This Week in Buenos Aires

From Buenos Aires, su Nueva Musica:

Sunday 22 , October

Tatiana Castro quartet + Leibson-kirszner-ploitzer ( free jazz )

1st set – TATIANA CASTRO 21:30
Tatiana Castro , piano y compositión
Abel Loterstein, guitar
Maximiliano Kirszner, contrabass
Guillermo Harriague, drums

Santiago Leibson, piano
Maximiliano Kirszner, contrabass
Nicolás Politzer,drums

Monday 24 , October

– Norris Franceschin Politzer Seitz + free jamm (free jazz / improvisation )
at Cultural Matienzo- Matienzo 2424, Buenos Aires, 21 hs

Enrique Norris , Cornet
Roberto Seitz , Contrabass
Nicolas Politzer , drums
Ramiro Franceschin , guitar

Wednesday 26 ,October

– Orquesta Vientos al Viento!
at Barintimo : Olazábal 2367, Buenos Aires, 21.30 hs

Created for the free jazz festival 2011 , this is an open orquestra intended to play differerent trends on jazz music .

Thurdsday 27,October

-Arre Ensemble: Improvisation by signs
at Mediterranea : Tucuman 3378 , Buenos Aires , 22 Hs

7 Cellos +1 Contrabass
Rafael Delgado
Ana Carolina Garbero
Ana Clara Payne
Gustavo Alvarez
Vio Garcia,
Guido Wardak
Jenny Mcaleer ……… (cellos)
Amanda Irarrazabal …(contrabass)
Claudio Peña ……….. (director)

CD release concert

Friday 28, October

Conciertos en el LIMb0 (Experimental /Multimedia )
At Alianza Francesa : Av. Córdoba 946 , Buenos Aires , 20 Hs

Improviser and composer, he uses a PA analog mixer on perpetual feedback (no-input mixer)

Laptotork uses computers as musical instruments .Two Directors work with signals specially developed for this project.
All music is played on real time,each player has his own speaker so the ensemble resembles a classical orquestra’s space disposition.

Saturday 29 October

– tRío Lucas : POP+ FREE +JAZZ
At Centro de Estudios Artísticos : Virrey Cevallos 172 , 23 HS
Diego Olguín: guitar
Javier Cánepa: contrabass
Pablo Ovejero: drums
Guest , Marcelo De Souza -flugelhörn

At Virasoro Bar : Guatemala 4328 , 23.30 Hs
Ada Rave (Tenor and soprano sax-composition)
Wenchi Lazo (guitar+ Fx)
Martín de Lassaletta (contrabass)
Martín Lopez Grande (Drums)

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Monsieur Délire Reviews

From Monsieur Délire:

JOËLLE LÉANDRE & PHILIP GREENLIEF / That Overt Desire of Object (Relative Pitch Records)
VINNY GOLIA QUARTET / Take Your Time (Relative Pitch Records)
GRÜNES BLATT / Thirteen Ways (Unit Records)
UNIFAUN / Unifaun
SAINT DIRT ELEMENTARY SCHOOL / Abandoned Ballroom (Barnyard Records)
THE ELEMENT CHOIR & WILLIAM PARKER / At Christ Church Deer Park (Barnyard Records)
SLIVOVITZ / Bani Ahead (Moonjune)
AGENTS OF MERCY / The Black Forest (Foxtrot Music)
SZILÁRD MEZEI TRIO / Tisza (Slam Productions)
MARTIN PICKETT GROUP / Lyric Pieces (Slam Productions)

AMN Reviews: Output:NOISE Improv Collective – Soundtrack to DSM-IV

Output: NOISE Improv Collective: Soundtrack to DSM-IV

Music has often been inspired by written texts—think of the influence on music, both instrumental and vocal, of Lewis Carroll’s Alice books, Edgar Allan Poe’s various works, or James Joyce’s Finnegans Wake. These works of literary imagination would seem to provide natural sources of creative material for the musical imagination. How unexpected then to find a musical cycle inspired by a very different kind of source text—the Fourth Edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-IV). But this is precisely what the Output: NOISE Improv Collective has done: Created a set of improvisations taking as their starting point selected DSM-IV entries defining psychiatric conditions.

Each track on this new release features a randomly assembled quartet or trio subset of the seventeen-member collective creating sound portraits of the following disorders: Delerium, Pica, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, Depression, Tourette Syndrome, Cymophobia, Sleep Terror Disorder, Narcolepsy, Catatonic Schizophrenia and Trichotillomania. The results make for intriguing if sometimes difficult listening, as could be expected from the source material.

A number of the pieces really do provide recognizable impressions of the title disorders. Delerium, an improvisation for guitars, percussion, bass guitar and cello, melds scrapings, distorted staccato guitar and feedback to create a convincing simulacrum of hallucinatory perception. By the same token, the repeated guitar figures opening Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder remind one of the obsessive’s unstoppable attention to tiny details. Depression’s oppressive drone is the soundtrack to a grey, overcast mental state that won’t lift, while Tourette Syndrome aptly layers aggressively spasmodic sounds over a spoken stream of invective and shrilling soprano saxophone. Trichotillomania, a disturbance in which one pulls out one’s own hair, is conveyed in a weirdly concrete way by the manner in which the track’s violin and cello foreground the sounds of bowhair on the strings.

Beside their relationship to the underlying extra-musical concept, the pieces on this recording are meant to function as integrated electro-acoustic improvisations in their own right. And they do.