Eight Years On

Just a quick note to celebrate a momentous occasion. No, not the royal wedding.

Today is the eighth anniversary of AMN. With nearly 1000 likes on Facebook, over 500 Twitter followers, and tons of people sending in material, it has been a fun, if not overwhelming, existence.

I run this site mostly by myself, in my free time. I work, have a family, and have been taking evening courses the last few years. This means that as much as I’d like to interact more with all of you, I’m limited in that regard. Thanks for your patience in dealing with my terse responses to your emails, when I respond at all.

Change occurs slowly at AMN. One of the latest features I’ve added is the ability to “like” and comment on articles from Facebook. You’ll see this option on the AMN main page, as well as each article’s dedicated page. While we had had commenting in the past, I turned it off for the last couple of years due to hackers out there using it to gain control of the site. I’m hoping that this mechanism proves to be more workable.

That’s all. Enjoy.