Squidco Profiled

From EncorePub, a profile of online music shop Squidco:

When Phil Zampino first got into the record-store business back in 2002, he definitely didn’t know what he was getting into. With then-business partner Kurt Gottschalk, he almost quit by the second year. Starting out in Manhattan had its perks, but certainly made it more difficult. “In New York City, you’re just banging your head against the wall because there’s so much going on all the time,” Zampino says. “We weren’t some big entity—we were just starting from square one.” Still, the city was the birthplace for Zampino’s business, Squidco, which distributes eclectic, obscure music, in store and online. Starting out in a small residential in Washington Heights and 189th Street, Squidco didn’t have many walk-ins and struggled for customers. Eventually, Zampino and Gottschalk set up a successful online catalog with over 2,000 items, along with a magazine, “The Squid Ear,” which includes music news and album reviews. Three years in, Gottschalk left to pursue other endeavors, and five years in, Zampino felt like he finally had a business.