Ingrid Laubrock
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Drummer / composer Tyshawn Sorey takes a before after challenge.

This weekend, New haven’s Uncertainty Series features music by composers Michael Winter, Brian Parks, and Samuel Vriezen.

Tom Rainey, Mary Halvorson, and Ingrid Laubrock play Sat. Nov. 20, 6:30pm, @ Zurcher Studio, 33 Bleecker St. New York.

Apparent Distance, a new release from Taylor Ho Bynum, is now out on Firehouse 12.

Chicago-based bass clarinetist Jeff Kimmel has a new album out.

Open Ears Music has posted another show, this time of a free-jazz big band improv set.

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Free Jazz Blog Reviews

Kidd Jordan
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From Free Jazz:

Agustí Fernández – El Laberint De La Memòria (Mbari, 2011) ****½
Agustí Fernández and Joan Saura – Vents (Psi, 2011) ***
Paul Kikuchi – Portable Sanctuary, Vol. 1 (Present Sounds, 2011) ***½
Open Graves – Flight Patterns (Prefecture Records, 2010) ****
Brad Dutz Quartet – Fashionably Impaired (self-published, 2011) ****
Julius Hemphill and Peter Kowald “Live at Kassiopeia” (No Business, 2011)****
Julius Hemphill – Dogon AD (International Phonograph, 1972-2011 re-issue) ******
Kidd Jordan – On Fire (Engine, 2011) ****

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Upcoming in Seattle

Stuart Dempster
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From Seattle’s Wayward Music:

THU. 11/10, 8pm – WA Composers Forum presents Solstice Wind Quintet

SAT. 11/12 – Danse Perdue, butoh performance with Joy von Spain, voice and Masaki Satsu, electronics

WED. 11/16 – The Last Minute, electroacoustic music by Donald Craig, Joshua Parmenter, Douglas Niemela, Pete Moss, Ewa Trebacz.

THU. 11/17, 8pm – Monktail Composers Series #7, featuring Monktail’s large ensemble Non Grata

FRI. 11/18, 8pm – Eric Barber’s trio MetriLodic + Bad Luck (Neil Welch, sax/electronics; Chris Icasiano, drums/electronics)

SAT. 11/19 – Rob Angus, 4-channel electro-acoustic music + Stuart Dempster & Susie Kozawa, spacialicious improvisations

THU. 12/1 – Alchimia (Dawud Mateen, saxophones/flute; Brad Smarjesse, violin/keys; Robert Iwanik (bass)

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George E. Lewis Interview

George Lewis (cropped version)
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From NewMusicBox:

In the arts, you’ll come across a lot of multi-talented people, but not many who can boast the depth of accomplishment in as many areas as George E. Lewis. Since the beginning of his involvement with the Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians (AACM) at the young age of 19, Lewis has engaged in a dizzying number of projects with an impressive array of collaborators. As an improvising trombonist, he has worked with not only AACM luminaries Anthony Braxton, Muhal Richard Abrams, and Roscoe Mitchell, to name just a few, but also with the likes of John Zorn, Derek Bailey, Evan Parker, and Miya Masaoka (who is also Lewis’s wife). And that’s only a very small sampling.

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Upcoming Lost Civilizations Shows and Releases

From the D.C. area’s T. A. Zook:

Massimo Croce’s Ozky e-sound netlabel ( has released The Lost Civilizations experimental music project with Angela Morrish — Live at Arlington’s CD Cellar at This performance featured Phonic Riot’s Angela Morrish on vocals. The Lost Civilizations experimental music project has been honored by Sig. Croce’s support in helping its music reach ears that it could not reach otherwise. In addition to his very active netlabel roster of experimental music releases, Sig. Croce is a preeminent documenter/musician of “street sounds” (largely drawn from Cairo) and biographer of the trailblazing experimental musician Luigi Russolo (; In addition to this most recent release, Ozky e-sound earlier released Lost Civilizations VII ( and T. A. Zook Basscello (

A recording of a live performance by the Lost Civilizations experimental music project featuring Phonic Riot’s Angela Morrish on vocals and bassist Doug Kallmeyer (;;; at a fundraiser for the 2011 Sonic Circuits Festival of Experimental Music ( held at MiG Bar “ has been posted at

A recording of a performance by the Lost Civilizations experimental music project featuring Aaron Martin (alto sax) at Lalibela Restaurant in the STPP Festival on Universal Music Day, Oct. 8, 2011 has been posted at .

AoI Theme and Alterations, a solo loop-based session, has been posted at — no basscello or guitar here; it is a work built upon a 1-minute loop where I play mixing bowls, whistle-flutes, slidewhistle & rainstick. In a 1-pass editing process transferring the loop to cassette (how’s that for “old school”?), I changed processor settings with each repetition of the loop. The “clapping” one hears periodically was a serendipitous gift of the Muse — I clumsily banged my rainstick into something when I picked it up. Not having a way to edit it out at the time, it stayed in and I’m glad it did! While it sometimes sounds like there are strings/voices/choirs in the recording, that just a trompe l’oreille caused by all of the pitch-shifting (not one but two Whammys — one on each side of the primary looper!) and back-and-forth of the nine additional loopers I ran it through in the compilation process — nothing succeeds like excess!

Upcoming performances:

Beginning November 15, The Lost Civilizations experimental music project will be hosting a “Third Tuesdays” residency at Dynasty Ethiopian Restaurant, which is located at 2210 14th Street, N.W. adjacent to the U Street Corridor on 14th Street, NW. Details are posted at ; please check this link before going to the event because any last-minute changes will be posted there. The residency will continue December 20, January 17, February 21 and March 20. Although the details are now being worked out, we expect to invite other performers from the DC experimental music, jazz and singer/songwriter communities to share the stage with us in this opportunity to share the incredible scope, diversity and depth of DC’s independent music communities.

On November 26, the Lost Civilizations experimental music project will perform at a benefit for the Pyramid Atlantic Art Center, a venue that has generously supported the Sonic Circuits organization. Jerry Busher will be appearing with Lost Civilizations for this performance. Jerry has been a fixture of the DC music scene for over 20 years. He toured for 8 years with Fugazi playing 2nd drums/percussion as well as on recordings “The Argument” and “Furniture”. He appears on albums by Fidelity Jones, The Spinanes, French Toast, Allscars, Alfonso Velez and John Frusciante. In 2007, he was the “Foley Artist” for Mabou Mines production “Peter and Wendy” at Arena Stage. Jerry worked on the music for the “Winchester” series featured in the 2000 Whitney Biennial, the Oscar-nominated documentary “The Weather Underground”, and is the composer for the film “Frontrunner” (The story of a female presidential candidate in Afghanistan). Recently Jerry has been touring/recording with ESL artist Federico Aubele and working on the “Fugazi Live” series. Details are posted at ; please check this link before going to the event because any last-minute changes will be posted there.

On January 14, the Twenty-first Century Chamber Ensemble ( will perform at the Pyramid Atlantic Art Center as part of the Fourth Annual Capital Jam. Detail are posted at ; please check this link before going to the event because any last-minute changes will be posted there.

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November 4, 2011
Otomo Yoshihide & Peter Brotzmann, Schl8hof, Wels
Otomo Yoshihide Peter Brötzmann

November 4, 2011
Peter Brotzmann Chicago Tentet, Schl8hof, Wels
Fred Lonberg-Holm Jeb Bishop Joe McPhee Johannes Bauer John Tchicai Keiji Haino Ken Vandermark Kent Kessler Mats Gustafsson Michael Zerang Paal Nilssen-Love Per-Ake Holmlander Peter Brötzmann

November 3, 2011
Sonore with John Tchicai, MKH Fabrik, Wels
John Tchicai Ken Vandermark Mats Gustafsson Peter Brötzmann

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