Ikue Mori

Mark Polscher’s THE POMEGRANATE TREE, a 64-channel sound installation of electronic music and voices, will premiere 14th October 2011, 8pm at the State Museum of Egyptian Art, Munich/Germany.

We’re a little late on this one: the September Point of Departure is out.

And, speaking of web-zines, the latest issue of Monk Mink Pink Punk is also out.

The latest releases from New Braxton House are out: Trio (Wesleyan) 2005 and Quartet (Mannheim) 2010. Both are examples of Diamond Curtain Wall Music (improvisation with interactive electronics) using Falling River Music (graphic scores). So far, I’ve heard the former and it is just plain excellent.

ugEXPLODE has launched a blog.

ISIM Proposal Deadline Extension: The deadline for proposals for the 6th annual International Society for Improvised Music conference and festival has been extended to October 4. The event, to be held at William Patterson University in Wayne, New Jersey, February 16-19, 2012, will feature performances by leading improvising musicians. Keynote artists and performers will include Pyeng Threadgill and trio; David S. Ware and Muhammad Ali; Ikue Mori, Sylvie Courvoisier and Susie Ibarra; Mulgrew Miller; Robert Dick and Tom Buckner; Karl Berger with University of Michigan Creative Arts Orchestra.

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