Avant Ghetto Presents: Container, Unicorn Hard-On, Laser Poodle, Moemlien

From Brooklyn’s Avant Ghetto:

October 24th 9pm
Public Assembly
70 North 6th Street
Brooklyn, NY 11211


Container is Nashville, TN resident Ren Schofield’s experimental excursion into the world of beat oriented electronic music. Container’s first full length album was just released on the Cleveland/Vienna based label Spectrum Spools and has triggered response such as: “like Surgeon on DMT covering Cybotron jams with a bubble machine”, and “Container has created a twisted, time-warping and insolently fucked lo-fi techno record that has to rank among the very best full-length statements of 2011.”


For many years now Unicorn Hard-On has been infiltrating the American and European underground with her unusual style of animal inspired electronic dance music. Incorporating elements of techno, industrial, noise, and synth pop, four sequenced Electribes are used to create eerie backgrounds of tonal interference, glittering splashes of synth, and gradually multiplying pulsing beats, forming a wall of mutated dance madness.


Two kids who hooked up their electronic wizardry are challenging
the boundaries of electronic dance music. In form of an organic, constantly shapeshifting pulse, played on a pile of electronics and drum machines, Laser Poodle is a sweet late night stroboscopic trip. Laser Poodle is Amsterdam based Fyoelk (Germany) and Yellow Galactic Human (Denmark).


is the solo project of Hannah from Amsterdam. She is exploring the many sides of the cassette tape as a medium for capturing and manipulation of sounds. Fieldrecordings and melodic sequences are layered into uplifting sonic spheres of the extraterrestrial kind, with a warm and open feel to them. In her adventures she uses electronics, toy keyboards, violoncello, various acoustic objects & instruments and voice. Hannah is also playing in the free music group Cotopaxi (with Fyoelk), who have toured in Europe and the United States. They are organizing concerts in Amsterdam as the “Hallo Gallo” collective.