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From Henry Grimes:

Friday, Dec. 9th, 1-4 p.m: Henry Grimes workshop at the Royal Conservatory (KASK), Gent, Belgium (sorry — not open to the public);

Saturday, Dec. 1Oth, 7 p.m: Henry Grimes in concert w/ Elaine Mitchener and David Toop, Drieklank (Trio Sound) Festival on Campus Bijloke at KASK (Koninklijke Academie voor Schone Kunsten), Jozef Kluyskensstraat 2, 9OOO Gent, Belgium, +32 (O)9 267 O1 OO, +32 473 493 4O3, tickets 15 and 12 Euros at the school, http://www.kask.be/index.php?/agenda/artikel/drieklank_festival_op_campus_bijloke, http://www.kask.be/index.php?/english, denystommy@gmail.com, wendy.cocquyt@hogent.be.

Monday, Dec. 12th, doors open at 8 p.m: Henry Grimes solo concert (double-bass, violin, poetry, 1st set) and with Paul Dunmall and Roger Turner (2nd set), Cafe Oto, Print House, 18-22 Ashwin Street, London E8 3DL, +44 (O)2O 7923 1231, http://www.cafeoto.co.uk, http://www.cafeoto.co.uk/henry-grimes-paul-dunmall-roger-turner.shtm, info@cafeoto.co.uk, tickets 8 pounds in advance from http://www.wegottickets.com/event/145038, or 1O at the door.

Friday, Dec. 16th, 9 p.m: Henry Grimes solo concert (double-bass, violin, poetry), Korjaamo Culture Factory, Toolonkatu 51B, FIN-OO25O, Helsinki, Finland, +358 O2O 7417 OOO, http://www.korjaamo.fi, info@korjaamo.fi, concert tickets from http://www.tiketti.fi/Henry-Grimes-US-Faarao-Pirttikangas-Kulttuuritehdas-lippuja/13844, 6OO-1-1616, 15 Euro in advance, 17 at the door (venue members and student discount 13,5O Euro / 15,5O Eur).

Saturday, Dec. 31st (New Year’s Eve), 8 p.m. John Zorn improv benefit with many special guests, $25; 11 p.m. Marc Ribot’s Spiritual Unity Quartet w/ Roy Campbell, Jr., Henry Grimes, and Chad Taylor, “Bells at Midnight,” music by and for Albert Ayler, $6O includes champagne toast at midnight, at the Stone, northwest corner of Ave. C and 2nd St., New York City, no advance tickets or reservations, so just get there early!, http://www.thestonenyc.com/calendar.php, nycthestone@yahoo.com.

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New Releases from Edition RZ

Deutsch: Porträtaufnahme von Wolfgang Mitterer...
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From Edition RZ:

SUZUKI, AKIO: Na-Gi 1997 CD (RZ 10005CD)
1997 release. A CD of minimalist environmental sounds by this Japanese sound-artist, previously known for his fabulous Soundsphere CD on the Dutch Het Apollohuis label. “This music was recorded in Takano, Tango-cho, the northern-most coast of Kyoto, where I live. The bay surrounded by volcanic rock caves is the place where the mighty sounds of waves of the open sea have their muffled echo. Seawater flows into the hollows in the rock again and again like breathing in and breathing out. Spring water constantly drips in the cave, and now and then the wind from the meadow above the chasm brings the sounds of the crickets…the sound spaces of the coast of Takano. A site of a new encounter with the rhythm of the sounds of the sea.”

VA: Inventionen ’98: 50 Jahre Musique Concréte 2CD (RZ 10009/10CD)
1999 release. A documentary of pieces performed at the Inventionen Festival in Berlin, 1998. Works by Unsuk Chin, Patrick Kosk, Werner Cee, INA-GRM stalwart Francois Donato, Robin Minard, Wolfgang Mitterer, Francis Dhomont, Swedish EMS agent Erik Mikael Karlsson and northern-UK composer/programmer Trevor Wishart. The perfect mix of analogue tape and computer-medium concerns, very strong efforts from all involved. Booklet includes notes in English and German.

DI SCIPIO, AGOSTINO: Horbare Okosysteme CD (RZ 10015CD)
2007 release. Subtitled: Live Elektronische Kompositionen 1993-2005. Performers: Ensemble Mosaik, Prometeo String Quartet, Natalia Pschenitschnikova. Agostino Di Scipio teaches his sounds to listen to themselves. The digital sound processing algorithms associated with the pieces listen to their own results, and then modify themselves accordingly, during the course of the piece. Through complicated cybernetic procedures inside the black box the software adjusts to the heard in order to create the unheard.

VA: Inventionen VI CD (RZ 10016CD)
Electroacoustical music from the Inventionen Festivals, 2005 and 2006. Composers/tracklist: Edgar Barroso – “ODD'”; Mario Verandi – “Comme un jeu des images”; Paul Wilson – “Through the Rain”; Ricardo Climent – “Wallwoodpeckers”; Vladimir Djambazov – “The Secret Life of a Snare Drum”; Ludger Brümmer – “Glasharfe.”

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Robert Rich in Australia Early 2012

Robert RichTour dates from Robert Rich.

Friday January 27 – 30 – Rainbow Serpent Festival – Melbourne (confirmed)
We don’t yet know the exact performance time during the festival.

Wednesday February 1 – Lecture at SAE Melbourne

Friday February 3 – Harmonic Spaces Exhibition – Byron Bay
Email: info (at) earthfrequency (dot) com (dot) au
Event Date: Friday 3rd February 2012
Venue: Byron Bay Community Centre.
Time Slot: 6-8pm

Saturday-Sunday February 4-5 – available (possibly Byron private concert)

Tuesday February 7 – Lecture at SAE Byron Bay

Wednesday February 8 – Lecture at SAE Sydney

Friday February 10 – Sydney – Independent Theatre
Email: information (at) ultimathule (dot) info
Event Date: Friday 10 February 2012
Venue: Independent Theatre 269 Miller Street North Sydney Sydney NSW
Time Slot: ??

Saturday February 11 – Melbourne
Promoter Names: Simon Imagin & Scott Baker
Email: simonimagin@gmail.com, spbaker@gmail.com
Event Date: Saturday 11th February 2012
Venue: Northcote Uniting Church, 251 High Street Northcote 3070, http://chalice.org.au/
Time Slot: Artist talk 4pm, Evening performance, doors open 7.30pm, RR slot 9.30pm

Wednesday February 15 – Lecture at SAE Brisbane

Saturday February 18 – Earth Frequency Festival – Brisbane (confirmed)
Email: info (at) earthfrequency (dot) com (dot) au
Event Date: Friday 17-20 February 2012
Venue: Byron Bay Community Centre.
Time Slot: Saturday 18th Feb 4-5pm, chill stage set later in the night

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All About Jazz Reviews

Han BenninkFrom All About Jazz:

Aki Takase/ Han Bennink
Two For Two (Intakt Records)

Dave Douglas
Dave Douglas: Greenleaf Portable Series, Volumes 1-3 (Greenleaf Music)

Humcrush with Sidsel Endresen
Ha! (Rune Grammofon)

Andre Goudbeek / Le Quan Ninh / Peter Jacquemyn
Uwaga (NotTwo Records)

Lisa Mezzacappa & Nightshade
Cosmic Rift (Leo Records)

Fourth Page
Blind Horizons (Leo Records)

FAB Trio
History of Jazz in Reverse (TUM Records)

Albert Ayler
Stockholm, Berlin 1966 (Hatology)

After The Disquiet (Self Produced)

Breaking the Cycle (Moonjune Records)

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