Taran's Free Jazz Hour, Podcast 32/2011

From Taran’s Free Jazz Hour, podcast 32/2011

scott amendola,
lift: Scott Amendola (drums), John Shifflett (bass), Jeff Parker (guitar)

lyric pieces: Martin Pickett’s regular trio augmented by two terrific brass players. Martin Pickett (piano), Steve Waterman (trumpet, flugelhorn), Mark Bassey (trombone), Paul Jefferies (double bass), Ben Twyford (drums).

tisza: Szilárd Mezei (viola), Ervin Malina (double bass), István Csik (drums, percussion).

domino’s tales: Marco Colonna (bass clarinet, bariton & soprano saxes), Francesco Lo Cascio (vibraphone, percussion) and Lillo Quaratino (double bass).

corrie van binsbergen
vier!: corrie en de grote brokken

lisbon berlin trio: Christian Lillinger (drums), Luís Lopes (guitar), Robert Landfermann (bass)

yoko miwa
yoko miwa trio: Yoko Miwa (piano), Chris Loughman (bass), Scott Goulding (drums).

dark tree records
pourtant les cimes des arbres: Daunik Lazro (baritone sax), Benjamin Duboc (contrabass), Didier Lasserre (caisse claire & cymbals).

porter records
tiresias: Louie Belogenis (sax), Sunny Murray (drums), and Michael Bisio (bass)

engine studios
secret handshake: Brian Settles (saxophone), Neil Podgurski (piano), Corcoran Holt (bass), Jeremy Carlstedt (drums), Jean Marie Collatin-Faye (percussion).

edgetone records
gristle and skin: Drew Ceccato (tenor sax), Chris Golinski (drums)

looking out looking in: Dom Minasi (guitar)

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