Anthony Braxton's Tri-Centric Festival Takes Place October in NY

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A heads up on this fest, which will take place at NY’s Roulette:

Anthony Braxton‘s Tri-Centric Festival, a 4-day event which will take place Oct.5-8 at Roulette’s brand new space in Brooklyn, NY. The most comprehensive overview of Anthony’s music yet presented in the United States, this festival will include Pine Top Arial Music (world premiere), Diamond Curtain Wall Trio (U.S. debut), 12+3tet performing Echo Echo Mirror House Music, and more. The Tri-Centric Orchestra will perform in public for the first time ever, and the final evening will see a concert reading of two acts of Anthony’s newest opera, Trillium J, with a cast of twelve singers and 35-piece orchestra. Anthony will be performing or conducting every night, accompanied by over 60 of NYC’s leading creative musicians.

This event coincides with the release of Trillium E, a four-act work and the first studio recording of a Braxton opera, which will also be the first physical release from New Braxton House label. Monthly subscribers will receive a discount and exclusive early purchase opportunities for autographed copies of the opera, details to be announced soon.

Tickets for Anthony Braxton’s Tri-Centric Festival will go on sale soon. As a paying monthly subscriber to the TCF site, you have a special discount at $25/night or $60 for a 4-night-pass (regular prices are $35/night and $100 for the 4-night-pass). Please email indicating YOUR NAME and EMAIL ADDRESS with which you subscribed to the TCF website for instructions on how to obtain discount tickets. Each subscriber is allowed one ticket per night or one 4-night-pass at the discount price.

All events will take place at
509 Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn NY 11217

Full schedule follows:

Wednesday Oct 5
Pine Top Arial Music – Anthony Braxton (reeds), Taylor Ho Bynum (brass), Matt Bauder (reeds), Anne Rhodes (voice), Rachel Bernsen, Melanie Maar (movement)

Composition 30 – Cory Smythe (piano)

Falling River Music – Anthony Braxton (reeds), Sara Schoenbeck (bassoon), Shelley Burgon (harp), Renee Baker (violin/viola)

Thursday Oct 6
Diamond Curtain Wall Trio – Anthony Braxton (reeds, electronics), Taylor Ho Bynum (brass), Mary Halvorson (guitar)

Tri-Centric Orchestra – Jason Hwang, Mazz Swift (violins), Renee Baker (viola), Tomas Ulrich (cello); Nate Wooley, Chris DiMeglio (trumpets), Mark Taylor (French horn), Dan Blacksburg, Chris McIntyre (trombones), Anthony Braxton, Daniel Blake, Dan Voss, Matt Bauder, Salim Washington, Josh Sinton (reeds), Angie Sanchez (piano), M ary Halvorson (guitar), Ken Filiano (bass), Tyshawn Sorey (percussion), Taylor Ho Bynum, Jessica Pavone, Aaron Siegel (conductors)

Friday Oct 7
Syntactical Ghost Trance Music Choir – Anne Rhodes, Kyoko Kitamura, Amy Crawford, Fay Victor, Kamala Sankaram, Elizabeth Saunders, Nick Hallett, Vince Vincent, Wesley Chinn, Chris DiMeglio, Michael Douglas Jones, plus more singers tba (voices)

12+3tet Echo Echo Mirror House – Anthony Braxton, Andrew Raffo Dewar, James Fei, Steve Lehman, Chris Jonas, Sara Schoenbeck (reeds), Taylor Ho Bynum, Reut Regev, Jay Rozen (brass), Renee Baker, Erica Dicker, Jessica Pavone (strings), Mary Halvorson (guitar), Carl Testa (bass), Aaron Siegel (percussion)

Saturday Oct 8
Trillium J (Acts I and III) – Anne Rhodes, Kyoko Kitamura, Fay Victor, Kamala Sankaram, Elizabeth Saunders, Nick Hallett, Vince Vincent, Wesley Chinn, Chris DiMeglio, Michael Douglas Jones, and two more singers tba (voices)

Erica Dicker, Jason Hwang, Sarah Bernstein, Olivia DePrato, Renee Baker, Skye Steele (violins), Jessica Pavone, Amy Cimini, Lilian Belknap (violas), Tomas Ulrich, Nathan Bontrager, Daniel Levin (cellos), Ken Filiano, Carl Testa (bass), Cory Smythe (piano), Chris Dingman (percussion), Michel Gentile, Yukari (flutes), Christa Robinson (oboe), Katie Scheele (english horn), Sara Schoenbeck, Brad Balliett (bassoons), Mike McGinnis, Oscar Noriega, Jason Mears, Josh Sinton (clarinets), Nate Wooley, Gareth Flowers (trumpets) Mark Taylor (French horn), Reut Regev, Sam Kulick (trombones), Jay Rozen (tuba), Anthony Braxton (conductor)

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