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From the Vision Festival people:

September 18

6 BC Garden – 6th street between Avenue B & C

1.45 pm – Max Johnson Trio
Max Johnson – bass
Kirk Knuffke – cornet
Ziv Ravitz – drums
2.40 pm – Diana Wayburn Trio
Diana Wayburn – flute/cello/composition
Ken Silverman – guitar
Andy O’Neill – percussion
3.15 pm – Solo de Basse Accompagné
Francois Grillot – bass
David Miller – vibraphone, percussion
4.00 pm – Blood Trio
Mike Bisio – bass
Whit Dickey – drums
Sabir Mateen – winds

September 25

East Fourth Street Community Garden -btwn Fort Hamilton Parkway & Caton Ave., Windsor Terrace, Brooklyn

2.00 pm – Voice
Seung Hee Han – vocal
Areni Agbabian – vocal
Emilie Weibel – vocal
Jean Carla Rodea – vocal
Emma Alabaster – vocal & bass
3.15 pm – Devin Gray Group
3.30 pm – TBC

6 BC Garden –
6th street between Avenue B & C

2.00 pm Zak Sherzad & Friends
2.40 pm – The ZenBeatz
Albey Bogachian – bass
Jane Grenier B – words
3.20 pm – Valerie Kuehne Solo
Valerie Kuehne – cello, voice
4.10 pm – Ingrid Laubrock Quartet
Ingrid Laubrock – saxophone
Ben Gerstein – trombone
Dan Peck – tuba
Tom Rainey – drums

October 1

Children’s Magical Garden de Carmen Rubio – Norfolk and Stanton

2.00 pm – Po’Jazz: Poetry In Partnership with Jazz
Golda Soloman – words
Michael T.A.Thompson – sound rhythium
2.40 pm -TBA
3.30 pm – Imersion
Patricia Nicholson – dance
Cooper-Moore – homemade instrument
4 15 pm – Darius Jones Duo
Darius Jones – saxophone
Ben Gerstein – Trombone

October 2

6 BC Garden – 6th street between Avenue B & C

2.00 pm – Qasim Naqvi – solo
2.40 pm – Michael TA Thompson Trio
3.20 pm – Drum Trio
Qasim Naqvi – drums
Michael Thompson – drums
Juan Pablo Carletti – drums
4.10 pm – Juan Pablo Carletti duo
Juan Pablo Carletti – drums
Daniel Levin – cello

East Fourth Street Community Garden – btwn Fort Hamilton Parkway & Caton Ave., Windsor Terrace, Brooklyn

2.00 pm – Brian Drye group
3.15 pm – Akiko Pavolka (vc) and Matt Pavolka (bass)
3.30 pm – Vincent Sperrazza group

October 8

Children’s Magical Garden de Carmen Rubio – Norfolk and Stanton

2.00 pm – 22
Matt Lavelle – Trumpet & Bass Clarinet
Catherine Sikora : Tenor & soprano sax
2.40 pm – Roy Campbell Solo
Roy Campbell
3.20 pm – TBA
4.10 pm – Steve Swell Solo
Steve Swell – trombone

October 9

Dias Y Flores – 13th Street between Ave. A & B

2.00 pm – Tiffany Chang Group
2.40 pm – Mazz Muse Solo
Mazz Muze – violin
3.20 pm – Reut Regev Duo
Reut Regev – trombone
Igal Foni – drums
4.10 pm – Jessica Jones Duo

October 15

Children’s Magical Garden de Carmen Rubio – Norfolk and Stanton

2.00 pm – Seth Meicht Duo
2.40 pm – Ras Moshe & Shayna Dulberger duo
3.30 pm – Avram Fefer Trio + 2TBA
4.15 pm – Rob Brown – solo set

October 16

Dias Y Flores – 13th Street between Ave. A & B

2.00 pm – Dom Minasi – Solo
2.50 pm – TBA
3.30 pm – Anders Nilsson – solo
4.15 pm – Bradley Farberman

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The Squid's Ear Reviews

John Cage

From The Squid’s Ear:

Tatsuya Nakatani & Michel Doneda – White Stone Black Lamp (Nakatani-Kobo)
Nate Wooley Quintet – Put Your Hands Together (Clean Feed Records)
Cogburn / Jones / Rainey – Arena Ladridos (Another Timbre)
John Butcher / Rhodri Davies – Carliol (Ftarri)
Hirose Junji – The Elements (Doubtmusic)
John Cage – Four4 (Allen / Burn / Patterson / Wastell) (Another Timbre)

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Coming to the Vortex Jazz Club

From London’s Vortex:

Sunday 18 | 8.30pm

Winters / Marshall / Adato
The fine voice of Portia Winters and the percussion / electronics forays of Illi Adato are joined by the astounding, and much in-demand tuba player Oren Marshall. A Mopomoso debut for this established trio, well known to the London free improvisation scene, they promise a music of energy, colour and lightness of touch.

Sylvia Hallett solo
Sylvia Hallett is a violinist who works both as a composer and as an improviser, and has had pieces performed in Britain and Europe including work for a.o BBC Radio Plays, The Royal Shakespeare Company, The Young Vic and with dancer / choreographers Miranda Tufnell, From Here to Eternity, Eva Karczag and live art puppeteers DooCot.

The Haman Quintet
Welcome UK debut for this Berlin based quintet – Alison Blunt (violin), Anna Kaluza & Manuel Miethe (sax), Horst Nonnenmacher (bass) an Nikolai Meinhold (piano) – whose collective CVs range from Sam Rivers to the Linchopinger Symphoniker and Paul Bley to the Berlin Improvisers Orchestra taking in cabaret, dance, film and theatre music along the way. Intellegent broad canvas free improvisation to delight the imagination.


Tuesday 20 | 8.30pm | £7 adv / £8 door | Book online

Hanslip, Hurley, Sanders

Comprising two of the new generation of UK improvisers – Mark Hanslip (saxophone) and Mike Hurley (piano), along with Mark Sanders (drums), one of the established masters in the field, the three members’ diverse musical backgrounds combine to create an intense, free-flowing and melodic music that defies easy categorization. Mark Hanslip (tenor saxophone) is… “Rapidly becoming one of the more original voices on the London improv scene” (Daniel Spicer, BBC Music).


Wednesday 21 | 8.30pm

Hadouk Trio

After the success of the albums ‘Utopies’ and ‘Baldamore’, and having been awarded the prestigious prize ‘Victoires de la Musique Jazz’ in 2008, Hadouk Trio is back with a new album, ‘Air Hadouk’. Didier Malherbe (doudouk, soprano saxophone, khen & flute), Loy Ehrlich (hajouj, gumbass, keyboards, kora) and Steve Shehan (percussion, djembe, hang), follow in the footsteps of Hermann Melville and Saint Exupéry, Hadouk give us escapism. Thus the khen, (Laotian mouth organ), is wrapped in electrical energy, the hang, (steel drum), enters into the world of chromaticism – the doudouk steps into of the shoes of jazz – le hajouj, a bass originally from the desert made from camel skin, becomes a piccolo, while the bahu flute, with its free Chinese reed, creates a wave of movement.


Thursday 22 | 8.30pm

Grutronic & Evan Parker

Celebrating the release of the new CD “Together in Zero Space”, on the psi label, ‘Grutronic combines electronic and acoustic sound to create a textured, shifting soundscape, bringing many different influences to the music – contemporary classical, free jazz, improvisation, funk and abstract electronica. Stephen Grew (keyboards / processing), Richard Scott (WiGi / Buchla Lighting / Blippoo Box), Nicholas Grew (transduction), David Ross (drosscillator) and Evan Parker (soprano saxophone).

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Jean Derome helps kick off 2011 Off Jazz Fest

Jean Derome performing at the Guelph Jazz Festival
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From the Montreal Gazette:

Spontaneous, audacious, innovative, passionate, and free.
These are among the adjectives used by organizers Wednesday to describe the nine-day Off Jazz Festival as they unveiled the program that begins Friday, Oct. 7. This year’s theme is rediscovering childhood innocence, the challenge for 180 musicians playing 27 concerts at nine city venues. A mix of written, or charted, and improvised music, the festival is a showcase for local musicians and their creative energy.

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