This Week at the Super Coda

From New York’s Super Coda:

TUESDAY, 8/16.  8-11ish.  Triple Bill featuring:

VUK:  From Finland.  She is a rare gem, people.
Here’s the promo video she did for tomorrow’s show:

ME:  Jonti Siman (bass), Rohin Khemani (tabla), Jonathan Goldberger (guitar)

Jeremy Gustin/Ben Davis/Xander Naylor (3 of the most talented and generous musicians I have ever known, also all members of the Rex Complex).

WEDNESDAY, 8/17.  7:30-11ish.  Jason Anthony Harris continues his August Residency.  this week featuring:

Robert Pepper/Brian Orlin – guitar and electronics duo

Ruben Sindo Acosta – of Afuche.

and of course Jason –

THURSDAY, 8/18.  8-11ish.  Extreme Triple Bill.  Featuring:

Danny Sher Quartet – Ravis Reuter (guitar), Evan Gregor (bass), Jeremy Viner (tenor sax), Danny Sher (drums)


Jitensha – Omer Shemesh (piano), Nick Tardiff (bass).  FYI:  In addition to composing polyrhythmic, oddly ambient free jazz loops for Jintensha, Omer tours as a Polka Singer.  Come ask him about this.

FRIDAY, 8/19.  8-midnight.  INSANE Night of Music featuring:

COOL MEMORIES (Chicago) –  These guys ROCK.  FYI:  Cool Memories is also the name of a book by Jean Baudrillard, a post-contemporary romp through America under the auspices of literary criticism.  However when you google Cool Memories the musical version pops up first.  Alright.

CHARLIE LOOKER – (of Extra Life, the Z’s).

and for the second time in one week, RUBEN SINDO ACOSTA!  See above.

SATURDAY, 8/20.  8-midnight.  BOUNCE CAKE 2.  A night of comedy, music, art, cake.  Curated by Sabrina Beram.  This girl goes all out.  Here’s more info –!/event.php?eid=263040777042422

SUNDAY, 8/21.  7-10.  Carpe Geekdom visits Brooklyn as part of a US Tour.  This is a collective of young men and women who sing folk songs about historical figures and superheroes.  They are all heavily involved in the wizard rock community.

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New Releases of Note: Turn Around Norman and Jack 'o the Clock

I recently had the please of hearing new(ish) releases from Turn Around Norman and Jack ‘o the Clock. The former is a Brooklyn-based avant-jazz quartet featuring Cam Collins (saxophone), JJ Wright (piano, wurlitzer), Adam Hopkins (bass), and Nathan Ellman-Bell (drums). The latter is a west coast band that has been playing out in California and Oregon. Their second album sounds like a mix of Gentle Giant and Henry Cow. Both of these groups has free samples on their sites that are worth checking out.

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All About Jazz Reviews

Han Bennink im Club W71 in Weikersheim
Image via Wikipedia

From All About Jazz:

Trevor Watts & Veryan Weston
5 More Dialogues (Emanem)

Ray Anderson / Han Bennink / Christy Doran
A B D (Hatology)

Pi-Hsien Chen
Arnold Schonberg – Works for Piano (Hat Hut Records)

unreleased? (Rune Grammofon)

Harrison Bankead Sextet
Morning Sun, Harvest Moon (Engine Studios)

Satoko Fujii
Satoko Fujii’s Triple Whammy

Wadada Leo Smith’s Organic
Heart’s Reflections (Cuneiform Records)

Rafale (Libra Records)

Soft Machine
Tales of Taliesin: The EMI Years Anthology 1975-1981 (Esoteric Recordings)

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DMG Reviews the 2011 Vision Festival and FIMAV 2011

Mats Gustafsson
Cover of Mats Gustafsson

From Downtown Music Gallery, a review of FIMAV:

One of the most anticipated sets this year was by The Ex & Brass Unbound. The Ex are a DIY sort of punk band from the Netherlands that have been around for some thirty+ years with just a handful of personnel changes. They recently got their first new singer in their long history who adds a youthful vibe to their sound. For their Victo set, they added a rare horn section with Mats Gustafsson (bari) and Ken Vandermark (tenor) on saxes, Roy Paci on trumpet and Wolter Weirbos on trombone. The Ex’s currently have no bassist but two longtime guitarists who play different interlocking riffs which often remind me of those bent Beefheartian double guitars. The group gets into a variety of different rocking grooves that are somewhat hypnotic and often over the top with intensity. All four horn players have long careers in improvised music, yet here mostly wail out those funky riffs with an occasional solo. There was of course one amazing, over-the-top bari sax solo from Mats Gustafsson who is unstoppable when he gets going.

Also, a review of the Vision Festival:

I had high hopes for the annual Vision Festival to provide some much needed spirit, creativity and community consciousness-raising. I was not let down. Festival organizer, Patricia Parker has a way of bringing together an international community of serious listeners and engaging them with a variety of festivities. Besides a wealth of challenging music, there was also dance, painting, films, commerce (the sales of CD’s, t-shirts, books & food) and discussions. A few of my friends complain that too many of the same musicians headline every year, but this was not the case this year. The line-up had a number of important surprises like a few of our favorite European musicians: Peter Brotzmann, Evan Parker, Paal Nilsson-Love and Tomasz Stanko.

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