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Wadada Leo Smith – Dark Lady of the Sonnets (TUM, 2011)
Corey Wilkes – Kind of Miles: Live at the Velvet Lounge (Katalyst, 2011)
Samuel Blaser – Consort in Motion (Kind of Blue, 2011)
Atomic – Here Comes Everybody (Jazzland, 2011)
Jason Adasiewicz – Spacer (Delmark, 2011)

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‘That Morning Thing’ at the Kitchen for Performa 11


Robert Ashley, certainly since composing the groundbreaking multimedia opera “Perfect Lives” from 1977 to 1983, has been a profound and evocative storyteller, however obliquely his tales may resonate. Language — the idioms, cadences and signature jargon of spoken American English — is central to Mr. Ashley’s idiosyncratic conception. Even so, his fusion of text, music and stage action rarely refutes a tenuous connection to opera as conventionally defined.

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