Interview with the Brains Behind Kagel Nacht

Mauricio Kagel

From New York’s Roulette:

German-Argentine composer Mauricio Kagel is arguably one of the most radical 20th century avant-garde composers, often incorporating bizarre, hysterical theatrics into his compositions. Kagel Nacht on May 1st – ROULETTE’S LAST CONCERT IN MANHATTAN – gathers a stacked deck of musicians from Brooklyn’s artistic multiverse, performers deeply situated in theater, performance art, classical, and experimental music worlds for an evening exploring Kagel’s diverse oeuvre, including “classical” works, electro-acoustic compositions, multi-media pieces, radio plays, and some of his most daring and hilarious works of “instrumental theater”. With interpretations ranging from strict to fully recontextualized, Kagel Nacht breathes new life into these important and underperformed works by joining them into one, multi-stage, panoramic event.

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Interview with Gutbucket

From Fracture Compound:

New York’s Gutbucket opens their latest, Flock, with an aural suckerpunch; a braying, staccato sax squawk. It’s not a polite opening, (the song is titled “Fuck You and Your Hipster Tie;” its sound is appropriately brusque) but Gutbucket isn’t a particularly polite band. The quartet, which comprises guitarist Ty Citerman, drummer Adam D. Gold, bassist Eric Rockwin, and reedsman Ken Thomson, is effortlessly contrarian, and gleefully confrontational. Drawing heavily from both rock and jazz, the album maintains a punk defiance and a free-jazz sense of possibility, as if its primary mission is to do only those things which others thought, insisted even, were impossible.

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Sonomu Reviews

Joan Jeanrenaud

From Sonomu:

Danny Clay, I Am a Poor Wayfaring Stranger (3″ CDR Heat Death)
Joan Jeanrenaud & PC Muñoz, Pop-Pop (Deconet)
Abhorrent Beauty & Jan-M. Iversen, Momentum (CDR Dead Sea Liner); Jan-M. Iversen & Abhorrent Beauty, Outdoor Activities (CDR TibProd)
Ian Holloway & Darren Tate, The Earth in Play (CDR Quiet World/Fungal)
M. Ostermeier, Chance Reconstruction (Tench)
David Wells, Resolutions (3″ CDR SIRIdisc)

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