Newsbits: Glass at 75, Darius Jones, Trio M, Zeuhl in Belgium

Darius JonesPhilip Glass‘s 75th birthday was celebrated at Le Poisson Rouge.

Aum Fidelity will be releasing the latest from Darius Jones in April.

Trio M (Myra Melford, Mark Dresser, Matt Wilson) will be in Hollywood this Friday.

Also this weekend, Univers Zero, Aranis, Christian Vander, and Present will play in Belgium.

The Super Coda at Small Beast, February 6th

From New York’s Super Coda:

8:30 – Monsoon in Bloom – compositions of swirling, circular rhythmic patterns, mainly static harmony, intense dynamics and bursts of infectious melody. Starring Lucas Brode, Isaac Jaffe, Gabe Yonkler, Sam Wagner.

9:15 – BISAFURI – (Seattle/NYC) There is so much great fury to come with this new project featuring Jessica Lurie, Beth Fleenor (Crystal Beth) and trumpet player Sam Boshniak (Reptet)

10 – Cracked Vessel – twisted takes on Americana, and sly, just beneath the surface references to Eastern European folk music – which is to say, you will dance to the most fractured of musical fables like your aunt spilled gravy on you, lovingly, and the gravy smells like vanilla, luckily. Featuring Ben Syversen, Jeremy Gustin, Xander Naylor.

10:45 – Kalan Sherrard (San Francisco) – is a controversial figure known for his eccentricity, as well as his love of art and literature and his involvement in both contra-dancing and guerrilla street theater. Kalan and his friends were embroiled in controversy when they put on a performancethat entailed vomiting recently-eaten beets.

11:15 – YOLT – the hyperactive trio of David Grollman, Nathaniel Morgan, and Weston Minissali is consistently driven by histrionic character and incongruous comedy. After already having witnessed David strip down to a sporty thong, waving and yelling, “Are my shorts too short?!” you own the smirking breed of assurance that grows in knowing that absurdity is forthcoming.

12 – Manburger Surgical – The tricks in this Brooklyn group’s satchel of lunatic sound(s) provokes something more than romantic idealism, more than sappy emotion. And whatever that sensation is, whatever you want to name it, it kicks you in the eustachian tubes and bursts through your alimentary canal like the finest Punk of old. These ‘songs’ are an interconnected cornucopia of drones, blasts and spurious chatters from what can only be imagined as ankle-biting robotic court jesters fed up with their creators.

Upcoming Philadelphia Shows

avant-garde pianist Matthew Shipp

From Philly’s Ars Nova Workshop:

Saturday, February 18, 8pm
Amir ElSaffar, trumpet + santur + vocals; Ole Mathisen, saxophones; Tareq Abboushi, buzuq; Safer Tawil, oud + percussion; Carlo DeRosa, bass; Tyshawn Sorey, drums

Philadelphia Art Alliance, 251 S. 18th Street, $15

Iraqi-American multi-instrumentalist/composer ElSaffar is on the forefront of musicians incorporating the traditional musical styles of their cultural backgrounds with modern sensibilities. His Two Rivers Ensemble’s developed an instinctive ease with this highly complex music, enabling the band to play with a creativity that transcends pure technical challenge. While Two Rivers (2007) combined elements found in the modal music of the Iraqi maqam with the rhythms and aesthetics of modern jazz, Inana (2011) builds on those concepts to include a microtonal harmonic and melodic language influenced by the pitch-flexibility of Middle Eastern music. The consequence is a transformation of the jazz idiom, though the music still speaks the language of swing, improvisation and group interaction.


Friday, March 9, 8pm
Matthew Shipp, piano; Michael Bisio, bass; Whit Dickey, drums

Philadelphia Art Alliance, 251 S. 18th Street, $15

Sometimes elegant, sometimes brutal, and always uncompromising, Shipp slams and seduces the keys unlike any other jazz pianist to create a delightfully sonic and stunningly physical event. His most recent recording is The Art Of The Improviser—a double-LP showcasing one side of solo pieces and another with his trio featuring bassist Bisio and drummer Dickey. Tonight’s Philadelphia debut is a record release celebration for the trio’s new Thirsty Ear Recordings album, Elastic Aspects.


ANW Recommends:

Saturday, February 4, 8pm
A Birthday Tribute to a Legendary Light

Painted Bride Art Center | 230 Vine Street | 215-925-9914
$25 in advance, $30 day of show

At the crossroads of new beats, microtonal harmonies, eastern melodic inflections and improv concepts, new musical ideas are on the horizon. David “Fuze” Fiuzynski and The Planet MicroJam Institute ensemble, with special guest Freedom Bremmer, celebrate Jimi Hendrix’s 70th birthday. Hard grooves with eastern influenced melodies will put audiences into a colorful trance. Newly inspired arrangements will focus on pieces like “3rd Stone from the Sun”, “House Burnin Down”, “Steppin Stone,” as well as original “Fuze” pieces influenced by Hendrix. This tribunal configuration will feature Turkish musician Utar Dundarartun on microtonal keyboard and Planet MicroJam known for colliding sonic esthetics from within an increasingly shrinking global village to create music that sounds like a Gauguin painting – a raw, powerful and extremely colorful mixture of eastern and western elements.

DMG Newsletter January 27th, 2012

English: Zeena Parkins performing with Cosa Br...

From DMG:

Bjorkenheim’s Scorch Trio Live 2LP-Only! John Zorn & Banquet of the Spirits! Zeena Parkins! Terry Riley! Elliott Sharp! Jim Black Trio! Uri Caine All Stars! Barry Guy/LJCO DVD! Sonore CD!

Gustafsson’s Fire + O’Rourke! Andre Vida with Braxton/Sorey/Dorner! Thinking Plague! Tim Brady! Joel Harrison/Cuong Vu/Dan Weiss! Quatuor Bozzini! Michael Gibbs & NDR Big Band! Joane Hetu! Oren Ambarchi! Nurse with Wound!

Legendary Gazell label: Dave Burrell/David Murray, Byard Lancaster, Oliver Lake, Gillespie/Stitt/Lewis/Jones/Heath/Roach, Woody Shaw’s Paris Reunion Band, Adam Makowicz, Bob Brookmeyer, Stan Getz, One String Jones, Dave Van Ronk, Fugs..!!!


The DMG Free Weekly In-Store Performance Series Continues in the New Year With:

Sunday, January 29th at 6pm:
The Return of RADIO I-CHING! Featuring DEE POP – Drums / ANDY HAAS – Reeds / DON FIORINO – Guitar!

Sunday, February 5th at 6pm:
MAX JOHNSON & SYLVAIN LEROUX – Acoustic Bass & Flute Duo!

Sunday, February 12th at 6pm:

Sunday, February 19th – Double Header featuring:
6pm: THOMAS HELTON & WILLIAM PARKER – Contrabass Duets!
7pm: ANDREA PENSADO – Solo Weirdness from Argentina!

Sunday, February 26th at 6pm – CD Release Celebration for this All-Star Unit:

Musique Machine Reviews

From Musique Machine:

Phurpa – Trowo Phurnag Ceremony
Andreas Bick – Fire and Frost Pattern
Circle Of Ouroborus – Eleven Fingers
Where Is This – Narcissus At The Gym
Anonymous – Tarawa
Ritual Stance – Bare Before The Altar
Various Artists – Wall of Death
Sirotek – My Art Is My Psychota
Enid – Munsalvaesche
Sissy Spacek – Freaked With Jet

AMN Reviews: Quentin Sirjacq – La Chambre Claire (Schole Recordings)

Quentin Sirjacq, “La Chambre Claire” (Schole Recordings)

Japanese label Schole has a big old soft spot for European Romanticism, as a number of the solo piano outings by founder Akira Kosemura sweetly testify. In reissuing “La Chambre Claire” by Quentin Sirjacq, previously only available in France, it has re-opened a window on the fresh, head-clearing tones of a promising solo debutant. Born in 1978 and educated in France, the Netherlands and the United States, Sirjacq has played with Fred Frith and Joëlle Léander, performed works by Steve Reich, James Tenney and Frederic Rzewski and composed for film and dance.

This ostensibly one-man recital has been lifted skyward by exquisite production, like the tiny-bell echoes on just the right notes of “Car je cherche le vide,” and judiciously leavened with violin, guitar or vibraphone by a handful of guest musicians. In a few instances, electronics are used to just graze the edges of the piano a bit.

Sirjacq´s compositions are as deceptively complex as the short stories of Guy de Maupassant, afternoon strolls under parasols on the boulevards of Paris in the 1870s, quietly vivid narratives which, like “Mais les ténèbres sont elles-mêmes” – but they themselves are blackness – speak of and to the quaking heart and soul. Listing Philip Glass among his many sources of inspiration, “Jaillisant de mon Oeil” is a bald tribute to the former´s much-admired “Solo Piano” pieces. To mention Satie is almost embarrassingly obvious (but “Par Milliers”).

Two bonus tracks – one in which he also moves inside the piano, the other an ambient remix of the track “Obsession” – round off a wise reissue. The elegant, new cover graphics are far more suitable than the original, frankly ugly, French edition, calling to mind the logo of a Park Avenue jeweller, a worthy package for the string of gems within.

Stephen Fruitman

Harris Eisenstadt / Canada Day Tour

Harris Eisenstadt will be on tour with his group Canada Day this over the next few weeks.

February 11
La Guardia Performing Arts Center, 8 PM
New York, NY

February 26
Timucua House, 8 PM
Orlando, FL

February 27
Ferguson Student Center Theater,
University of Albama, 7 PM
Tuscaloose, AL

February 29
The Subterranean Art House, 8 PM
Berkeley, CA

March 1
Arcata Playhouse, 8 PM
Arcata, CA

March 3
Buckley Recital Hall,
Amherst College, 3 PM
Amherst, MA

March 4
La Sala Rossa, 8 PM
Montreal, QC

March 5
4th Stage, National Arts Center, 8 PM
Ottawa, ON