Upcoming Creative Differences Shows in Baltimore

From Creative Differences:

Sept 7 @ 8.30pm
Mary Halvorson / Peter Evans / Weasel Walter
This trio forges a frenetic, yet painterly style of modern improvisational music, imbued with the intense speed and density. The music is brisk, strange and articulate, presenting a dry and bizarre sense of humor and play. The goal of the group is to create a new kind of music, beyond idiom, with maximum intellect, reaction and musicality. Taken together, these three musicians represent the best of a coming generation of talent, all established leaders in their own right.

Sept 15 @ 8pm
Jen Shyu + Mark Dresser – Synastry – CD Release concert
plus Leo Svirsky – piano solo
Synastry is a partnership between the ground breaking vocalist Jen Shyu and master bassist Mark Dresser that demonstrates new possibilities for vocal and bass improvisation. They reveal a remarkable chemistry together, evoking a range of emotions from plaintively wistful to emotionally intense, with lyrical imagery that is fantastically surreal.

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