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Long Song Records

Long Song Records is a label based out of Italy that focuses on free jazz, experimental, and other types of music. I recently had the opportunity to hear a good piece of their catalog and was duly impressed. Some of their more recent releases include:

Piero Bittolo Bon feat. Jamaaladeen Tacuma – Mucho Acustica
Nicola Cipani – Klaviermassagen
Giovanni Maier – The Talking Bass
Gianni Lenoci & Gianni Mimmo – Reciprocal Uncles
The Foot Job Band – Porno Jazz
Acoustic Guitar Trio – Vignes
Daniele Cavallanti & Tiziano Tononi – Rings Of Fire
Nicola Cipani – The Ill-Tempered Piano
Plays Monk – Plays Monk

Overall I found the output of Long Song to be quite good. Surprisingly good in many cases. For example, the two Nicola Cipani releases are solo piano, which is not usually something that will stand out to me. However, these releases are such a unique take on the instrument that at times they barely sound like piano at all.

A highly recommended label, and worth a listen or three.

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