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The articles below are a handful that came out over the last 2-3 weeks while we were on hiatus. Some may no longer be “news” but should still be of note.

The Guardian reviews the FMP In Retrospect release.

The Guardian also reviews the new release from Marilyn Crispell and Gerry Hemingway.

Composer Steven Snowden is profiled.

4AD from Matthew Shipp is reviewed as well. Meanwhile, Shipp is profiled here, here, and here.

Nels Cline talks music & gear.

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Anthony Braxton's Tri-Centric Festival Takes Place October in NY

Anthony Braxton
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A heads up on this fest, which will take place at NY’s Roulette:

Anthony Braxton‘s Tri-Centric Festival, a 4-day event which will take place Oct.5-8 at Roulette’s brand new space in Brooklyn, NY. The most comprehensive overview of Anthony’s music yet presented in the United States, this festival will include Pine Top Arial Music (world premiere), Diamond Curtain Wall Trio (U.S. debut), 12+3tet performing Echo Echo Mirror House Music, and more. The Tri-Centric Orchestra will perform in public for the first time ever, and the final evening will see a concert reading of two acts of Anthony’s newest opera, Trillium J, with a cast of twelve singers and 35-piece orchestra. Anthony will be performing or conducting every night, accompanied by over 60 of NYC’s leading creative musicians.

This event coincides with the release of Trillium E, a four-act work and the first studio recording of a Braxton opera, which will also be the first physical release from New Braxton House label. Monthly subscribers will receive a discount and exclusive early purchase opportunities for autographed copies of the opera, details to be announced soon.

Tickets for Anthony Braxton’s Tri-Centric Festival will go on sale soon. As a paying monthly subscriber to the TCF site, you have a special discount at $25/night or $60 for a 4-night-pass (regular prices are $35/night and $100 for the 4-night-pass). Please email tickets@tricentricfoundation.org indicating YOUR NAME and EMAIL ADDRESS with which you subscribed to the TCF website for instructions on how to obtain discount tickets. Each subscriber is allowed one ticket per night or one 4-night-pass at the discount price.

All events will take place at
509 Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn NY 11217

Full schedule follows:

Wednesday Oct 5
Pine Top Arial Music – Anthony Braxton (reeds), Taylor Ho Bynum (brass), Matt Bauder (reeds), Anne Rhodes (voice), Rachel Bernsen, Melanie Maar (movement)

Composition 30 – Cory Smythe (piano)

Falling River Music – Anthony Braxton (reeds), Sara Schoenbeck (bassoon), Shelley Burgon (harp), Renee Baker (violin/viola)

Thursday Oct 6
Diamond Curtain Wall Trio – Anthony Braxton (reeds, electronics), Taylor Ho Bynum (brass), Mary Halvorson (guitar)

Tri-Centric Orchestra – Jason Hwang, Mazz Swift (violins), Renee Baker (viola), Tomas Ulrich (cello); Nate Wooley, Chris DiMeglio (trumpets), Mark Taylor (French horn), Dan Blacksburg, Chris McIntyre (trombones), Anthony Braxton, Daniel Blake, Dan Voss, Matt Bauder, Salim Washington, Josh Sinton (reeds), Angie Sanchez (piano), M ary Halvorson (guitar), Ken Filiano (bass), Tyshawn Sorey (percussion), Taylor Ho Bynum, Jessica Pavone, Aaron Siegel (conductors)

Friday Oct 7
Syntactical Ghost Trance Music Choir – Anne Rhodes, Kyoko Kitamura, Amy Crawford, Fay Victor, Kamala Sankaram, Elizabeth Saunders, Nick Hallett, Vince Vincent, Wesley Chinn, Chris DiMeglio, Michael Douglas Jones, plus more singers tba (voices)

12+3tet Echo Echo Mirror House – Anthony Braxton, Andrew Raffo Dewar, James Fei, Steve Lehman, Chris Jonas, Sara Schoenbeck (reeds), Taylor Ho Bynum, Reut Regev, Jay Rozen (brass), Renee Baker, Erica Dicker, Jessica Pavone (strings), Mary Halvorson (guitar), Carl Testa (bass), Aaron Siegel (percussion)

Saturday Oct 8
Trillium J (Acts I and III) – Anne Rhodes, Kyoko Kitamura, Fay Victor, Kamala Sankaram, Elizabeth Saunders, Nick Hallett, Vince Vincent, Wesley Chinn, Chris DiMeglio, Michael Douglas Jones, and two more singers tba (voices)

Erica Dicker, Jason Hwang, Sarah Bernstein, Olivia DePrato, Renee Baker, Skye Steele (violins), Jessica Pavone, Amy Cimini, Lilian Belknap (violas), Tomas Ulrich, Nathan Bontrager, Daniel Levin (cellos), Ken Filiano, Carl Testa (bass), Cory Smythe (piano), Chris Dingman (percussion), Michel Gentile, Yukari (flutes), Christa Robinson (oboe), Katie Scheele (english horn), Sara Schoenbeck, Brad Balliett (bassoons), Mike McGinnis, Oscar Noriega, Jason Mears, Josh Sinton (clarinets), Nate Wooley, Gareth Flowers (trumpets) Mark Taylor (French horn), Reut Regev, Sam Kulick (trombones), Jay Rozen (tuba), Anthony Braxton (conductor)

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Cafe OTO in August

Mike Westbrook
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From London’s Cafe OTO:

Wednesday 3 August ’11
£6 advance / £7 on the door

With an immediately recognisable voice, Sadier is probably best known as the vocalist for Stereolab, but has also been part of Monade and has been working solo since Stereolab went on hiatus in 2009. She’s joined on the bill by guitarist/songwriter Alan Lacroix and the hypnotic compositions of Alex Monk.

Friday 5 August ’11
£7 on the door

Jazz is the Teacher, Funk Is The Preacher are back for their third session with spiritual percussion trio Woven Entity, Pippo’s Progress bringing their psych/raga/metal and Jean Noel Young on the decks!

Sunday 7 August ’11
£6 / £4 concs

Regular meeting of The London Improvisers Orchestra. The LIO draws on London’s rich pool of improvising musicians and is part of a long and varied heritage that stretches back to the free-jazz big bands of Chris McGregor and Mike Westbrook, the intuitive ensembles of John Stevens and purely improvising groups such as the Continuous Music Ensemble.

Tuesday 9 August ’11
£7 (£5 concs) on the door only

The Coxon/Sanders/Thomas unit move from twisted synthesizer grooves and jagged electric guitar riffs to filigree gong patterns and plangent 12-string melodies to produce a gloriously life-affirming racket that’s spiky, dense and dripping with energy and ideas. The addition of Parker’s powerfully sinuous saxophone should galvanize the situation, adding a rich vein of unconventional melody and pushing the group into uncharted territories.

Wednesday 10 August ’11

The opening event for Active Crossover 2011.04 an exhibition at the Soundfjord Gallery featuring performances from Scanner, Iris Garrelfs, Lee Gamble and Simon Whetham. They’ll work as pairs, with one beginning, playing a solo piece. the first is then joined by the second for a short collaborative ‘crossover’ session, and then the first artist ceases playing leaving the second to play their own solo set.

Sunday 14 August ’11
£6 advance / £7 on the door After spending a year up in Manchester putting on huge amount of eclectic shows from Group Doueh and the Rhys Chatham Guitar Trio to The Thing and Part Chimp, MIE Music has now moved back down to London to carry on the good work done up north. Their first show back is an evening of experimental ambient bliss featuring Trouble Books (who embark on a small UK tour after selling out a collabrative LP with Emeralds Guitarist, Mark McGuire), Outshine Family and Petrels – the solo project for Oliver Barrett of Bleeding Heart Narrative and nominee for The Liminal’s Uranus Music Prize for 2011.

Thursday 18 August ’11
£6 advance / £7 door

This great trio featuring one of London’s greatest drummers alongside two of the most exciting young players to emerge in recent years returns to OTO after a ripping set here in January with Terry Day and Sebastien Coste.

“Veteran free jazz drummer Marsh leads this improv trio that also feature excellently imaginative clarinettist/saxophonist Hutchings – better known as one third of dub-jazzers Z-U – plus London-based French double bassist Viltard.” – Time Out

Saturday 20 August ’11
£6 advance / £7 on the door

A one night showcase of some of the main artists involved in Brighton’s closely knit post-Noise weirdo-improv scene including no-fi acappella rituals from Hereharehere, Bad Orb, Hobo Sonn, Dylan Nyoukis and Karen Constance’s Blood Stereo and massive blow-out from the Bolide Splinter Group – a one-off configuration with members drawn from all acts playing on the night.

Thursday 25 August ’11 • 7.30PM

Join SpineTV for a night of music and film at Cafe OTO. With live Performances from Peter & Kerry, Charlene Soraia and screenings of Stolen Moments from Matt Stuart, Paul Fryer, Jorge Dela Garza, Nomoco & Build an Ark

Friday 26 August ’11
£5 advance / £6 door

Shoppinghour Magazine– a magazine bringing art, philosophy, poetry and critical theory together in exposing the nuances of contemporary life and culture – proudly presents an evening of visually and sonically disruptive gramophone sounds, unexpected repetitive and percussive discordances, harmonies and locked grooves, smart and both musically and lyrically complex pop tunes, hooks and beats with passion and depth, apocalyptic yet hopeful psychedelic guitars, bisexual vocals and orchestral percussion that destroy sound.

Saturday 27 August ’11
£5 advance / £7 on the door

Slowfoot Records hosted night featuring south-east London producer Crewdson who’s recent debut album ‘Gravity’ has been drawing huge praise and murky experimental electro-jazz trio Crackle.

Monday 29 August ’11
£5/£4 concs

Monthly concert of experimental improvised music with participants drawn from Eddie Prévost‘s weekly workshop. This month’s musicians are: Sebastian Lexer (piano+), Norm Adams (cello), Eddie Prevost (percussion), Johan Nystrom (electronics), Hutch Demouilpied (trumpet) and David O’Connor (saxophone).

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String Quartet Ethel's Fall Schedule

From ETHEL Central:

9.6: TEDxPhoenix Salon, Location TBA, AZ
9.24 – 9.29 Grand Canyon Music Festival/Native American Composers Apprenticeship Project (NACAP)
10.15: Music of the Sun w/ Robert Mirabal, Hampton, VA
10.21: Music of the Sun w/ Robert Mirabal, Stowe, VT
10.25: Present Beauty, San Diego, CA
10.26: Music of the Sun w/ Robert Mirabal, Cerritos, CA
10.28: Music of the Sun w/ Robert Mirabal, Tucson, AZ
11.3-11.5: Dušan Týnek Dance Theatre, NYC, NY
11.19: Present Beauty, Lawrence, KS

America’s Premier Post-Classical String Quartet, ETHEL,
Announces Fall 2011 Season

“Music of the Sun” featuring ETHEL + Robert Mirabal:
Grammy Award-winning Native American flutist Robert Mirabal joins ETHEL to create a cross-cultural contemporary music event. Using the instruments of the string quartet, Native American flutes (Tdoop – Pootse) and drums (Mooloo), as well as the spirited voices of students and community members, “Music of the Sun” is a program inspired by the sun mythologies of Native America. In many Native American cultures each day begins with “running to the sun” – a fusion of spiritual and physical discipline. This extraordinary collaboration grew out of the ETHEL/Mirabal work as part of ETHEL’s TruckStop® project, which premiered at the Brooklyn Academy of Music in 2008.

10.15 All American Theatre, Hampton, VA
10.21 Spruce Peak Performing Arts Center, Stowe, VT
10.26 Cerritos Center, Cerritos, CA
10.28 Centennial Hall, University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ

“Present Beauty” Continues to Inspire Audiences:
A hit during ETHEL’s 2010-11 season, the powerfully moving and visceral “Present Beauty” program continues its nationwide tour. Celebrating the concepts of Presence and Continuity, “Present Beauty” features the group’s own string quartet arrangement of Philip Glass’ score from The Hours. Additional works are drawn from ETHEL’s extensive body of fascinating and original material including compositions by Terry Riley, Mark Stewart, Huang Ruo, David Lang and Julia Wolfe.

10.25 The Loft at UCSD, San Diego, CA
11.19 Lied Center, University of Kansas, Lawrence, KS

2011 Artists-in-Residence at New York City’s Park Avenue Armory:
As the newly minted 2011 Artists-in-Residence at the Park Avenue Armory, ETHEL will present salon programs at the venerable venue. The 2011-12 season will include ETHEL at the Armory, a salon series, featuring snapshots and miniatures of touring programs and unique ETHEL collaborations not otherwise seen in New York. Programs TBA, drawing material from, but not limited to:
– Present Beauty
– Music of the Sun
– Speech Music: music of Scott Johnson, Jacob Ter Veldhuis and Steve Reich
– Documerica: music of Dick Connette, Kimo Williams, Jerod Impichaachaa’ha Tate and Ulysses Owens
– EG(o) — ETHEL and gutbucket, jazz-punk fusion octet
– ETHEL and Forrò in the Dark, Brazilian jazz-folk fusion
– ETHEL and Kaotic Drumline, Chicago-based drumline

Contemporary Dance Collaboration w/ Dušan Týnek Dance Theatre:
No stranger to working with dancers, ETHEL embarks on a modern dance journey with the Dušan Týnek Dance Theatre company. Performing on-stage, ETHEL will premiere two new pieces choreographed by Dušan Týnek. Portals is a 30-minute multi-national, interdisciplinary work with music by composer Aleksandra Vrebalov. And, in the premiere of Widow’s Walk, ETHEL will perform live selections from existing repertory including Requiem by Lennie Tristano and The Blue Room: March and Tarantella by Phil Kline.

11.3 – 11.5 Tribeca Performing Arts Center, New York City, NY

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Touching Extremes Reviews

From Touching Extremes:

GIACINTO SCELSI – Giacinto Scelsi 9: The Viola Works
CELER – Salvaged Violets
DUPRASS (Liora Belford & Ido Govrin) – Galut (Diaspora)
Z’EV + JASON KAHN – Intervals
7K OAKS – Entelechy
MARC OSTERMEIER – Chance Reconstruction
LOREN DENT – Anthropology Vol.1
MARIHIKO HARA – Nostalghia
IN TRANSIT – Shifting Moods

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Roulette in September and October

Tony Buck
Cover of Tony Buck

From New York’s Roulette:

Henry Threadgill’s Zooid
Kaija Saariaho
Margaret Leng Tan
Sylvie Courvoisier & Mark Feldman Duo
Thu Sep 15 – 8:00 PM

The first night of Roulette’s Grand Opening Celebration is an eclectic evening of experimental sounds – with performances by Henry Threadgill’s explosive Zooid Ensemble, new work for flute, electronics, and projections by Finnish composer Kaija Saariaho, Margaret Leng Tan performing John Cage’s toy piano works, and Sylvie Courvoisier and Mark Feldman Duo performing their own compositions as well as excerpts from John Zorn‘s Masada Book II (Book of Angels).

Marc Ribot‘s Film Noir Project
Shelley Hirsch & Fred Frith
Fri Sep 16 – 8:00 PM

For the second night of Roulette’s Grand Opening Celebration, guitarist/composer Marc Ribot presents Film Noir – an ensemble exploring a lonely place between classic noir film scores of the 40’s thru 60’s, and the 80’s No-Wave bands who worshipped them; New York City’s ETHEL Quartet, a group dedicated to new music – called the “…avatar of ‘post-classical’ music—the virtuosic alternative string quartet…vital and brilliant.” by the New Yorker performs work by John King, Judd Greenstein, and Anna Clyne; and critically acclaimed vocalist, composer, and storyteller Shelley Hirsch teams up with iconoclast guitarist/composer/improvisor Fred Frith.

Laurie Anderson, Lou Reed, John Zorn Trio
Sat Sep 17 – 8:00 PM

Three legends of the New York Underground combine forces for an evening of extreme improvised music. “The most important multimedia artist of our time,”(LA Times), Laurie Anderson is best known for her multimedia presentations and musical recordings that have challenged and delighted audiences around the world for more than 30 years. Tonight Anderson teams up with husband Lou Reed – arguably one of the most influential musicians in rock history whose band, the Velvet Underground, redefined the music of the late ’60s. Also joining them tonight is maverick composer/performer and godfather of the Downtown New York scene, John Zorn.

(Fred Frith, Carla Kihlstedt, Zeena Parkins, Matthias Bossi, and the Norman Conquest)
Sat Sep 17 – 8:00 PM

Cosa Brava is an all-star experimental rock and improvisation quintet formed by multi-instrumentalist, composer, and icon of experimental music, Fred Frith, featuring Frith on guitar, Zeena Parkins on keyboards and accordion, Carla Kihlstedt on violin, Matthias Bossi on drums, and The Norman Conquest on sound manipulation. All About Jazz described their music as “somewhere between folk, Celtic, modern chamber, Latin, funk, Eastern, and prog-rock”.

The Necks
Mon Sep 18 – 8:00 PM

The Necks (established 1987) are one of the great cult bands of Australia and the world. Chris Abrahams (piano), Tony Buck (drums), and Lloyd Swanton (bass) conjure a chemistry together that defies description in orthodox terms. These three musicians are among the most respected and in-demand in Australia, working in every field from pop to avant-garde. Over 200 albums feature their presence individually or together, but the music of The Necks stands apart from everything else they have done. Featuring lengthy pieces which slowly unravel in the most intoxicating fashion, frequently underpinned by an insistent deep groove, the fourteen albums by The Necks stand up to re-listening time and time again. The deceptive simplicity of their music throws forth new charms on each hearing. Not entirely avant-garde, nor minimalist, nor ambient, nor jazz, the music of The Necks is possibly unique in the world today.

Kaffe Matthews “Where Are the Wild Ones”
Camilla Hoitenga “Music from the Other Side”
Sun Oct 16 – 8:00 PM

London-based electro-acoustic artist, Kaffe Matthews is acknowledged as a pioneer in the filed of electronic improvisation and live composition with 6 solo CDs on the Annette Works label. Her 12-channel composition, Where are the wild ones?, is created from field recordings taken in the River Tyne, England using the water’s route as its score. In this piece, originally commissioned by AV Festival 10, Matthews develops Atlantic Salmon language to travel the river’s changing topography from Tynemouth to Kielder.

Camilla Hoitenga’s first concert at Roulette, in the spring of 1985, also turned out to be her New York debut. The program of New York premieres, raved about by Tim Page in the NY Times and subsequently presented by him on WNYC, included some of the first pieces by for solo flute by Karlheinz Stockhausen and Kaija Saariaho, as well one inspired by the Japanese shakuhachi by Ken Ichiro Kobayashi and one coupling the flute with electronics by Michael Manion. Having continued to work with these composers and in these genres over the years, Camilla is back with later pieces of Saariaho and Stockhausen, plus one with Japanese flute (nohkan) (written for her by Shoko Shida) and a brand new work for flute and live electronics and video (written for her by Jean-Baptiste Barrière).

Morton Subotnick & Tony Martin
George Lewis & Wet Ink Ensemble
Thu Sep 22 – 8:00 PM

An evening of immersive creations from two esteemed composers, featuring Morton Subotnick with projected visuals from light artist / painter Tony Martin, and electro-acoustic music from George Lewis with the Wet Ink Ensemble. Martin and Subotnick will present a new project, building on collaborative history that dates back to 1963. Wet Ink performs recent works by innovative composer, theorist, and improviser George Lewis, including “Les Exercices Spirituels” (2010), from Lewis’ new release on Tzadik’s Composer Series.

Magda Mayas & Tony Buck
Jessica Pavone “Hope Dawson is Missing” (Jerome Foundation Commission)
Thu Sep 29 – 8:00 PM

Berlin based pianist Magda Mayas has developed a vocabulary utilizing both the inside as well as the exterior parts of the piano, using preparations and objects as she explores textural, linear and fast moving sound collage. Tonight Mayas joins forces with one of Australia’s most creative and adventurous exports – percussionist Tony Buck!

Hope Dawson is Missing is the follow up to violinist/violist/composer Jessica Pavone’s 2009 Tzadik release, Songs of Synastry and Solitude. Lyrics meditate on plutonian themes of destruction and rebuilding, migration, falsities, and undeniable truths. Pavone augments the Toomai String Quartet’s format from SOSS – a string quartet that includes double bass – with guitar, drums, and voice to further explore her orchestration of songs for chamber ensembles.
Talujon Percussion
Fri Sep 30 – 8:00 PM

Described by the New York Times as an ensemble possessing an “edgy, unflagging energy”, the Talujon Percussion Quartet has been mesmerizing audiences since 1991 with their thoroughly committed approach to the expansion of the contemporary percussion repertoire as well as the education and diversification of its worldwide audience. Tonight, Talujon performs world premieres by composers Alvin Lucier, Eric Moe, and Joel Harrison. Joel Harrison’s composition was underwritten by the American Composers Forum with funds provided by the Jerome Foundation and with generous support from the John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation. Eric Moe’s piece was commissioned with funds provided by the Serge Koussevitzky Music Foundation. This event is made possible with public funds from the New York State Council on the Arts, a state agency and Meet the Composer’s Cary New Music Performance Fund.

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