Twelfth Annual San Francisco Electronic Music Festival


Thursday, September 8th, 7 PM
An evening of live and fixed media works for sound and video including works by Les Stuck & Sonsherée Giles, Sarah Howe, Tim Perkis/ Tom Djll, Alba G. Corral / Kadet Kuhne, and a performance of Milton Babbitt’s “Philomel” by Dina Emerson.

Friday September 9th, 8 PM
Brava Theater Center:
Christian Marclay feat. Shelley Hirsch

Zachary James Watkins

Jessica Rylan

Saturday September 10th, 8 PM
Brava Theater Center:

Yoshi Wada and Tashi Wada


Area C

Max Mathews tribute (with Marielle Jakobsons)

Sunday September 11th, 8PM
Brava Theater Center:

Kevin Drumm

J.D. Emmanuel

Gregg Kowalsky

Tickets and info:

Brava Theater 2781 24th St, San Francisco

SFMoMA Phillis Wattis Theater 151 Third St, San Francisco