Red Light New Music Show in New York, October 3rd

From Red Light New Music:

New York City-based composer collective and new music ensemble
presents its FIRST MAINSTAGE CONCERT of the 2011/2012 SEASON

8pm MONDAY OCTOBER 3, 2011

8pm Monday, October 3, 2011, the enterprising composer collective and new music ensemble RED LIGHT NEW MUSIC, presents IN A LANDSCAPE: MUSIC AS A MAP, the first of three mainstage performances at New York City’s pre-eminent multi-disciplinary performing arts center, PETER NORTON SYMPHONY SPACE’s LEONARD NIMOY THALIA.

VINCENT RAIKHEL: Cirques and Moraines (world premiere)
CHRISTOPHER CERRONE: The Night Mare (world premiere)
CHAYA CZERNOWIN: Lovesong (NYC Premiere)

Curated by the directors of Red Light New Music, Scott Wollschleger, Liam Robinson, Vincent Raikhel and Christopher Cerrone, and led by conductor Ted Hearne, IN A LANDSCAPE: MUSIC AS A MAP brings the audience on a musical journey into natural and imagined landscapes, and relationships of influence and time.

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AMN Picks of the Week

Led Bib at the Vortex 10/4/07

Here is where I post, at a frequency of about once a week, a list of the new music that has caught my attention that week. All of the releases listed below I’ve heard for the first time this week and come recommended.

Vinny Golia Quartet – Take Your Time (2011)
Led Bib – Arboretum (2005)
Led Bib – Sensible Shoes (2009)
Tyshawn Sorey – Oblique – I (2011)
Amir ElSaffar / Hafez Modirzadeh – Randif Suite (2010)

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AMN Reviews: Carl Testa – Solos/Trios (Carl Testa Music)

This recent download release by New Haven, Connecticut based composer and multi-instrumentalist Carl Testa provides a good introduction to his work in the solo and small group formats. Testa, who organizes New Haven’s Uncertainty Music Series, performs in a variety of projects on electronics, double bass and bass clarinet; Solos/Trios finds him creating sounds on the former two platforms.

The album begins with Testa embarking on four brief and varied excursions into electronic improvisation, recorded live at Brown Rice in Chicago on 16 February, 2010. “Electronics 1” uses synthesizer and processed sounds of appliances, creating a surging and burbling foundation supporting sounds reminiscent of mallet percussion. The emulated game system sounds of “Electronics 2” make for bursts of distortion sounding like a gaming arcade gone mad. “Electronics 3,” described as an improvisation for “wavering electronics,” throws out wobbling tones in upper and lower registers, while “Electronics 4” exploits low frequency sounds to set up a throbbing drone that occasionally mimics a bass drum.

The electronic pieces are followed by two group improvisations for a trio consisting of Testa on double bass, Nick Broste on trombone and Jeff Kimmel on bass clarinet. Without a harmony instrument to provide a chordal background, the clarity of the three intertwining lines can assert itself, as ad hoc harmonies emerge and disperse spontaneously as artifacts of free counterpoint; the instrumentalists find and create their own rhythms as the flow of their interlocking melodies allow. Each trio improvisation allows individual space for Testa, Broste and Kimmel, creating a low-density sound that evokes the openness of modernist chamber music, albeit with a strong jazz flavor. The two trio performances are thoughtful and evocative, with the combination of the three lower-registered instruments—the winds contrasting with Testa’s pizzicato bass–creating an introspective, chiaroscuro atmosphere.

The closing piece is an improvisation for solo double bass that, like the trio improvisations, was recorded live at Elastic Arts in Chicago in February 2010. Testa begins with sul ponticello bowing on open strings to pull a bright set of overtones from the bass, creating pulsing drones marked by variable shadings of color; tension builds with an irregular vibrato leading to slashes of discordant and consonant stacked tones, culminating in washes of harmonics.


From Troy NY’s EMPAC:

Friday, October 7, 8 PM
Studio 2
Troy, NY
$18 general admission / $13 students + seniors

Presenting international works across the spectrum of electronic music, this concert highlights selections from this year’s eighth annual AKOUSMA festival in Montréal. Pierre-Yves Macé (France), France Jobin (Canada), Horacio Vaggione (France/Argentina), and Louis Dufort (Canada) will be interpreting their works live over a 16-speaker system surrounding the audience.

AKOUSMA is produced by Réseaux, a composer-run organization dedicated to presenting and commissioning electroacoustic music since 1991. Montréal is the North American hub for electronic music, offering a wide range of festivals spanning dance music, acoustics research, and everything in between.

France Jobin, aka i8u, is a sound/installation/web artist and curator. Her extensive solo and collaborative work has been featured in web work/installations and various music and new technology festivals across North America and Europe.

Pierre-Yves Macé is a French musician whose music encompasses improvisation on machines, a background in piano and classical percussion, jazz-rock/prog-rock bands, dance accompaniments, and an interest in literature and musicology.

Horacio Vaggione is an Argentinian-born electroacoustic and musique concrète composer who specializes in micromontage, granular synthesis, and microsound, and whose pieces often are for performer and computer?generated tape.

Composer Louis Dufort’s music ranges from a cathartic form of expressionism to a focus on the inner structure of sound matter. Named artistic director of Réseaux in 2010, he begins his first season with a concert at EMPAC.

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Joe McPhee's Trio X, and Andrew Cyrille, Elliott Sharp, & Richard Teitelbaum in NY

Joe McPhee

From Interpretations:

Joe McPhee Trio X: EROC TINU
Andrew Cyrille, Elliott Sharp, & Richard Teitelbaum

Thursday October 13, 2011
8PM at Roulette, in Downtown Brooklyn!
509 Atlantic Ave (corner of Atlantic and 3rd Ave)

Dynamic new projects from two of New York’s most esteemed jazz visionaries. Joe McPhee’s long-standing and influential Trio X (with Dominic Duvall and Jay Rosen) presents EROC TINU, a tribute to Cecil Taylor (with guests Steve Dalachinsky, Hilliard Greene, and Roy Campbell). Drummer/composer Andrew Cyrille will present a new collaborative trio with Elliott Sharp on guitar and Richard Teitelbaum on synthesizers.

Trio X consists of three like-minded improvisers Joe McPhee (Saxophone, trumpet), Dominic Duval (Bass), and Jay Rosen (Drums). Sharing an affinity for popular jazz standards, the trio’s musical repertoire is on one hand influenced by the likes of Thelonius Monk, Ornette Coleman, and Freddie Hubbard, and the other refined by the avant-garde sensibilities of their contemporary musical practice. The three members have performed with a variety of musicians, including Evan Parker, Cecil Taylor, William Parker, Steve Swell, Sonny Simmons, Anthony Braxton, and Charles Gayle. They have released a number of recordings on the CIMP and Cadence Jazz Records labels and continue to receive critical acclaim for their live concerts and festival appearances.

Andrew Cyrille is perhaps the preeminent free-jazz percussionist of the 1980s and ’90s. Few drummers play with a tenth of Cyrille’s grace and authority. His energy is unflagging, his power absolute, tempered only by an ever-present sense of propriety. This trio with iconoclastic guitarist Elliott Sharp and electronic music pioneer Richard Teitelbaum will provide a new perspective on these three artists’ work: a conversation from sources provided by the instruments and improvisational minds of three true innovators.

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