Darmstadt' fourth annual Essential Repertoire festival

La Monte Young
Cover of La Monte Young


Thursday, December 8 at 8 p.m.
Morton Feldman
For Christian Wolff (1986)
Ensemble Sospeso: Nicholas DeMaison (keyboards), Amelia Lukas (flute)
An “extended waking dream,” written and premiered in 1986, For Christian Wolff is scored for keyboards and flute, played here by Ensemble Sospeso’s Nicholas DeMaison and flutist Amelia Lukas. Generally regarded as the most austere of Feldman’s late works, For Christian Wolff is described by DeMaison as “fantastically quiet, full of pitches and yet somehow never quite emerging from a perpetual state of almost-being.” Since its Carnegie Hall debut in 1998, Ensemble Sospeso’s performances have been described as “stunning” (The New York Times), “a wonder to watch” (The Wall Street Journal) and “gorgeously rich” (The Village Voice).

Friday, December 9 at 8 p.m.
Karlheinz Stockhausen
Cosmic Pulses (2007), Telemusik (1966), Trumpet from Orchestra Finalists (1996)
Analog Arts: Joe Drew (trumpet and sound projection)
Joe Drew, of Analog Arts, will give the New York premiere of Cosmic Pulses, the last piece of electronic music Karlheinz Stockhausen wrote. With an 8-channel sound system surrounding the audience (and a subwoofer on every channel), Cosmic Pulses envelops the audience in a swirl of sound. Cosmic Pulses will be paired with Stockhausen’s early electronic masterpiece, Telemusik (1966) and an excerpt from Orchestra Finalists (1996), the second scene of Wednesday from the Licht cycle.
Joe Drew is a trumpeter, composer, and specialist in the music of Stockhausen. He is responsible for the US premiere of Cosmic Pulses in 2008. Drew toured with Markus Stockhausen and Marco Blaauw in musikFabrik’s production of Michael’s Journey Around the World, the second act from Licht. Drew is also the director of the Iron Composer competition and a doctoral fellow at NYU Steinhardt.

Saturday, December 10 at 8 p.m.
Terry Riley
In C (1964)
Darmstadt: Essential Repertoire closes with the seventh annual performance of Terry Riley’s minimalist classic, and instigator of a musical movement, “In C.” The piece will be performed in true Darmstadt fashion, by an intergenerational ensemble of New York experimental musicians, amplified and backed by former Swans drummer and La Monte Young collaborator Jonathan Kane. The annual electrifying new music jam session, called “the most vital, audacious and energizing performance” of the piece by the New York Times, has never before taken place at Issue Project Room.

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