free Jazz Friday with KWS GROUP and Mikey Yedda, and The Angelicals. The KWS Group features Jay Korber (nuttiness), Kevin Woodruff (wackiness), R.L. Sutherland (zaniness), with special guest Mikey Yedda (mikeyyeddaness). The Angelicals brings together Karl Evangelista (guitar), Michael Dale (saxophone), and Bob Marsh (cello, bass). More information is available here. Explorist International, 3174 24th St., San Francisco | FREE

    Friday, January 6, 8pm
    Studio 1510 presents a two-set evening of adventurous music with the Dutch alto saxophonist, Jorrit Dijkstra and local guests. Set 1 pairs Jorrit Dijkstra (sax, lyricon) with Philip Greenlief (sax). Joining Jorrit Dijkstra for Set 2 will be Scott R. Looney (hyperpiano) and Kjell Nordeson (percussion). Studio 1510, 1510 8th St., Oakland | $6-10 sliding

    Saturday, January 7, 5pm
    Mutual Aid Project and Omiiroo Art Gallery present, Decolonizing The Imagination: Arts Practicum & Exhibition. This Creative Music trio of men of color offers, for public forum, an exhibition of the decolonizing and compositional practices that have developed since 2009. The program will include an exhibition, with our project description, and analysis of our practicum and applied methodology, as well as facilitated discussions with the audience and a final performance featuring Tracy Hui (guitar), Nick Obando (alto saxophone), and Marshall Trammell (percussion). Omiiroo Art Gallery, 400 14th St. (@ Franklin St.), downtown Oakland | donations accepted

    Saturday, January 7, 8pm
    The Temescal Art Center brings THE UNCOMFORTABLE ZONES OF FUN. Do you dare to be in experiments in experience/participation performance? Frank Moore, world-known shaman performance artist, will conduct improvised passions of musicians, actors, dancers, and audience members in a laboratory setting to create altered realities of fusion beyond taboos. Bring your passions and musical instruments and your senses of adventure and humor. Temescal Art Center, 511 48th St., Oakland | Free, but donations are encouraged

    Sunday, January 8, 8pm
    OpenSound West presents an evening of improvised music: Archer Spade meets Ueno/Ingalls. Archer Spade is a collaboration between composer/performers Dan Blacksberg and Nick Millevoi that seeks to broaden the repertoire of new music and re-imagine the possibilities for their respective instruments of trombone and electric guitar. The duo of Ken Ueno (vocals) and Matt Ingalls (clarinet) bring together an arsenal of extended techniques for an experience that defies classical expectations of sounds that can be made on voice and clarinet. CNMAT, 1750 Arch St., Berkeley | $10 general, $5 students and seniors

    Tuesday, January 10, 6:30pm
    Tuesdays at Tom’s Place presents 2+2 and Libertas. 2+2 is Phillip Greenlief (sax), Jon Raskin (sax), Tom Djll (trumpet), and Nate Wooley (trumpet). Libertas is Tom Greisser (sax), Liz Byrne (electronics), and Wade Driver (percussion). Tuesdays at Tom’s Place, 3111 Deakin St., Berkeley | Free (donation requested)

    Tuesday, January 10, 9pm
    Active Music Series Presents a night of Noisy Free Improvisation with the duo of Randy Lee Sutherland (alto sax) and Julia Mazawa (turntable), and the Coleman / Mendoza / Shelton / Wick / Heule ensemble: Michael Coleman (keyboards), Ava Mendoza (guitar), Aram Shelton (saxophone), Jacob Wick (trumpet), and Jacob Felix Heule (drums). Uptown Nightclub, 1928 Telegraph Ave., Oakland | donations encouraged

    Wednesday, January 11, 9pm
    The Light A Fire series returns to the Oakland Cafe Revolution with three sets of intergenre experimental music featuring Grex, Luke Westbrook, and Reconnaissance Fly. Grex is Karl A.D. Evangelista (guitar, vox, etc.) and Margaret Rei Scampavia (keys, winds, vox, etc.); Luke Westbrook works with a talented core of musicians he has helped to connect over the years to bring creative music forward; Reconnaissance Fly brings together the composers Chris Broderick, Amar Chaudhary, Polly Moller, Larry The O, and Tim Walters. Cafe Revolution, 1612 7th St., Oakland | donations accepted