Tonight in Madison

Short notice on a show tonight in Madison, from Surrounded by Reality Music:

Mark Snyder — clarinet, tuba, accordion, electronics, video!

Mark is on tour from Virginia, where he lives and teaches. He’s also touring with another clarinetist, which is pretty cool. His music is really beautiful and moving. More at his website:

Jeff Herriott/Trevor Saint duo — electronics/glockenspiel

Jeff is an improvisor and composer who crafts beautiful and complex spaces; Trevor is a great percussionist who is working to expand the repertoire for the glockenspiel.

Gregory Taylor — electronics

Gregory is a secret celebrity in Madison. His work with Max/MSP has pioneered a lot of areas in electronic music, and he has performed his music around the world, and been featured often on WNYC’s New Sounds program. He is also known for his show on Sunday nights on WORT, RTQE.

Weather Duo

In our first real show since the departure of our video artist, Anna, we have been developing a set of all-new material for this performance. We’re excited to debut it for you!

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The Music and New Media Festival starts October 5 in Pittsburgh, and features performances by Battles, Wolf Eyes, and Zombi.

Mat Maneri will be playing a series of shows at The Stone in NY: 10/11 Tuesday, 8 pm Mat Maneri (viola) Kris Davis (piano) Ingrid Laubrock (sax), 10/11 Tuesday, 10 pm, Mat Maneri (viola) Ed Schuller (bass) Randy Peterson (drums), 10/12 Wednesday, 8 pm, Mat Maneri (viola) Matt Moran (vibes) Garth Stevenson (bass) Randy Peterson (drums), 10/12 Wednesday, 10 pm, Mat Maneri (viola) Lucian Ban (piano) John Herbert (bass) Gerald Gleaver (drums).

Locrian’s new release, The Clearing, will be out soon on Fan Death Records.

Chicago’s Ensemble Dal Niente performs Thursday, October 20, 2011, 7:30pm at Nichols Concert Hall in Evanston, Illinois, including the following pieces: CHAYA CZERNOWIN (b.1957) – Lovesong (2010) for ensemble, EDGAR GUZMAN (b.1981) – After Tomorrow (2011) for solo amplified saxophone (WORLD PREMIERE), KIRSTEN BROBERG (b.1979) – Aether (2011) for horn, cello, and percussion (WORLD PREMIERE), EDWARD HAMEL (b.1984) – Countenance (2011) for ensemble (WORLD PREMIERE), ENNO POPPE (b.1969) – Salz (2005) for ensemble.

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Free Jazz Blog Reviews

From Free Jazz:

Peter Evans & Nate Wooley – High Society (Carrier Records, 2011) *****
Lucio Capece & Birgit Ulher – Choices (Another Timbre, 2011) ****
Taylor Ho Bynum, Joe Morris, Sara Schoenbeck – Next (Porter Records, 2011) ****
Jennifer Allum & Eddie Prévost – Penumbrae (Matchless, 2011) ****
Ernesto Rodriguez – Suspensão (Creative Sources, 2011) ****
Kim Myhr – Live at Ringve Museum (Audition Records, 2011) ****
Silencers – Balance Des Blancs (Sofa, 2011) ****
Michel Doneda, Jonas Kocher, Christoph Schiller – Grape Skin (Another Timbre, 2011) ****
Premier Roeles – Ka Da Ver (Vindu Music, 2011) ***
My Silence – It Only Happens At Night (482 music, 2011) ****
Thomas Heberer’s Clarino – Klippe (Clean Feed, 2011) ****½
Joe Hertenstein, Thomas Heberer, Joachim Badenhorst, Pascal Niggenkemper – Polylemma (Red Toucan, 2011) ****½

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This Weekend at the Super Coda

From New York’s Super Coda:

THURSDAY 9/29. The Super Coda and Joey Molinaro present The Pseudo-Coda. 8pm til midnight at Don Pedro’s in Bushwick. 90 Manhattan ave.

Featuring performances by:

Have you heard Joey? You need to hear Joey. Jane hails all the way from Montreal where she does many many life-affirming things, bringing artists together. Come hear Jane. Come be lulled by Candles of Paradise. Come hear Valerie rant.

FRIDAY 9/30. The Super Coda at The Mixology Cellar. Downstairs at the Cutting Room in Williamsburg. 44 Berry. 8-11:30. Ian Colletti and I host and think up phantom concoctions of the alcoholic variety all night.

Featuring performances by:

SATURDAY 10/1. Night of Clutter at Funkadelic Studios. This is the biggest music party you will ever witness. It is interactive. It is labrynthine. Like if electronic musicians and avant-garde instigators took over Studio 54.

Here’s the Facebook invite. Several past and present Super Coda artists are involved.

Ned Rothenberg Quintet + Ben Opie Ensemble + Anthony Braxton LP Release in Pittsburgh

Ned Rothenberg

From Pittsburgh New Music Net:

Ned Rothenberg & Mivos Quartet
Ben Opie Ensemble
Anthony Braxton LP release
Wednesday October 19 8 pm all ages welcome
Frick Fine Arts Auditorium, University of Pittsburgh
$15 at the door. $10 advance at Paul’s CDs, Caliban
Books, William Pitt Union Box Office, Dave’s Music
Mine, and The Exchange (Squirrel Hill, Downtown).

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