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From the Vision Festival people:

Evolving Voice / Evolving Music

Monday @ Clemente Soto Velez Educational and Cultural Center
May 2011

What : Evolving Music Each Monday night at Clemente Soto Velez Educational and Cultural Center in May
Enjoy the diversity of NYC creative music in our new venue
Hang out with other artists that are changing the music scene in NYC
See below for the May featured artists & check out our Petition*
When : May 2 / May 9 / May 16 / May 23 / May 30
The evenings run from 7 to 11pm
Where : L.E.S. Gallery at Clemente Soto Velez Educational and Cultural Center
107 Suffolk Street (between Delancey and Rivington)

Tickets : $10 per set / $15 for 2 sets / $20 all night
Students/Seniors = $7 per set / $12 for 2 / $17 all night

MAY 2nd

7pm – Jessica Jones’ Horns With Strings
Jessica Jones (tenor sax), Tony Jones (tenor sax), Mark Taylor (French horn), Charlie Burnham (violin)

**Originals and musical jackknives for romping sonic adventures. Improvisation and good times will roll**

8pm – The Seth Meicht Trio
Seth Meicht (sax), Matt Mitchell (piano), Mike Pride (drums)

** First coming together of theses musicians. They will bring a wide dynamic and emotional range to several new compositions and improvisations**

9pm – Brian Settles & Central Union

Brian Settles (sax), Neil Podgurski (piano), Corcoran Holt (bass), Jeremy Carlstedt (drums)

10pm – The Caught Between Moments Quintet
Darius Jones (alto sax), Seungmin Cha (daegeum), Eunsun Jung (gayageum), Woonjung Sim (chaango/perc), Sean Conly (bass/songs/arrangements)

**Music inspired by the traditional court and folk musics of Korea, mixing old and new, western and eastern, and improvised with written materials**


7pm – Adam Caine Group
Adam Caine (guitar), Ken Filiano (bass), Jeremy Carlstedt (drums), TBA (saxophone)

8pm – Allen Lowe & The Blue Moaners
Blues and The Empirical Truth
Steve Bernstein (trumpet), Allen Lowe (alto and C Melody saxophones), Chris Kelsey (soprano sax), Ray Sushy (guitar), Lewis Porter (piano), Chris Day (bass), Jake Millet (electronic drums)

**An attempt to filter the blues tradition through the viewpoint of the contemporary musicians**

9pm – Avram Fefer Trio
Avram Fefer (saxes, compostions), Michael Bisio (bass), Chad Taylor (drums)

**CD Release Show for Eliyahu – NotTwo Records**

10pm – Dori Levine & David Arner
Dori Levine (voice), David Arner (piano)

**Dipping, soaring, swirling, floating, percussing through forests, jungles, mountains, clouds, cityscapes and tune-provs**

MAY 16

7pm – Soul Factory Senses
Daniel Carter (reeds, trumpet), Brad Farberman (guitar), Gerald Cleaver (drums)

8pm – Satoshi Takeishi Trio
Chris Dimeglio (trumpet), Pascal Niggenkemper (bass), Satoshi Takeishi (drums)

9pm – Didier Petit & Andrea Parkins
Didier Petit (cello), Andrea Parkins (accordion, electronics)

10pm – Objects in Mirror
Andrea Wolper (vocal, compositions), Ken Yamazaki (percussion), Fung Chern Hwei (violin), Adam Caine (elec. guitar)

**A magic carpet that travels among lands of improvisation, composition and text**

MAY 23

7pm – Surreal Estate – Paris/NY
Alexandre Pierrepont (words), Steve Dalachinsky (words), Daniel Levin (cello), Didier Petit (cello)

8pm – Simon Jermyn Quartet
Ingrid Laubrock (tenor sax), Mat Maneri (viola), Simon Jermyn (electric bass), Tom Rainey (drums)

9pm – MELD Quartet
Ingrid Laubrock (sax), Kris Davis (keyboard), Lisa Mezzacappa (bass), Harris Eisenstadt (drums)

**a new collaborative East-meets-West Coast endeavor assembled by San Francisco bassist Lisa Mezzacappa**

10pm – Federico Ughi Quartet
Darius Jones (alto sax), Eri Yamamoto (keys), Ed Schuller (bass), Federico Ughi (drums)

**’Songs For Our Cities’ Project**

MAY 30

7.30pm – Sara Serpa Group
Sara Serpa (voice), André Matos (guitar), Thomas Morgan (bass), Colin Stranahan (drums)

8.30pm – Other Life Forms
Gordon Beeferman (piano), Stephanie Griffin (viola), Evan Lipson (bass), Andrew Drury (drums)

9.30pm – Max Johnson Quartet
Mark Whitecage (alto sax, clarinet), Tba (trombone), Max Johnson (bass), Tyshawn Sorey (drums)

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