Upcoming Seattle Shows

From Seattle’s Wayward Music:

FRI. 8/19, 8 PM – Larry Karush performs “The Wheel”, a large scale work for solo piano – very interesting mixture of composition and improvisation, new music/world music/jazz

THU. 8/25, 7:30 PM – new Seattle ensemble The Box Is Empty perform Andriessen’s “Worker’s Union” and rarely heard “De Volharding”

SAT. 8/27, 8 PM – Neume (Jenny Ziefel/Paul Hoskin/Jesse Canterbury), clarinet trio improvisations

FRI. 9/2, 8 PM – Seattle Composers’ Salon, music by Sean Osborn, Keith Eisenbrey, John Teske, Paul Gillespie

THU. 9/8 – New Zealand solo guitarist Nigel Gavin

FRI. 9/9, 8 PM – Composer Nathaniel Evans presents new works for percussionist Dale Speicher

THU. 9/15 – Monktail Composers Series #6 – Artists TBA

SAT. 9/17 – Paul Hoskin’s annual solo contrabass clarinet concert

SAT. 9/24, 8 PM – pianist Tiffany Lin, trumpeter Lesli Dalaba, violinist Tari Nelson-Zagar

WED. 9/28 – composer Tom Baker premiers his new string quartet

SAT. 9/30 – Eric Barber, solo saxophone

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Jenny Scheinman's Mischief And Mayhem: Live Webcast Tonight

Jenny Scheinman
Cover of Jenny Scheinman

From NPR.org:

Composer and violinist Jenny Scheinman has a new band called Mischief and Mayhem. Perhaps the mischief part comes where hazy, dreamy grooves from the Heartland meet the experimental jazz quirks of Brooklyn. Certainly, it’s a band capable of raucous and rocking mayhem, thanks in part to the presence of Nels Cline, the man Wilco hired to perform its guitar freakouts. Whatever the etymology, Scheinman and the band are soon to embark on another week at the hallowed jazz hall known as the Village Vanguard. WBGO and NPR Music will be there for a live radio broadcast and live video webcast on Wednesday, Aug. 17 at 9 p.m. ET. Check this page for a link to the video and live chat.

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Pi Recordings, a Jazz Label, Finds a Way to Thrive

Mark Dresser
Cover of Mark Dresser

From NYTimes.com:

Small but significant, with a recent track record that includes some of the most acclaimed releases in jazz, Pi is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, in typical style. “The Mancy of Sound,” Mr. Coleman’s sharp new album with Five Elements, was released in late July; “Synastry,” a chamberlike duo outing by Ms. Shyu and the bassist Mark Dresser, is due out next week; and Mr. Sorey will make his label debut as a bandleader in September, with “Oblique 1,” a state-of-the-art quintet album. And from Wednesday through the end of August, Pi has programmed the Stone in the East Village, featuring artists either on the label’s roster or just one degree of separation away.

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Zappanale Fest in Germany This Week

Frank Zappa and Ike Willis, Memorial Auditoriu...
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At Zappanale, highlights include Doctor Nerve, Jono El Grande, Plastic People of the Universe, Gary Lucas, and more:

Wednesday August 17, 2011 – Kamp
05:00 p.m. Killmenoc
06:30 p.m. Oozing Goo
07:30 p.m. SoundSchleuder
08:00 p.m. Hot Fur

07:00 p.m. Fritz Rau / Jürgen Schwab: Begegnungen – cancelled
09:00 p.m. Film The Face of Don – a tribute to Captain Beefheart

Thursday August 18, 2011 – Kamp

04:00 p.m. ZAPPNOISE
05:00 p.m. Evil Dick
06:00 p.m. SoundSchleuder
06:30 p.m. Tonlast – Film The Face of Don – a tribute to Captain Beefheart
08:45 p.m. Die Reise

07:00 p.m. Jörg Wulf – Film The sickness never stops – Part II
07:45 p.m. Co de Kloet und Gary Lucas: I Have A Cat

Friday August 19, 2011 – Kamp (Cinema)

01:00 p.m. Jim Cohen

Festival grounds- Main Stage

01:00 p.m. Terence Hansen
03:15 p.m. The Yellow Snow Crystals
05:00 p.m. Doctor Nerve
07:30 p.m. Essra Mohawk – Sandro Oliva
09:45 p.m. Project/Object feat. Ike Willis / Ray White
00:00 a.m. Hot Fur

Truck Stage

12:15 p.m. Panama Picture
02:30 p.m. Satyre
04:30 p.m. SoundSchleuder
06:30 p.m. Ben Watson Quiz
09:00 p.m. Tante Tofu
11:15 p.m. Glasscage

Saturday August 20, 2011 – Festival grounds

Main Stage

12:30 p.m. The Vegetarians
02:15 p.m. Jono El Grande
04:15 p.m. FIDO plays Zappa
06:30 p.m. Colosseum
09:15 p.m. Raoul Petite
00:15 a.m. Lazuli

Truck Stage

12:15 p.m. Bob & Ben Show (Green Tent)
03:30 p.m. Tante Tofu
05:45 p.m. Doctor Nerve
08.30 p.m. Ellenschneider
11:30 p.m. Die Reise
02:00 Session

Sunday August 21, .2011 – Festival grounds

Main Stage

11:30 a.m. Gary Lucas
12:00 a.m. Evil Dick
02:00 p.m. The Plastic People of the Universe
04:00 p.m. Jazzhunde feat. Chris Oppermann / Project/Object
06:15 p.m. Eddie Jobson Band
08:00 p.m. Goodbye to Zappanale #23 Session

Truck Stage

11:30 a.m. Tante Tofu
01:30 p.m. Revelation Ben Watson Quiz
05:30 p.m. Gary Lucas
09:30 p.m. Tonlast – Film The Face of Don – a tribute to Captain Beefheart

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Mary Halvorson's Sharpened Axe to Grind

Image by andynew via Flickr

From WSJ.com:

Apocryphal tales of classic recording sessions suggest that the making of your favorite album was either a case of destiny or near-catastrophe. Things are a tad less dramatic for jazz guitarist Mary Halvorson. Plugging in recently for a two-day session at Firehouse 12, a performance venue with an in-house studio in downtown New Haven, Conn., Ms. Halvorson was a model of sunny composure.

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