Xavier Le Roy's More Mouvements für Lachenmann

From Philadelphia’s Bowerbird:

September 16th + 17th (friday and saturday)

Co-presented with the 2011 Live Arts Festival.
Post-show discussion on Sept 16 with Xavier Le Roy introduced by Dustin Hurt, director of Bowerbird.

@the Arts Bank
601 South Broad Street
Philadelphia, PA 19147

8:00pm; $25

Something between dance, music and theater, More Mouvements für Lachenmann is French choreographer Xavier Le Roy’s poetic and fascinating version of a contemporary music concert from the point of view of someone obsessed with movement. This dance for eight extraordinary virtuoso musicians, including members of the Austrian new music ensemble Klangforum Wien, breaks down the work of making music by uncoupling sounds and movements, sonic events and silences, actions and stillness. More Mouvements includes the Lachenmann works “Pression,” “Salut für Caudwell,” and “Gran Torso.”

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2011 Sonic Circuits Festival

Terry Riley
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The 2011 Sonic Circuits Festival takes place this week in DC.

Thursday September 15 – The Mansion at Strathmore 8pm | $12
Okkyung Lee
Unmediated: Movement + Sound – Sharon Mansur & Daniel Burkholder (dance) with Cory O’Brien, Luke Stewart, Paul Neidhardt (music)

Friday September 16 – Pyramid Atlantic 8:30pm | $12
The Haters
Les Rhinocéros
Infant Factory
Rind (Doug Stailey & Beau Finley)

Saturday September 17 – Veterans Plaza 5pm | FREE
Anthony Pirog conducts Terry Riley‘s “In C”
Jocelyn Frank – oboe
Aaron Martin Jr. – Alto Sax
Rob Muncy – Tenor Sax
Rebecca Steele – Viola
Erin Flynn – Viola
Janel Leppin – Cello
Leo Svirsky – synth
Anthony Pirog – Guitar
Larry Ferguson – Vibraphone
Carrie Ferguson – Glockenspiel
John Steel – Acoustic Bass
Kevin Pace- Acoustic Bass
Daniel Barbiero – Acoustic Bass
Kenny Pirog – Pitched Rhythm

Saturday September 17 – Pyramid Atlantic 7pm | $15
Sudden Infant
N Ensemble – (Bjornar Habbestad – flute, electronics, noise, Nicolas Field – drum kit, Jeff Carey – the usual, Will Redman – drum kit, Marc Miller – guitar, John Dierker – Sax)
Prehistoric Horse
nine_strings_trio + movement
Safe, Fast & Effective

Sunday September 18 – Veterans Plaza 3pm | FREE
Silver Spring Sound Machine curated by Layne Garrett
Public collective creation/construction/performance of a large rolling sound sculpture/junk instrument. Bring resonant objects, fishing line, twine, scrap wood, rubber bands, cheap battery powered cassette recorders, hinges, pulleys, percussion mallets, screwdrivers, children, friends, etc. Afterwards we will drive/ride/push/play this thing around the neighborhood. For more info or to help out please email laynegarrett(AT)questionthetruth(DOT)com

Sunday September 18 – Pyramid Atlantic 7pm | $15
The Voltage Spooks (Keith Rowe, Rick Reed, Mike Haleta)
John Butcher
Janel Leppin, Samita Singha & Julia Ulehla
Jesse Kudler & Ian Fraser
Barn Owl

Festival Pass: $50, $40 students w/ID

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Out on Erstwhile Records

From Erstwhile Records:

Taku Unami/Takahiro Kawaguchi – Teatro Assente
Toshimaru Nakamura – Maruto

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