Upcoming Buenos Aires Shows

From Buenos Aires:

Sunday 18 December
EPINICIOS AGONALES Music & Sport action for running singers (experimental/ classic contemporary)
Nonsense Ensamble Vocal de Solistas:
Nadia Szachniuk , Lucia Lalanne ,Cecilia Mazzufero Martin Diaz,Juan Francisco Ramirez,Javier Lezcano
at cheLA Iguazú 451 20 hs

CUARTETO EL ENTONGUE ( jazz /tango crossover)
Roberto Seitz: contrabajo y composicion.
Pedro Kizcurno: Bandoneon.
Martin Almada: guitarra y composicion.
Nando Seitz: Bateria
at CC Matienzo , Matienzo 2424 , 22 hs

Wednesday 21 December
Marcelo Katz y Mudos por el celuloide ( music + short films)
Marcelo Katz: piano – prepared piano –accordion- voz – percussión & Fx – composition
Demian Luaces: violín –viola- piano – flautes – percussion – voice
Eliana Liuni: sax – clarinet – flutes- saw-percussion & FX – harmónica-
short films “Antes de la Conquista” y ”Los sueños de Don Pedro” by Fernando Katz.
At NoAVESTRUZ Humboldt 1857 21.30hs

Thursday 22 december
Lucio Balduini (guitar) –
Cirilo Fernández (piano) –
Ramiro Flores (saxophoness) –
Gustavo Musso (saxophoness) –
Eloy Michelini (drums)
Mariano Sívori (contrabass & composer).
at virasoro bar, Guatemala 4328,21.30 hs

Friday 23 december
HERNAN MERLO 4TET ( modern jazz)
Hernán Merlo (contrabass)
Pablo Aristein (tenor sax & clarinet)
Alan Zimmerman (piano)
Fermín Merlo (drums).
at virasoro bar, Guatemala 4328,21.30 hs

Nels Cline Interviewed

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From the Chicago Reader:

Nels Cline is a modern-day guitar wizard. He conjures the spirit of free jazz with the technical prowess of prog rock, and his innovative compositions are full of both hooks and Sonic Youth-inspired noise. Cline made a name for himself with his solo work and his collaborations with artists including Mike Watt, Thurston Moore, and Willie Nelson. In 2004 he joined Chicago-bred indie giant Wilco, who were working with another avant-garde hot-shot at the time, Jim O’Rourke. Cline’s mind-bending guitar technique pushed Wilco’s sound to a higher plane. While in town for Wilco’s five-show stint (with sold-out gigs at the Civic Opera House, the Vic, Riviera, Metro, and Lincoln Hall) Cline was interviewed by Chicagoan (and British expat) Jim Elkington, who plays with Brokeback, Eleventh Dream Day, Jon Langford, and the Horse’s Ha.

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