Convocation Hall, Toronto, 1974
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Two University of Florida students are finalists for the Sound in Space electroacoustic music competition.

New Captain Beefheart reissue releases include: (1) An Ashtray Heart. This is a cd of indeterminate origin. It features a recording of the FM broadcast of the 17 January 1981 show in Vancouver. Additional tracks are from the ’71 Detroit Tubeworks video, 1980 Saturday Night Live and the 1975 Orange Claw Hammer with Zappa. (2) The expanded Safe as Milk gets yet another release … this time as a double vinyl from the Dutch label On Vinyl. (3) Ozit have in their wisdom decided to release Merseytrout as a limited edition double vinyl.

Distract Vibes has a new release out of guitar and bass improv, with voices, bells, and other stuff.

Joxfield Projex has a new abrasive Krautrock-inspired release out entitled VoxLuxRabax.

Argentina’s Pany Rosas Disocs has a new free-improv release out from Ada Rave Cuarteto.

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October 20, 2011
Darius Jones Trio, IBeam
Adam Lane Darius Jones Jason Nazary

October 18, 2011
Alex Ward Tim Dahl Weasel Walter, Death by Audio
Alex Ward Tim Dahl Weasel Walter

October 18, 2011
Danny Sher Travis Reuter Evan Gregor, Death by Audio
Danny Sher Evan Gregor Travis Reuter

Frank Brickle's Ab Nou Cor Release Party Today in New York

Music and Música presents the CD release party for Ab nou cor the debut release from composer Frank Brickle, featuring Cygnus Ensemble with guest artists, sopranos Haleh Abghari & Elizabeth Farnum
Tuesday, October 25, 2011 at 8pm, The Brazilian Endowment for the Arts, New York, NY.

Music and Música at BEA proudly hosts the CD release party for Ab nou cor, the debut release from 2010 NEA Artistic Excellence Award-winning composer Frank Brickle on Furious Artisans. Ab nou cor features works written for and performed by the critically acclaimed Cygnus Ensemble, joined by sopranos Haleh Abghari and Elizabeth Farnum. Featured selections from Ab nou cor will be performed. Frank and the members of Cygnus will be on hand to sign copies.

Frank will also be celebrating his 60th birthday so please join us for a post-concert reception with wine, hors d’oeuvres and cake.

Location: The Brazilian Endowment for the Arts (BEA)
240 East 52nd Street (closer to 2nd Avenue)
New York, NY
Admission: FREE but please rsvp by 10/24 to Alanna Stone
Subways: 6 to 51st Street; M and E to 53rd Street

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Taran's Free Jazz Hour, Podcast 33/2011

Cindy Blackman Federation Square, Melbourne, M...
Cindy Blackman

From Taran’s Free Jazz Hour, podcast 33/2011

ab baars trio 20 years: Ab Baars (clarinet, tenor saxophone), Wilbert de Joode (contrabass), Martin van Duynhoven (drums).

flying note records
an alternate universe: Kali Z. Fasteau (cello, soprano saxophone, electric piano), William Parker (contrabass), Cindy Blackman (drums).

prophesy: Kali Z. Fasteau and lots of musicians, info here.

evil rabbit
modern primitive: Jan Klare (alto sax, clarinet, flute), Jeff Platz (guitar), Meinrad Kneer (bass), Bill Elgart (drums)

istanbul improv: Mark Alban Lotz (flute), Sevket Akinci (guitar), Kevin Davis (cello), Korhan Erel (laptop), Robert Reigle (tenor sax), Volkan Terzioglu (tenor sax).

michiel braam
on the move: hybrid 10tet

rudi records
re-union: Sandro Satta (alto sax), Roberto Bellatalla (doublebass), Fabrizio Spera (drums).

boparte: Giuliano Tull (alto sax), Lauro Rossi (trombone), Giovanni Maier (doublebass), Luca Colussi (drums).

ken silverman
from emptiness: Ken Silverman (guitar, oud, hand percussion), Roy Campbell (trumpet, flugelhorn, pocket trumpet, flute), Kossan (chanting, sanshin), Blaise Siwula (alto saxophone, clarinet), Tom Shad (Turkish cumbus), Dave Miller (drums), Tom Swafford (violin).

macroscopia: Claire DeBrunner (bassoon), Daniel Carter (trumpet, alto and tenor saxophones), Ken Silverman (oud, guitar, hand percussion), Tom Zlabinger (bass).

der erlkönig: Mitch Kessler (alto sax, tenor sax, soprano sax, flute), John Esposito (piano), Ira Coleman (bass), Peter O’Brian (drums).

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