Endangered Blood and Starlicker in New York

From NYTimes.com:

The new jazz has since moved on. It’s less jagged and self-consciously transgressive, more studied and self-possessed. It’s gone deeper into harmony and odd or changing meters; it’s more exact in every way. But jazz musicians tend to stay around, refining their craft, and repping the sound of their formative years, and two new bands, Endangered Blood and Starlicker, radiate the late ’90s. Their gigs on Wednesday and Thursday nights, at Littlefield and Issue Project Room, brought on specific memories from the early years of Tonic, on the Lower East Side (1998-2007, R.I.P.). And in both cases the memories came slightly updated.

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DMG Newsletter May 6th, 2011

Bill Dixon

From DMG:

Bill Dixon: Victo 2010! Bill Frisell 858 Qt with Hank Roberts/Eyvind Kang/Jenny Scheinman! William Hooker/Thomas Chapin! Kermit Driscoll with Frisell/Davis/Colaiuta! Louis Belogenis/Sunny Murray/Michael Bisio! Lavelle/Moshe/Grillot! Fiedler/Hebert/Sarin! Shawn Perlowin Doom Ribbons!

Matthew Shipp/Sabir Mateen: SaMa Live! Connie Crothers Qt! Henri Posseur! Jono El Grande! Warren Smith/Craig Harris! Rafael Toral! Anne La Berge! Group Doueh! Hans-Joachim Roedelius! Bruce Gilbert!..



Sunday, May 29th from 9pm til 1am at Bowery Poetry Club!
Featuring: Louis Belogenis, Shanir Blumenkranz, Michael Wimberley, Weasel Walter, Peter Evans, Sam Pluta, Burnt Sugar & Special Guests!


The DMG Free Weekly In-Store Performance Series Continues With:

Sunday, May 8th – Two Sets Featuring:
6pm – TEUN VERBRUGGEN – Solo Drums & Electronics from Belgium!
7pm – ANDY HAAS / WILL McEVOY / DAVID GOULD – Amazing Sax/Bass/Drums Trio!

Sunday, May 15th Double-Header:
6pm: STEVE SWELL – Trombone / JAMES ILGENFRITZ – Bass / JAY ROSEN – Tuba!
7pm: PINKBROWN – Featuring: XANDER NAYLOR – Guitar / JOHAN ANDERSSON – Saxes & MAX JAFFE – Drums!

Sunday, May 22nd – No In-Store – Check Out the Victoriaville Fest in Quebec!

Sunday, June 5th Double-Header:
6pm: BEN STAPP & Friends! & 7pm: JESSE DULMAN – Solo Tuba!

Sunday, June 12th – Check out the Vision Fest – No In-Store!

Sunday, June 19th – 6pm – MATANA ROBERTS – Rare Solo Set!
Come Celebrate the Birthday of MC BruceLee & Father’s Day!

Saturday, July 2nd at 6pm: Rare Saturday Duo Set Featuring:

Sunday, July 10th Double-Header –
6pm: Crepuscular Activity – YUKARI- Flutes & CARLO COSTA – Drums!
7pm: KYOKO KITAMURA & JEN BAKER – Voice & Trombone!

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Milton Babbitt Performances in New York, May 19th

Milton Babbitt in Juilliard School of Music, 1999
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The CUNY Graduate Center is featuring a free performance of the music of Milton Babbitt.

Cygnus Ensemble presents Milton Babbitt and the 21st Century, a special evening of performances to honor one of our most brilliant musical minds, the late Milton Babbitt. The concert will feature Babbitt’s Swan Song No. 1, world premieres and a recent piece by four generations of Babbitt protégés, each 15 to 20 years apart in age: Peter Westergaard, Frank Brickle, Jonathan Dawe and David Fulmer. Sopranos Elizabeth Farnum and Tony Arnold will be the featured guest artists. Cygnus had planned this as a 95th birthday concert for Milton since the fall of 2009. While sadly the concert has become a memorial event rather than a birthday celebration, Cygnus shall convey the continuing vitality and relevance of Babbitt’s work as we move into the heart of the 21st Century. Babbitt’s legacy as composer and educator endures, eliciting undaunted courage and creativity amongst his students and emboldening them to passion and excellence in their pursuits.

Milton Babbitt and the 21 st Century complements two earlier Cygnus presentations that focused on Babbitt, concerts honoring his 80th and 90th birthdays. His 90th celebration was held at Merkin Hall and was entitled Milton Babbitt at the Crux of the 20th Century, including earlier Babbitt works, from the 1940s. The notes from that event are archived on the Cygnus website.

Milton Babbitt and the 21st Century

Thursday, May 19, 2011 7:30pm
Elebash Recital Hall at CUNY Graduate Center
365 Fifth Avenue at 34 th
Street, New York, NY

Free admission; no tickets required.

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Stet Lab May 2011: Featuring Susan Geaney and David O Regan

From Cork, Ireland’s Stet Lab:

The monthly event, Stet Lab, returns on Monday May 9th, upstairs at The Roundy Bar, Castle Street, Cork City. An established platform for all things hybrid, (dis)functional and mutated, Stet Lab will be reunited with a former regular performer: flautist Susan Geaney.

Flute/Bass Flute performer Susan Geaney is a Composer/Improviser currently based in Dublin. She has a passion for improvisation in several contexts: dance, sound art, acoustics and electronics. In 2010, Susan composed and also improvised ‘Oh Dear!’ (Contemporary Dance) at La Nuit Blanche in Paris. Furthermore, Geaney was awarded a bursary from London based Just Flutes which enabled her to travel to the Isle of Skye and perform with the flute ensemble Rarescale. This April, Susan will have a work Premiered by the Quiet Ensemble in the ‘National Concert Hall’ (NCH). Whilst based in Cork, Susan was a regular at ‘Stet Lab,’ which saw her to perform with such improvisers as: Don Malone, Murray Campbell and Ian Smith.

Joining Susan this month will be local improviser/composer David O’Regan. Having met in University College Cork (UCC) whilst studying for a Masters in Composition, both David and Susan took part in a performance of Christian Wolfe’s Burdocks. David is currently working on music for a retro-style computer game, and is also due to have a piece for two cellos premiered at the ‘NCH’ in May. Improvisers that David has performed with are: Han-Earl Park, Veronica Tadman and Marian Murray.

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