May/June/July Complete OOYH Schedule

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From Baltimore’s Out Of Your Head:

Here’s the full upcoming schedule through July for OOYH. All performances are Tuesday nights at The Windup Space from 9:30pm until Midnight and FREE. Hope to see you out. Enjoy!

May 17: John Dierker-reeds; Jacqueline Pollauf-harp; Brother Jake Leckie-bass

May 24: Danny Gouker-trumpet; Kevin Gift-keyboards; Alex Weber-bass; Ethan Snyder-drums

May 31: Solo/Duo/Trio Night w/ Cam Collins-sax; Blake Cramer-vibes; Chad Hochberg-drums The first set will be a combination of solos and duos (Matt will explain the process) followed by a trio for the second set.

June 7: Patrick McAvinue-violin; Matt Frazao-guitar; Anthony Pirog-guitar; Will Redman-drums

June 14: Susan Alcorn-pedal steel guitar; Chris Pumphrey-rhodes; Nathan Ellman-Bell-drums

June 21: Chad Hochberg’s Going Away OOYH!!! Cam Collins-reeds; Eric Trudel-reeds; Matt Frazao-guitar; Jon Birkholz-keyboards; Adam Hopkins-bass; Chad Hochberg-drums The first set will be five duos…everyone as a duo with Chad. Second set will be the full sextet.

June 28: High/Low Night–Low Team: John Dierker-reeds; Andrew Delclos-bassoon; Colin Renick-bari sax; Brian Brunsman-bass; Adam Hopkins-bass; Nathan Ellman-Bell-low drums High Team: Brent Madsen-piccolo trumpet; Eric Trudel-flute; Matt Rynes-clarinet; Patrick McAvinue-violin; Alan Munshower-high drums First set is High Team, second set is Low Team, third set is both teams in an epic battle of High vs. Low.

July 5: Mike Cerri-trumpet; Liz Meredith-viola; Janel Leppin-cello; Savino Palumbo-keys; Lauren Shusterich-voice

July 12: Brent Madsen-trumpet; Jon Lipscomb-guitar; Mike Kuhl-drums

July 19: Ben Frock-trumpet; Zack Branch-cello; Brian Brunsman-bass; Ethan Snyder-drums

July 26: Derrick Michaels-sax; Michael Ronstadt-cello; Erik Spangler-electronics, melodica; Mike Ross-drums

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