Monsieur Délire Reviews

Mats/Morgan Band

From Monsieur Délire.:

HAG / Moist Areas (eh?)
ELOINE / Simpler Machines (Darbolistic Rex)
PSYCHOTIC QUARTET / Sphaleron (eh?)
FLO STOFFNER / …and sorry (VETO Records)
KBD(uo) / Any Port in a Storm (eh?)
CHEFKIRK / We Must Leave the Warren (eh?)
FABULOUS FABLE QUARTET / Ein Bericht: Swiss Made (Unit Records)
TIRILL / Tales from Tranquil August Gardens (FairyMusic)
TIRILL / Nine and Fifty Swans (FairyMusic)
WADADA LEO SMITH’S MBIRA / Dark Lady of the Sonnets (TUM Records – merci à/thanks to: Braithwaite & Katz Communications)
SÃO PAULO UNDERGROUND / Três Cabeças Loucuras (Cuneiform)
MATS/MORGAN BAND / Live (Cuneiform)
MV CARBON / Dislodged Perihelion (Ecstatic Peace)
FEDERICO BARABINO / Can You Listen to the Silence Between the Notes? (eh?)
SEEDED PLAIN / Sectional (Digital Vomit)
ANTHONY BRAXTON / GTM (Knitting Factory) 1997 (New Braxton House)

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