Convocation Hall, Toronto, 1974
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Two University of Florida students are finalists for the Sound in Space electroacoustic music competition.

New Captain Beefheart reissue releases include: (1) An Ashtray Heart. This is a cd of indeterminate origin. It features a recording of the FM broadcast of the 17 January 1981 show in Vancouver. Additional tracks are from the ’71 Detroit Tubeworks video, 1980 Saturday Night Live and the 1975 Orange Claw Hammer with Zappa. (2) The expanded Safe as Milk gets yet another release … this time as a double vinyl from the Dutch label On Vinyl. (3) Ozit have in their wisdom decided to release Merseytrout as a limited edition double vinyl.

Distract Vibes has a new release out of guitar and bass improv, with voices, bells, and other stuff.

Joxfield Projex has a new abrasive Krautrock-inspired release out entitled VoxLuxRabax.

Argentina’s Pany Rosas Disocs has a new free-improv release out from Ada Rave Cuarteto.

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