New From Edgetone Records

From Edgetone Records:

Joe Lasqo – Turquoise Sessions

Turquoise Sessions from Joe Lasqo takes a fresh look at two of the world’s most powerful music cultures – India and Japan – through the lenses of 20th-century compositional/piano techniques and jazz improvisation and uses Asian musical forms to surprising effect on modernist material. The result is elegantly startling – ragas played in a style as if Debussy had lived in Mumbai and ancient Japanese shakuhachi and gagaku “standards” refracted through the serialist prisms of Messiaen, early Stockhausen, and Paul Bley. Reflecting a repertoire of Indo-Modernist and “Neo-Gaku” work pioneered in residency at San Francisco’s legendary Viracocha, Joe takes a unique approach to the combination of piano and Asian music that is a sound all his own.

Brains – Unloaded

“Unloaded” unravels from the bipolar fusion of Chris Golinski and Drew Ceccato. Their most recent ideo-motor outpouring serves up a journey of raw sonic viscera for the listener in three cathartic courses. Through timbre, texture and time – Brains’ improvisations wail forth in sheer acoustic spears that open ears to tame your unsuspecting reptilian brain.
Drew Ceccato – winds, Chris Golinski – percussion

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