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Coming to Melbourne: Pimmon, Dale Gorfinkel, Tim Coster, A. Wallace. Tape Projects, 1/81 Bouverie St, Carlton, Saturday October 22, 8pm.

Les Rhinocéros has a Kickstarter project to fund an upcoming European tour.

The NY Times has an article featuring up and coming pianists Kris Davis and Matt Mitchell.

The latest release from Darius Jones, Big Gurl (Smell My Dream) is out on Aum Fidelity.

This week also marks the release of a John Coltrane tribute album by legendary Magma drummer Christian Vander.

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October 6, 2011
Anthony Braxton Diamond Curtain Wall Trio, Roulette
Anthony Braxton Mary Halvorson Taylor Ho Bynum

October 6, 2011
Anthony Braxton Tri-Centric Orchestra, Roulette
Aaron Siegel Angelica Sanchez Anthony Braxton Chris DiMeglio Chris McIntire Dan Blacksberg Dan Blake Jason Kao Hwang Jessica Pavone Josh Sinton Ken Filiano Mark Taylor Mary Halvorson Matt Bauder Nate Wooley Renee’ Baker Salim Washington Sarah Bernstein Taylor Ho Bynum Tomas Fujiwara

October 5, 2011
Anthony Braxton Composition 30, Roulette
Chris DiMeglio Cory Smythe

October 5, 2011
Anthony Braxton Falling River Music, Roulette
Anthony Braxton Ingrid Laubrock Renee’ Baker Sara Schoenbeck Shelley Burgon

October 5, 2011
Anthony Braxton Pine Top Aerial Music, Roulette
Anne Rhodes Anthony Braxton Matt Bauder Melanie Maar Rachel Bernsen Taylor Ho Bynum

October 4, 2011
Jon Irabagon & Mike Pride with Mick Barr I Don’t Hear Nothing But the Blues Trio, The Stone
Jon Irabagon Mick Barr Mike Pride

Taran's Free Jazz Hour, podcast 31/2011

Violinist Jason Kao Hwang performing on 18 Nov...
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From Taran’s Free Jazz Hour, podcast 31/2011

dan giorgetti
soundtrack of the BBC miniseries The Hour: composed by Daniel Giorgetti, performed by Jamie Talbot (sax, clarinet), Sam Burgess (bass), Simon Chamberlain (piano), Ian Thomas (drums), Chris Baron (vibes, percussion), Daniel Giorgetti (samples, programming)

cut a caper: Ig Henneman (viola, compositions), Ab Baars (tenor sax, clarinet, shakuhachi), Axel Dörner (trumpet), Lori Freedman (bass clarinet, clarinet), Wilbert de Joode (bass), Marilyn Lerner (piano)

jason kao hwang
unseen crossroads: Taylor Ho Bynum (cornet, flugelhorn), Andrew Drury (drum set), Ken Filiano (string bass), Jason Kao Hwang (composer, violin, viola)

geoff vidal
she likes that: Geoff Vidal (tenor sax)

jason kao hwang
symphony of souls: Composer, Conductor, Violin, Jason Kao with a large Hwang ensemble – line up info here

kris tiner | mike baggetta
bridges: Kris Tiner (trumpet), Mike Baggetta (guitar)

colin stranahan
anticipation: Colin Stranahan (drums), Glenn Zaleski (piano), Rick Rosato (bass)

yoram rosilio
ask the dust: Yoram Rosilio and the Anti Rubber Brain Factory

NO BUSINESS | red trio
empire: Rodrigo Pinhiero (piano), Hernani Faustino (bass), Gabriel Ferrandini (drums), with John Butcher (sax)

a new margin: Chad Taylor (drums), Håvard Wiik (piano), Ken Vandermark (tenor sax)

novela – arr. by Kris Davis: Andrew Hadro (bass), Ben Gerstein (trombone), Dan Peck (tuba), Joachim Badenhorst (bass clarinet), John Hollenbeck (drums), Kris Davis (piano), Michael Attias (alto sax), Ralph Alessi (trumpet), Tony Malaby (tenor sax)

moersbow/ozzo: Scott Fields & Multiple Joyce Orchestra

unknown skies: Rob Brown (alto sax), Craig Taborn (piano), Nasheet Waits (drums)

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Musique Machine Reviews

Death in June

From Musique Machine:

Mika Vainio – Life (…It Eats You Up)
Balam Acab – Wander Wonder
The Haters / Hal Hutchinson – Xylowave 2010 / Amplifaction II
Coti – Onda
Control – Deadly Sins
Fennesz – Seven Stars
Askell Groc’hen. – Cri
The Sandman Wears A Mask – Zel
LOTAO – In Nomine Diabolus
Death In June – DISCriminate
Churner – Eruption of the Missing
Chloë – Untitled
Maplug – Bed Drifters

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