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Christian Wolff at Subtropics
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From the wulf:

Saturday, November 5, 8pm
the wulf, 1026 South Santa Fe Ave. #203, downtown Los Angeles
First Appearance of the Elusive Gnarwhallaby which presents its first concert with music by Marc Sabat, Wtodzimierz Kotonski, Steffen Schleiermacher, Henry Gorecki, Edison Denisov and possibly Morton Feldman. The ensemble is a quartet using the work of Poland’s Warzstat Muzyczny as a starting point. Gnarwhallaby is Brian Walsh (clarinets), Derek Stein (cello), Matt Barbier (trombone), Richard Valitutto (piano).

From FaceBook Events:

Saturday, November 5, 8pm
the Hive Gallery and Studios, 729 S. Spring St., downtown Los Angeles
Master Blasters of Sculpture 3 show!!!
Featured Artists Simon Lee and Jason Hadley, Tall Wall Artist John Haley III, Small Wall Artist Nathan Cartwright, Installation Artist Sam Koji Hale, and more, with music by Quangstuh, Astral Jubilee, Cinema Stereo, Salt Petal, Alejandro Gonzalez Gomez.

From Music and Conversations:

Saturday, November 5, 8pm
GAM Arts Center, 4975 West Pico Blvd., Los Angeles
Dia de los Muertos (a slightly belated celebration), with music by Mark Applebaum (Percussion Trio), Joseph Pereira (Percussion Quartet), Jane Brockman (new work for Violin and Piano), and more.


Saturday, November 5, 8:30pm
REDCAT, 631 West 2nd St., downtown Los Angeles
SCREAM Festival 2011: Sounding Images
Electroacoustic music merges seamlessly with electronically generated or enhanced imagery in this screening of 11 international works—a program that attests to the ongoing maturation of an electronic “inter-arts” that transcends disciplines, genres and geographies. More information is available here.

From FaceBook Events:

Sunday, November 6, 7pm
Center for the Arts Eagle Rock, 2225 Colorado Blvd., Eagle Rock, Los Angeles
Open Gate Theatre Sunday Series and Center for the Arts Eagle Rock present:
* BRUCE FRIEDMAN – EDGE STUDY (CD release): Bruce Friedman (trumpet), Motoko Honda (keyboard).

: Eric K.M. Clark (violin), Alicia Byer (clarinet), Jeff Schwartz (contrabass), Breeze Smith (drums, percussion), Bruce Friedman (trumpet).
* SMALL FRY: Steuart Liebig (contrabass guitars), Bill Barrett (chromatic harmonica).

From the wulf:

Sunday, November 6, 8pm
the wulf, 1026 South Santa Fe Ave. #203, downtown Los Angeles
UploadDownloadPerform.net is now 3 years old, and populated with over 1600 experimental scores contributed by more than 100 artists of various disciplines and demeanors. Join us to celebrate with a semi-randomly derived program of performances organized by Adam Overton and Francesco Gagliardi.

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