Vinny Golia Interview

From Ten Thousand Hours:

Composer, multi-instrumentalist, educator, and record label enterpreneur Vinny Golia discusses his unlikely entrance into improvised music, going from his cover artwork for albums by Chick Corea (The Song of Singing), Joe Henderson, and Dave Holland / Barre Phillips (the seminal Music From Two basses), to his acquisition of a Selmer Mark VI soprano saxophone, replete with metal mouthpiece to match the setup of his idol John Coltrane. He then goes on to discuss some experiments in Grand Central Station, his emigration to the west coast, and the gradual expansion of his staggerinly diverse collection of woodwind instruments. He discusses the development of his improvisational and compositional style, and his recent set of recordings featuring compositions for Like Instruments (one CD each for music featuring flutes, clarinets, Eb saxohpones, and Bb saxophones). He discusses his work with his record label Nine Winds and his stint curating half of April’s concerts at The Stone in New York. Also included are a handful of duo improvisations with host James Ilgenfritz.

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