Mary Halvorson In Europe With Ches Smith & The Thirteenth Assembly

mary halvorson
Image by carlo pecoraro via Flickr

From Improvised Communications:

Guitarist/composer Mary Halvorson will be performing in Europe through the end of the month, first with Ches Smith & These Arches, and then with The Thirteenth Assembly.

Ches Smith & These Arches:
10/19 :: Seixal Jazz (Seixal, Portugal)
10/20 :: Seixal Jazz (Seixal, Portugal)
10/21 :: Bimhuis (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
10/23 :: Jazzkeller Sauschdall (Ulm, Germany)
10/24 :: Alte Feuerwache (Mannheim, Germany)
10/25 :: Panic Jazz Club (Marostica, Italy)
10/26 :: Café Stockwerk (Graz, Austria)
10/27 :: Teatro Vascello (Rome, Italy)

The Thirteenth Assembly:
10/28 :: Jazzclub Singen (Singen, Germany)
10/29 :: Teatro delle Maddalene (Padova, Italy)
10/30 :: The Vortex Jazz Club (London, England)
10/31 :: Café Wilhelmina (Eindhoven, The Netherlands)

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Touching Extremes Reviews

From Touching Extremes:

LOL COXHILL & ROGER TURNER – Success With Your Dog
JOHN DUNCAN / MICHAEL ESPOSITO / Z’EV – There Must Be A Way Across This River / The Abject
AIDAN BAKER – Pure Drone

Free Jazz Blog Reviews

Joe McPhee

From Free Jazz:

Mural – Live At The Rothko Chapel (Rothko Chapel, 2011) ****
Kim Myhr – Live at Ringve Museum (Audition Records, 2011) ***½
Trondheim Jazz Orchestra & Kim Myhr – Stems & Cages (MNJ, 2010) ****
Silencers – Balance des Blancs (Sofa, 2011) ****
Joe McPhee & Michael Zerang – Creole Gardens – A New Orleans Suite (No Business, 2011) ****½
Joe McPhee – Sound on Sound – Solo 68-73 (Corbett vs. Dempsey, 2010) ***
Kris Wanders – Mani Neumeier Quintet – Taken By Surprise (Not Two, 2011) ****

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Los Angeles Scene

Andrea Centazzo - Mandala Roma - Auditorium
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From Sundays Live:

Thursday, October 20, 12:45pm
Pierce College, Performing Arts Bldg. Main Stage, 6201 Winnetka Ave., Woodland Hills
Brad Dutz / Chris Wabich (percussion duo)

From Istituto Italiano di Cultura, Los Angeles:

Thursday, October 20, 7pm
Istituto Italiano di Cultura Los Angeles, 1023 Hilgard Ave., Westwood
Andrea Centazzo will perform MILLE: A MULTIMEDIA CONCERT, with musical and visual connections related to Garibaldi’s Expedition of the Thousand

From MetalJazz:

Thursday, October 20, 7pm
The Talking Stick, 1411 Lincoln Blvd., Venice
music from Israeli postjazz peaceniks Maetar: Hagai (horns), Itai (bass), James Gadson (drums).

From Sundays Live:

Thursday, October 20, 8pm
California State University Fullerton, Performing Arts Center, 800 N. State College Blvd., Fullerton
CSUF Lloyd Rodgers Group in concert, performing Discourse on the Measurement of Tones – Book IV and Catastrophe of Meaning. The ensemble consists of electric bass, electric violin, cheap electric keyboard, and two percussionists playing vibraphone, marimba and drums.

From The Codega:

Thursday, October 20, 9pm
King King Hollywood, The Gypsy Room, 6555 Hollywood Blvd. (@ Whitley), Hollywood
The Codega presents The Fishtank Ensemble and friends, including AK and her Kalashnikovs, The Dustbowl Revival, Califa, and PLOTZ! More info available here.

From MetalJazz:

Thursday, October 20, 9pm
The Blue Whale, 123 Astronaut E S Onizuka St., Little Tokyo, downtown LA
* Tin Bag: Kris Tiner (trumpet), Mike Baggetta (guitar)
* The Walsh Set Trio: Brian Walsh (clarinet, bass clarinet), Trevor Anderies (drums), Colin Burgess (bass)
more information available here.

From FaceBook Events:

Friday, October 21, 8pm
Loyal Order of Moose, Glendale Lodge 641, 357 Arden Ave., Glendale
Open Gate Theatre and the Glendale Moose Lodge present, Tears of the Moosechaser
Born of wood and rusty metal and melding a slew of genres from Folk Bluegrass to Industrial Metal. TotM has become considered Avant-Americana, Apocalyptic Country, and a variety of other volatile things. Performing in this edition will be David Zink (guitar), and Dana Cooper (guitar), along with Tears of the Moosechaser players: Blanton Ross (vocals, composition, lyrics), Antony DiGennaro (composition, guitars, prepared instruments, vocals), Igor Korvolych (mandolin, mandocello), David Tranchina (bass), Ulrich Krieger (bass clarinet), Chris Stewart (violin, vocals), James Barry (cello), Daniel Corral (accordion),
Gabriel Deutsch (banjitar), Paul Fuller (banjo).

Friday, October 21, 8pm
Exhibit [A], 555 Pine Ave., Long Beach
Break the Mold series at Exhibit [A] presents:
Anthony Shadduck Double Quartet featuring the performance painting of Norton Wisdom
Tom McNalley (guitar), Brian Walsh (bass clarinet), Devin Hoff (contrabass), Alan Cook (drums), and
Jeff Kaiser (trumpet), Alex Sadnik (alto sax), Anthony Shadduck (contrabass), Ted Byrnes (drums), and
Norton Wisdom (performance painting).

From Sundays Live:

Friday, October 21, 8pm
Boston Court, 70 North Mentor Ave., Pasadena
Music At The Court presents: The New Sound of Silent Film
Classic Silent Film, F.W. Murnau’s “Nosferatu” (1922) with Live Score Performed by Bassist TOM PETERS

From the experimental music yearbook:

Friday, October 21, 8pm
BETALEVEL, 963 N. Hill St., Chinatown, downtown LA
the experimental music yearbook Concert 3 features performances by John Bischoff, Scott Cazan, GX Jupitter Larsen, and Mark Trayle.

Saturday, October 22, 8pm
the wulf, 1026 South Santa Fe Ave. #203, downtown LA
the experimental music yearbook Concert 4 features performances by Casey Anderson, John P. Hastings, Albert Ortega, and C. Spencer Yeh.

From FaceBook Events:

Saturday, October 22, 7pm
Tribal Cafe, 1651 W. Temple St. #A, Echo Park, LA
Creative Alarm Inventions: an evening of creative music curated by Jonathon Grasse
* 7:00pm – Other Criteria: Robert F. Leng (saxes), Tom Steck (drums, percussion)
* 8:10pm – Christian Rosales (sax), Steve Abbott (trumpet)
* 8:50pm – trio: Jonathon Grasse (guitar), Emily Hay (flute, vocals), Tom Steck (drums, percussion)
* 10:00pm – Scott Heustis (guitar), Breeze Smith (drums, percussion), Ben Rosenbloom (keys), Tony Atherton (sax), Ellen Burr (flute)
and other surprises throughout the evening!

From CalArts:

Saturday, October 22, 7pm
California Institute of the Arts, 24700 McBean Pkwy, Valencia
Wild Beast Concert Series presents Four Pianos and a Wedding
Two avant-garde classics: George Antheil’s Ballet Mécanique (1924) and Igor Stravinsky’s Les Noces (The Wedding, 1923).

From Sundays Live:

Saturday, October 22, 8pm
Boston Court, 70 North Mentor Ave., Pasadena
Music At The Court presents: California E.A.R. Unit
Vicky Ray (piano), Eric KM Clark (violin), Amy Knoles (percussion) performing new works by Macedonian composer Darija Andovska, Portuguese composer Miguel Azguime, Berlin’s Michael Maierhof, New York’s Lisa Coons, Rhode Island’s Todd Winkler, and CSULB faculty composer Alan Schockley.

From FaceBook Events:

Saturday, October 22, 8pm
Pieter Studio, 420 West Avenue 33 Unit 10, Lincoln Heights, LA
Open Gate Theatre presents an evening of improvisation, featuring:
Jie Ma (pipa), Alex Cline (percussion), Kio Griffith (video), Will Salmon (flute, voice, movement), Mitsu Salmon (movement, voice).


Sunday, October 23, 1pm (12:30 load-in)
Center for the Arts Eagle Rock, 2225 Colorado Blvd., Eagle Rock, LA
soundShoppe is a monthly unstructured sound workshop/noise jam for experimental musicians and sound artists presented by SASSAS and Center for the Arts, Eagle Rock.

From CalArts:

Monday, October 24, 2pm
California Institute of the Arts, Roy O. Disney Music Hall, 24700 McBean Pkwy, Valencia
The Jazz Performance program presents visiting artist Nicole Mitchell, as part of the Jazz Forum class.

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AMN Reviews: Adriano Orru – Hesperos

Adriano Orru: Hesperos (LBN011)

Hesperos is a new solo release from Sardinian double bassist Adriano Orru on the La Bel netlabel. The six pieces collected here are diverse in sound but unified at the conceptual level. What Orru has done is form each one around the idea of a winnowing down to fundamentals, quite literally: All six are constructed around the fundamental tone or tones of one of more open strings.

Whales opens the collection with sul ponticello bowing on multiple open strings. Orru creates brief sound events, separated by pauses, made up of harmonics or tone clusters frequently built around minor seconds. The piece culminates in waves of chords bowed in rocking motion over all four strings. A plucked open E string announces and anchors A sa muda, a six-beat lyrical piece with a Phrygian feel. This is followed by Hesperos, a percussive piece in which prepared open strings are struck in rapid rhythms. The aptly titled DEbEF is built around these four tones rooted on the open D string. The tetrachord is bowed with increasing speed, sounds smearing into each other to create accidental chords. Orru here uses sul ponticello bowing and a rapid tremolo to alter the timbre and durations of the notes. Halys begins with a rich bowed open A string and develops with the feel of an adagio, a lyrical line moving slowly over its chords. Whether plucked or bowed, the melody falls back on the simple refrain of the open A. The collection closes with the lengthy Cosmognia semplice, in which the open E string is struck rhythmically with beaters while metal objects and marbles are placed on the strings to rattling effect.

Orru’s album is lyrical at the same time that it is experimental. The idea of focusing each piece on an open string is a natural one for the bass, and here it is developed in ways that elicit a kind of singing—the results are not at all dry or abstract, as one might expect from an experiment rooted in such an a priori concept. This is a variety of idea art that doesn’t sacrifice the art for the idea.

New From Edgetone Records

From Edgetone Records:

Joe Lasqo – Turquoise Sessions

Turquoise Sessions from Joe Lasqo takes a fresh look at two of the world’s most powerful music cultures – India and Japan – through the lenses of 20th-century compositional/piano techniques and jazz improvisation and uses Asian musical forms to surprising effect on modernist material. The result is elegantly startling – ragas played in a style as if Debussy had lived in Mumbai and ancient Japanese shakuhachi and gagaku “standards” refracted through the serialist prisms of Messiaen, early Stockhausen, and Paul Bley. Reflecting a repertoire of Indo-Modernist and “Neo-Gaku” work pioneered in residency at San Francisco’s legendary Viracocha, Joe takes a unique approach to the combination of piano and Asian music that is a sound all his own.

Brains – Unloaded

“Unloaded” unravels from the bipolar fusion of Chris Golinski and Drew Ceccato. Their most recent ideo-motor outpouring serves up a journey of raw sonic viscera for the listener in three cathartic courses. Through timbre, texture and time – Brains’ improvisations wail forth in sheer acoustic spears that open ears to tame your unsuspecting reptilian brain.
Drew Ceccato – winds, Chris Golinski – percussion

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New From Angry Vegan and pfMentum

A new release from Iceland vs. Borneo is out on Angry Vegan.

“The tunes on Iceland vs. Borneo pulsate and ricochet and generally distort one’s inner ear, (in a good way)…like something the Terminator might want playing at his bachelor party. There’s a lot of technology-meets-nightmarish vocal distortions amid the undulating synthesizer effects here…complete with a Stephen Hawking meets Beastie Boys sampling Tangerine Dream type of rap narrative.” –Robert Bush

Also out is a new one from External Logic Machine (Kaiser/McNalley/Byrnes) on pfMENTUM.

For those in Southern California: The largest installment yet of The Jeff Kaiser Ockodektet will be performing at UC San Diego in the Conrad Prebys Music Center’s main concert hall.
Date: Saturday, November 19, Time: 8pm, Cost: Free!

The band will feature:
Sax: David Borgo, Vinny Golia, Andrew Pask, Tracy McMullen; Flute: Emily Hay; Trumpets: Dan Clucas, John Fumo, Brad Henkel, Kris Tiner; Tromnones: Michael Dessen, Michael Vlatkovich; Tuba: Jonathan Piper, William Roper; Keyboards and Theremin: Wayne Peet; Acoustic Guitar: Tom McNalley; Electric Contrabass Guitar: Steuart Liebig; Contrabass: Jim Connolly (also on musical saw), Mark Dresser; Percussion: Rich West and Brad Dutz. Conductor: Jeff Kaiser

Stream the Ockodektet albums here:

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