Ensemble Dal Niente Unbound Festival

Saturday night I attended the fourth and final show of Ensemble Dal Niente‘s Unbound festival. The performance features pieces by Cage, Zorn, and Zappa. A really good show, and I encourage anyone interested in modern chamber music in Chicago to try to make it to one of their shows. Dal Niente’s season finals in on May 28th, and details follow.

Ensemble Dal Niente has taken listeners on a whirlwind tour of musical styles in the 2010-11 season; its season finale pairs two undeniable masterpieces, including Ligeti’s wild and exciting Piano Concerto, with works by Drew Baker and Augusta Read Thomas, longtime friends of Dal Niente

SEASON FINALE – Saturday, May 28, 2011, 7:30pm – ($15/$5 students)
Nichols Concert Hall
1490 Chicago Avenue
Evanston, IL 60201

Michael Lewanski, conductor
Winston Choi, piano
Spektral Quartet

DREW BAKER (b. 1978) – new work for ensemble, title TBA (WORLD PREMIERE)
AUGUSTA READ THOMAS (b.1964) – Rise Chanting for string quartet
GYORGY LIGETI (1923-2006) – Piano Concerto
LOUIS ANDRIESSEN (b.1939) – Workers Union

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Alt-classical groups Victoire and NOW Ensemble at the Atlas in DC

From The Washington Post:

Labels in music are hopelessly inadequate, yet there’s a reason we keep turning to them. They are useful, for instance, in indicating what kind of concert it was that the two excellent young groups Victoire and the NOW Ensemble offered at the Atlas Performing Arts Center on Saturday night, courtesy of the Library of Congress. “Contemporary music” evokes visions of serialist knottiness; “alt-classical” better conjures up the mood of new classical music with an indie-rock sensibility, combined with amplification and a synthesizer or guitar, that prevailed on Saturday night.

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Marc Ribot Trio in Denver

Marc Ribot
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From The Denver Post:

Guitarist Marc Ribot‘s phone must ring a lot. He has become the go-to guy for Elvis Costello, Tom Waits, Elton John and dozens more for recent studio work. A quick check of Allmusic.com indicates that he has played on more than 75 titles in the past five years, and the list of artists’ names is staggering. He fits in with saxophone iconoclast John Zorn as easily as the rock-country duo of Alison Krauss and Robert Plant.

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May/June/July Complete OOYH Schedule

Susan Alcorn
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From Baltimore’s Out Of Your Head:

Here’s the full upcoming schedule through July for OOYH. All performances are Tuesday nights at The Windup Space from 9:30pm until Midnight and FREE. Hope to see you out. Enjoy!

May 17: John Dierker-reeds; Jacqueline Pollauf-harp; Brother Jake Leckie-bass

May 24: Danny Gouker-trumpet; Kevin Gift-keyboards; Alex Weber-bass; Ethan Snyder-drums

May 31: Solo/Duo/Trio Night w/ Cam Collins-sax; Blake Cramer-vibes; Chad Hochberg-drums The first set will be a combination of solos and duos (Matt will explain the process) followed by a trio for the second set.

June 7: Patrick McAvinue-violin; Matt Frazao-guitar; Anthony Pirog-guitar; Will Redman-drums

June 14: Susan Alcorn-pedal steel guitar; Chris Pumphrey-rhodes; Nathan Ellman-Bell-drums

June 21: Chad Hochberg’s Going Away OOYH!!! Cam Collins-reeds; Eric Trudel-reeds; Matt Frazao-guitar; Jon Birkholz-keyboards; Adam Hopkins-bass; Chad Hochberg-drums The first set will be five duos…everyone as a duo with Chad. Second set will be the full sextet.

June 28: High/Low Night–Low Team: John Dierker-reeds; Andrew Delclos-bassoon; Colin Renick-bari sax; Brian Brunsman-bass; Adam Hopkins-bass; Nathan Ellman-Bell-low drums High Team: Brent Madsen-piccolo trumpet; Eric Trudel-flute; Matt Rynes-clarinet; Patrick McAvinue-violin; Alan Munshower-high drums First set is High Team, second set is Low Team, third set is both teams in an epic battle of High vs. Low.

July 5: Mike Cerri-trumpet; Liz Meredith-viola; Janel Leppin-cello; Savino Palumbo-keys; Lauren Shusterich-voice

July 12: Brent Madsen-trumpet; Jon Lipscomb-guitar; Mike Kuhl-drums

July 19: Ben Frock-trumpet; Zack Branch-cello; Brian Brunsman-bass; Ethan Snyder-drums

July 26: Derrick Michaels-sax; Michael Ronstadt-cello; Erik Spangler-electronics, melodica; Mike Ross-drums

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Music and More Reviews

From Music and More:

Orchestre National De Jazz – Shut Up And Dance: Music of John Hollenbeck (Bee Jazz, 2010)
William Hooker and Thomas Chapin – Crossing Points (NoBusiness, 2011)

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Umbrella Music Through June 9

Joe McPhee solo
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From Umbrella Music:

May 15
The Engines with Special Guest John Tchicai
Hungry Brain

May 18
SET I: Stirrup
SET II: Halo Defect
The Hideout

May 19

May 22
Greg Ward’s Fitted Shards
Hungry Brain

May 25
The Hideout

May 26
SET I: Anton Hatwich’s 333
SET II: 3.5.7 Ensemble

May 29
Didier Petit
Rob Mazurek
Tomeka Reid
Jason Adasiewicz
Hungry Brain

Jun 01
The Hideout

Jun 02
Topology : The Music of Joe McPhee

Jun 07

Jun 08
Jason Stein Quartet
The Hideout

Jun 09
Branch/Kimmel Duo

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All About Jazz Reviews

Fred Frith at a piano recording session at New...
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From All About Jazz:

Joelle Leandre Tentet & Trio
Can You Hear Me? (Leo Records)

Mr. Rencore + Tim Berne
Intollerant (Auand)

Ernest Dawkins‘ New Horizons Ensemble
The Prairie Prophet (Delmark Records)

Darius Jones / Matthew Shipp
Cosmic Lieder (AUM Fidelity)

Szilard Mezei
Februari Fadontes (No Business Records)

Terrence McManus / Mark Helias / Gerry Hemingway
Transcendental Numbers (No Business Records)

Fred Frith
Clearing Customs (Intakt Records)
Reviewed by Nic Jones

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