Three emerging jazz leaders offer inspiration

Matana Roberts, moers festival 2010
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From City Arts:

Jazz artists have always needed to be resourceful, perhaps today more than ever. For three representative New York-area musicians, the struggles and uncertainties of creative life in the trenches are well worth it. Cornetist Taylor Ho Bynum and alto saxophonists Matana Roberts and Steve Lehman have built viable careers as performers and recording artists, in part by developing a breadth of skills and seizing the multitude of opportunities that come their way. Now in their early- to mid-thirties, these three epitomize the stubborn idealism and cold-eyed realism required to stand out in an immensely challenging field.

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Coming to the Vortex Jazz Club

Pino Donaggio

From London’s Vortex:

Wednesday 11 | 8.30pm
Twelves Trio
Twelves Trio – Riaan Vosloo (bass), Tim Giles (drums), Mark Hanslip (sax) and Rob Updegraff (guitar) – play original compositions and free improvisations exploring the space between the written and the composed, and their distinctly English take makes evocative use of folk melodies and dance grooves.

The band have released two CDs to date: ‘Here comes the woodman with his splintered soul’ and ‘The adding machine’.

Plus support from
James Allsopp
A solo set from multi-instrumentalist and composer James Allsopp who has been involved in many new music projects, including Fraud and Golden Age of Steam.


Friday 13 | 8.30pm
Exotic Pylon

Exotic Pylon Sinfonia
Synaesthetic explorations – the exploding plastic inevitable disintegrating with cosmic dust – improvisation from Position Normal

Outer Church (DJ)
Providing sound sustenance throughout the evening, Joe Stannard’s (The Wire) Brighton-based House of the Holy departs from his underground occultural explorations to bring us a phat selection of classic metal, rock and sundry other delights.

A genuine audio-visual fusion, Sculpture is a marriage of Dan Hayhurt’s sound and Reuben Sutherland’s animations. Pulled together from vintage and analogue equipment and pursuing a derangement of the senses, tape loops are pushed through guitar pedals, a sampler and a mixer while a mobile camera is used to zoom across the duo’s own Zoetrope-like picture disk.

You’re going to lose your mind… Alessio Gastaldello’s post Jennifer Gentle solo project has now swollen to frenetic and morbid heights of psychedelic freak-out with the recruitment of Marco Fasolo (also ex-JG) on guitar, Slumberwood’s Mateo Polato and the extraordinary wildcard of 62 year drummer Maurizio Boldrin, a veteran of countless Italian scenes and ex-member of Pino Donaggio’s band.

Mamuthones are a far-out unholy racket of a band and an insight into a small but brilliantly out-there underground scene that deserves much greater recognition.

Jigoku were not only light-years ahead of the current vogue for mashing up sonic intensities with genre and exploitation visuals but are even further out…

A collaboration between DJ Lovely Jon and Cherrystones, their hyper-intense, lurid and gaudy film capturing skills are micro-edited in conjunction with a live DJ deployment of techno/ italo/ thrash/ trash/ punk/ kosmiche/ soundtrack/ krautrock oh you name it, it’s in there – a total breakdown of boundaries between performance, DJ and film – entirely original, wild as hell and utterly compelling.


Sunday 15 | 8.30pm
Mopomoso – the best in free improvisation
Mopomoso presents the best in free improvisation with four very distinctive sets.

Mark Browne, Sonic Pleasure, Ian Smith
Following the limited edition release of ‘The Box’, Mark Browne (castrato saxophone / percussion) makes a long overdue Mopomoso re-appearance with a new trio featuring the extraordinary Sonic Pleasure (bricks / masonry / metal) and the masterful trumpet work of Ian Smith in what promises to be a vital mix of aural delights.

Listen here

A rare chance to catch this highly regarded trio – Rex Casswell (guitar), Phil Marks (drums) and Paul Obermayer (electronics) – whose influences are as far apart as Stockhausen, Max Roach, The Meters, Xenakis, Monk and James Brown! With recordings on Evan Parker’s Psi label, the trio play a bold and engaging music of action and interaction that never stands still!

Katja Cruz
Debut solo appearance in London by Austrian Katja Cruz — a vocalist, composer, improviser, lyricist and painter, who covers a range of styles and genres, from improvised music to Argentine tango; her Leo Records CDs receiving critical acclaim both for their personal approach to improvised music and use of Latin-inflected rhythms.

John Russell & Roger Turner
One of the longest standing partnerships in the free improvisation world, John Russell (guitar) and Roger Turner (percussion) have been playing together for over thirty years.

The almost telepathic understanding, in which they use both pitch and rhythmic elements, creates a driving, dynamic music that can change direction from moment to moment. Not to be missed!

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Documentary explores the Sound of free jazz

Le saxophoniste américain Archie Shepp en conc...
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From VUE Weekly. Ron Mann‘s Imagine the Sound is revived:

Eschewing conventional narrative voices or broad contextualization, the film revolves entirely around interviews and performances from Taylor, Archie Shepp, Paul Bley and the lesser-known but no less engaging trumpet player Bill Dixon. The four speak about the development, ambitions and politics of free jazz, with Mann cutting sharply and dynamically between these dialogues and several roundly inspired musical performances from each (Taylor and Bley solo, Shepp and Dixon with small groups).

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Eubanks, Theriault, Jenkins, Krausbauer in Portland

From Portland Eye and Ear Control:

May 8th, 2011 8pm
$8-$10 artist donation requested
All Ages
Disjecta (8371 N Interstate, Portland, Oregon)

Performances by:
Bryan Eubanks
Doug Theriault
JP Jenkins
John Krausbauer

Come join us for a night of experimental music at Disjecta. Amongst the performers will be Bryan Eubanks, returning back to the NW for a series of performances of his music. After numerous years working on and making music in NYC, he recently relocated to Florida, with his wife. This will be a rare opportunity to see him perform out on the west coast, sharing the bill with some of his old friends and collaborators.

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Two New Rastascan Releases Featuring Gino Robair

Gino Robair 1
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From Rastascan:


John Butcher: Saxophones (with motors on 1 and 4)
Gino Robair: Energized Surfaces

Apophenia is the culmination of 12 years of duo playing with John, and we both feel that this session represents the levels interaction we’ve been striving for. Recorded during a live radio broadcast on KFJC, October 15, 2009, I simplified my setup to a few acoustic items: the “surfaces” were a snare drum, a floor tom, and a variety of metal objects (tubes, cymbals, gongs, etc.); the “energizers” were bows, brushes, Ebows, and battery operated devices (stirrer and pencil). John used the motorized pencil (a Squiggle Wiggle Pen, to be exact) on his saxophone, while opening and closing various keys to tune the motor’s resonance. It’s a technique he first used on his duo recording with Rhodri Davies

Smonta Tutto!
Piovono Bici!

Alberto Braida: piano, prepared piano, percussion
Nino Locatelli: clarinets, bells, percussion
Gino Robair: percussion, Blippoo Box

Piovono Bici! was recorded live, March 25, 2009, at “In Viaggio #9” at Sala Vallaperti in Melzo, Italy. The title and cover designs were borrowed from a pair of t-shirts given to us by the kind folks at Ciclo Officina in Milan, where the group played their first show a year earlier.

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